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Futuristic SCIFI Weapons That Actually EXIST!

From self-aiming sniper rifles to robotic
soldiers, here are 9 sci-fi weapons that actually exist. 9. HEAT RAY Developed by the U.S. military, the Active
Denial System, informally known as the Heat Ray, is a non-lethal, directed-energy weapon
designed for area denial, perimeter security, and crowd control. It’s called the ADS for short and works
by heating the surface of targets, including human skin. Um…yikes? The Department of Defense Non-Lethal Weapons
Program sponsored the original development of the ADS, with the Air Force Research Laboratory
as the lead agency. The U.S. military deployed the ADS in 2010
during the Afghanistan War; however, it never saw combat and was withdrawn. However, it was deemed useful for Law Enforcement. That same year, on August 20th, the Los Angeles
Sheriff’s Department announced that they were going to use the weapon to break up fights
and otherwise use it to control unruly prisoners at LA’s Pitchess Detention Center. Currently, the ADS is only available as a
vehicle-mounted weapon. However, portable versions are being developed
by law enforcement and the U.S. Marine Corps. Russia and China are also reportedly working
on a weapons system of this type. So we can expect large crowds to be dispersed
with this giant heat ray pretty much all over the world in the near future. 8. WEAPONIZED HYPERSONIC PLANES Besides heat rays of the future, this might
also remind you of something straight out of a science fiction movie. A ‘scramjet’ powered aircraft called the
X-51A WaveRider has been successfully tested by the American military. During testing, it reached a hypersonic speed
of Mach (mawk) 5.1, or 3,913 miles per hour (4,828 km/hr) – that’s over five times the
speed of sound! The plane was created as the result of a multimillion
dollar project to develop missiles that can hit anywhere on Earth in an hour or less. The vehicle, which was initially powered by
a solid rocket booster, hit Mach 4.8 in just 26 seconds before reaching its top speed. In just over six minutes, the aircraft traveled
230 miles. As planned, it ultimately crashed into the
Pacific Ocean. A scramjet works by compressing incoming air
entering the nose at very high speeds and mixing the air with fuel, which combusts and
powers the craft forward. It has to be traveling at near-hypersonic
speeds to work, because there are no mechanical compressors. The theory and concept of how a scramjet works
is relatively simple, but achieving a successful flight is technically challenging due to the
high speeds and unavoidable high temperatures created in the process. 7. AN/SEQ-3 LASER WEAPON SYSTEM In 2014, the US Navy deployed its first anti-drone
laser for active duty in the Persian Gulf aboard the USS Ponce. Known as the An/Seq-3 Laser Weapon System,
it’s intended for use against a variety of targets, from drones to small attack boats,
and the commander of the USS Ponce is authorized to use it as he deems necessary. The An/Seq-3 Laser Weapon System is an advanced
directed energy weapon that can take out small drones from the sky at a fraction of the cost
of a conventional missile. The high-energy lasers used for the weapon
provide an affordable, effective, and safe way to target threats. It works at the speed of light and with extreme
precision, and was designed to work with existing weapon platforms, including the advanced Phalanx
close-in turret, which can track and destroy ultra-fast moving objects. 6. ROBOT SOLDIERS The MAARS, or Modular Advanced Armed Robotic
System, is a small robot tank that was developed by QinetiQ North America. The fully-loaded system weighs 369 pounds
and is equipped with sensors, weapons, and ammunition, along with a battery that can
last three to 12 hours, as well as a sleep mode that lasts up to a week. MAARS has a top speed of seven miles per hour
and has seven cameras designed for driving, situational awareness, and for the actual
weapon. It can travel between 800 and 1,000 meters
from its controller and has both a daytime and thermal mode. The robot carries 450 rounds of machine gun
ammunition and four grenade rounds, and is armed with an M240B machine gun and four M203
grenade launcher tubes on a 360 degree rotating turret. Various types of grenades can be used with
MAARS, including less-deadly sponge, buckshot, and tear gas grenades. For more lethal purposes, explosive and airburst
grenades can be used. Other features of MAARS include an on-board
loudspeaker, a siren, a laser dazzler, and a gunfire detection system. The weapons system can be replaced with a
manipulator arm, which is capable of lifting up to 120 pounds and pulling more than 300
pounds. The system is human-controlled, but was designed
to use use built-in AI to help it follow troops or patrol a base. 5. SELF-AIMING RIFLE This terrifying, $17,000 piece of technology,
known as the TrackingPoint XS1 scope, essentially equips sniper rifles with an automatic aiming
system. Using advanced technology, the firearm tags
targets; then, it factors in variables like wind speed and movement to calculate the perfect
shot before firing. Known as a precision guided firearms system,
the TrackingPoint employs several technologies. The core engine that tracks the target and
calculates range is called a networked tracking scope, which also has a guided trigger to
release the shot and works in concert with the shooter. The weapon’s barrel reference system, which
is factory calibrated to a laser reference, is a fixed reference point that enables the
networked tracking scope to make adjustments. To eliminate trigger squeeze and shot timing
errors, the trigger weight is controlled by the networked tracking scope. An advanced, heads-up display, or HUD, is
included with the weapon, along with a camera that can capture both still images and video
footage, which are downloadable directly from the scope to a smartphone or tablet. 4. RAILGUN Before the railgun actually existed, it was
a mythical weapon that made frequent appearances in video games and, occasionally, in movies,
such as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The railgun hurls metal slugs at hypersonic
speeds using electromagnets and is considered the future of artillery and small arms. In fact, the U.S. Navy already has one. It was developed specifically for the Navy
by BAE Systems and is smaller than a conventional cannon, but packs a big punch, firing projectiles
at up to 4,600 miles per hour, or around six times the speed of sound. This high-tech weapon is also safer than traditional
artillery in some ways, because it doesn’t use gunpowder or chemical propellants and
therefore eliminates, or at least reduces, the need to transport dangerous explosives
on warships. In addition to its safety and speed, the electromagnetic
gun is capable of hitting a target from upwards of 100 nautical miles away. It works by storing power generated by an
external force, such as a warship, and through the firing of two respectively negative and
positive electrical charges of this built-up energy through the weapon. One major drawback of the weapon, however,
is the enormous amount of power it requires to fire, which inadvertently tears it apart. This is, perhaps, something that can be improved
upon over time – for over a decade, the railgun has been in development, and over $500 million
has been spent on the project. 3. PLASMA FORCE FIELDS Researchers are attempting to keep up with
the ever-advancing pace of weapons technology. A patent has been issued to aerospace and
defense giant Boeing to develop a force field-like system that could protect military vehicles
from shockwaves following explosions from missiles or IED’s, or improvised explosive
devices. The system proposed by Boeing uses a combination
of lasers, electricity and microwaves to rapidly heat the air between the vehicle and a blast. By doing so, a plasma shield that’s denser
than the surrounding air and able to deflect or absorb the energy from the incoming shockwave
is created. However, the system is not designed to prevent
direct impacts or shrapnel, unlike the impenetrable force fields of science fiction movies. Instead, the system is intended to protect
targets containing humans, such as a vehicle carrying troops or a hospital, from the after-effects
of nearby explosions. The system will probably be mounted on a military
vehicle and will be equipped with sensors that are capable of detecting the velocity
and shape of an incoming threat, as well as the size and force of a resulting explosion. The time it takes for a shockwave from an
explosion to reach a target will be calculated by the system’s sensors and computers, as
well, along with the direction from which the explosion is coming from. The force field generated by the weapon would
protect a small region, rather than an entire target; therefore, accuracy is of utmost importance
in the design process. The weapon would protect the target by heating
the air around it, and this would generate a “transient medium,” as Boeing calls
it. This transient medium would reduce the energy
density of the shockwave by intercepting it. Additionally, the plasma would be much hotter
than the surrounding air, and would have a different density and composition, and the
creators of the force field weapon believe that it would be sufficient enough to divert,
reflect, or absorb the energy from the explosion. 2. CornerShot Rifle and Grenade Launcher Despite the seemingly space-age nature of
up-and-coming military technology, combat soldiers struggle with the ages-old problem
of being able to see and fire weapons around corners. This is an especially prevalent issue when
it comes to modern warfare in urban settings. A common-sense solution to the problem was
developed called the CornerShot, loosely based off of the Krummlauf, a weapon used by the
Germans in WW2. It is currently in use by the American and
Chinese military, more specifically special forces, and is great for hostage situations. As its name indicates, it enables soldiers
to fire around corners and comes in two versions – a grenade launcher and a semi-automatic
pistol. The barrel pivots both left and right via
a hinge that is located in the center of the weapon; meanwhile, the handle and trigger
remain stationary. There’s also a camera affixed to the CornerShot,
which enables soldiers to see around corners. At first soldiers thought it was kind of a
joke weapon, but now almost 15 countries have experimented with it in some way. 1. DIGITAL REVOLVER Once again, the Armatix Digital Revolver resembles
something out of a science fiction film, and something like it was actually featured in
a James Bond movie. It’s a futuristic pistol designed with safety
in mind – it’s equipped with a digital safety mechanism that can only be disabled by a special
wristwatch worn by the operator, which sends an unlock signal to the gun once a password
is put in and if it is within a certain distance. That’s why it’s called a “smart gun”. This wristwatch cannot be used by just anyone
and is activated by the owner, who uses their fingerprint to unlock it. Therefore, the gun can only be fired by the
authorized operator, and cannot be used against the owner. Some gun experts believe that this approach
could greatly improve gun safety and protect children, teenagers, and people who steal
guns from being able to use them for example. Several versions of this type of safety feature
have been proposed, including one that requires the owner to wear a ring, rather than a wristband. Whether this technology becomes commonly used
remains to be seen. Sales of the first model — the .22 caliber
iP1 — were quashed by pressure from some gun owners and gun rights advocates who saw
it as a threat to Second Amendment freedoms. The ip1, used RFID, whereas this new model,
the new iP9 will have a fingerprint reader. I don’t know, are you ready for this?? Thanks for watching!! Be ready for some more sci-fi technology coming
to life because the military is working hard at it! Be sure to subscribe and I’ll see you next

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