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Gabriela informs Corazon that she was the sniper’s target | The General’s Daughter (With Eng Subs)

– Excuse me, Doctor.
– Yes? How’s Congresswoman Sta. Ana? She’s okay. Thankfully, her bullet wound
isn’t deep. None of her internal
organs were damaged. Thank goodness! – May I see her?
– Sure. Actually, she’s looking for you. Let her in. Thank you, Doc. Congresswoman. Corazon! Are you alright? I should be the one
asking you that. You’re the one who got shot. Oh, this is nothing
I can’t handle. But I’m more worried for you. Me? Why me? Well… If I’m not mistaken, you were the sniper’s target. I saw a red laser light
being aimed at you before the shot was fired. You saved my life. Don’t worry about me. What’s important is
you’re alive. We’ll continue this fight. Mr. Guerrero, do you
suspect anyone behind the assassination
attempt on you? I’m sure you all know
this isn’t the first time someone made an attempt
on my life. But I’ll make sure Rhian and
Marcial won’t succeed in taking me out. I guess… …God is on my side. Maybe that’s why I’m still here,
standing before all of you. Perhaps He is keeping me alive so I can care for our country
and protect it against the likes of them. But sir, it was Congresswoman
Sta. Ana who got shot. Everyone knows she is
your harshest critic. Critic, enemy, competition… It doesn’t matter
what you call her. No one deserves to
get hurt like that. That’s why I promise you, if I become senator, I will help clean up
our country by wiping out crimes like this. But, sir– I’m sorry, but we must leave now for our safety. My husband has a lot of
enemies, and… …I’m sure they would
try other ways to threaten Tiago’s life. Let’s go. – Please excuse us.
– Thank you. Make way for General, please. There are reporters waiting
outside, Congresswoman. There are reporters waiting
outside, Congresswoman. Can we interview you for a bit,
Congresswoman Sta. Ana? Of course. What are your thoughts
on being recognized as “The People’s Idol”? You see, I just did
what I believe is right. How do you feel about
your current ranking in the senatorial race? Well… I’m very happy about my ranking
in the recent surveys. It shows that
there are a lot of people who support my platforms
and my principles. Make sure it’s done right. You’re all a bunch of idiots! How can you be so foolish?! Don’t you realize
what could happen now that Rhian and Dante
are together?! We’re already looking for them
as we speak, General. Stop talking and just do it! You keep saying
you’ll find them, but you always let them escape! Useless idiots! No! This can’t be happening! Thieves! Bastards! No!

38 thoughts on “Gabriela informs Corazon that she was the sniper’s target | The General’s Daughter (With Eng Subs)

  1. Si Gabriela ang 5, pinalalabas lang na kalaban para nasa kanya ang simpatya ng tao,alam nilang di makakapasok si Tiago sa pulitika kaya ginamit nila si Gabriela para sya ang maga gamit nila

  2. Siya tlg si cinco kz kung nde xa si cinco matagal nxa pinatumba ni tiago!!! At palabas lng lahat yan.. Nagstart nxa lumapit kay corazon para makalapit kyna rhian!

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