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FULL AUTO – RARE Owen Sub Machine Gun |The Gunny (R Lee Ermey) & Kirsten Joy Weiss – Ep. 3

Fruit salad you don’t get any lunch today unless you make a little fruit salad Hey, this is Kirsten joy Weiss and thanks for joining me today I have a special episode for you that I created with Gunny R lee ermey of Gunny time and it is about the Owen Submachine gun. Yep. We’re gonna go full auto today. Now. This gun is extremely rare I think the one I use in the episode is only one of two in the States so I had to research the heck Out of this gun and I even went to the Australian field manual on the gun That’s how deep I went just make sure that the facts were the facts so in this episode. We’re going to cover some facts we’re gonna cover its unusual creation story and Of course we’re gonna shoot it, so I hope that you have as much fun as I had creating this episode. Please enjoy Okay people the time to check out our second weapon of the day now she might be smaller than the 24/29 but like I always say There’s a tool for ever job and in the jungles of the Pacific during World War two you weren’t gonna find a better weapon than this, baby I kind of get to pick out who I want to have on board and there’s nothing that turns me on better than a Good-looking gal with a cute gun come on in here Kirsten Hey, Gunny, I brought this is for you. Oh, yeah, that’s real sweet. What is this thing? This is an Owen submachine gun. Oh and submachine gun huh. Yep, well it’s real cute Well you did such a great job when you were here last time We just had you have you back on you’re still shooting upside down and backwards and absolutely You obviously practice a lot because I don’t think you miss a target I don’t think so I think you hit it every time kinda makes me rise to the occasion yeah but what about you?see I can’t have you outshine the sun here. Hey come on I remember you getting it the first shot as well. That’s the way we have to do it. We have to you know if you hit it the first shot I’m gonna hit it the first time – tell me about this little gun this gun is from Australia It is extremely rare. It was originally developed right around World War 2 by Evelyn Owen by a lady Evelyn is well…in Australia…. I don’t think Evelyn is a girl’s name Upside down and upside down wrong side of the world, but anyway. They’re good guys No, I tell you america needs up. They run to us and help us out They’re good people so Evelyn invented this gun huh, yes, now. This is a 9-millimeter yes How many rounds will it hold? it holds about 30 to 32 – you Don’t want to load it up completely because it will feed better If it’s not fully to capacity one of the benefits of the magazine being on the top is that gravity aids Loading the heaviness of the gun ends up counter balancing the rate of fire in full auto Okay, this camo in this paint pattern is actually standard issue for the Owens submachine gun It was used in jungle warfare and tropical warfare mainly what year was this invented its development was through World War two, okay? Evelyn Owen right before World War 2 was actually trying to develop a gun by himself Owen was in his early 20s Just tinkering in his dad’s garage with Firearms, and he first developed a 22 caliber, which had a huge drum that rotated But it was very rudimentary and so he took it to the Australian Army and he said You know look at this. I made this do you want to use it in your military, and they’re like no. They said move along little kid You dont Well he was a kid Need something a little bigger than that right. He thought yeah. He developed it. He thought it would be good They didn’t like it design got rejected Evelyn got discouraged and he just enlisted into the Australian military and The story would have ended there had it not been for his neighbor Vincent Wardell by fate his neighbor came over Found the gun just leaning up against the house in a sugar sack And he happened to own a machine shop Said hey, This would really be cool If it was a little larger caliber right exactly yes And he took it to the army inventions board in Australia so at the time Germany had just defeated France Japan was getting hungry for the Pacific and they thought hey we do not have any machine guns We were relying too much on our bolt guns. We better take a look at this and try to develop something That’s really gonna help us. This is what they came up with Yes, so Evelyn’s actually the one started ball rolling absolutely. Yeah, but it’s a sweet little gun it is well We’re out here in the desert and rather stand here and shoot the All day said we’ll just go shoot these guns Absolutely all right you take this one because this onethis is prettier that one is the prettier gun I’ll take the old ugly one here Snacktime people I’d stay away from the Vegemite though nasty stuff What do you say we take matters into our own hands and make some refreshing smoothies Gunny style Okay Kirsten, let’s make some fruit salad here, huh sounds good Gunny. Take that melon up straight away got it Always nice as far as I’m concerned to watch where the first few rounds go on these older guns. Yes That way you can adjust you know a little Kentucky windage. Probably is necessary Okay, I’ll tell you what we’ll do. We’ll take out the center piece of fruit. Okay sounds good fruit salad You don’t get any lunch today unless you make a little fruit salad all right then Take off those cabbages?those in front Let’s go for this cantaloupe, okay, yeah, I call them mush melons where I come from really all right Well you know I’m seeing them hit and these little rounds it’s a nine millimeter Just goes right on through mm-hmm, and I see the juice leaking out but they just dont want to move unless we really hit right in the middle and the sights on this are actually offset It’s awkward It is awkward if they wanted to offset the dam sites offset them on the left side right maybe Evelyn Owen was lefty I don’t know. must have been a leftie. He could have been I think we need to get more bullets. You’re out of bullets I am Yes, huh Bullet Meister they loaded up tracers this time Kirsten. Let’s rock on nose. Okay. Yep Okay Kirsten, that’s it clear your weapon got it well. It’s been a pleasure Kirsten Thanks for being on the show, and it shan’t be long. I will guarantee you I look forward to the next time t having you a flower amongst all these weeds that we have here. There’s a breath of fresh air. Oh, thanks Gunny It’s so great to be here. It’s always fun shooting with you come on walk with me How is that for a world tour? That’s what happens when you have good friends with great guns adios amigo Oh Pretty cool origin story on that gun right and it’s a great gun I had a wonderful time shooting it if it wasn’t so rare and probably expensive. I would own one or more of them That’s how much I enjoy that gun it is one of the best sub guns. I’ve ever shot in my life Thank you for joining me for the fun challenge and joy of shooting aim and happy shooting Make sure to subscribe because we’re gonna have more episodes Of all sorts of guns all sorts of trick shots and even more gunny So if you’re not already subscribed make sure you subscribe

100 thoughts on “FULL AUTO – RARE Owen Sub Machine Gun |The Gunny (R Lee Ermey) & Kirsten Joy Weiss – Ep. 3

  1. I met RLE back in 2006 in Louisville, KY (Show of Shows) and got his auto on his photo addressed to me. He spoke to me one on one for a bout 5 minutes and pointed me to a "real hero" in his words. He pointed me to a WW2 Medal of Honor Marine from Iwo. named Jack Lucas. I got his auto on his book that he wrote about his time in the Marines. RLE wanted me to know that he wasn't anyone special but Jack Lucas was. That's what makes me like RLE more now. RIP the both of you men.

  2. As an Australian Gunny fan who's great grandpa fought in WWII, this episode really feels me with patriotism. RIP Gunny. Also, Vegemite is fucken grouse mate don't talk shit lmao.

  3. Old Gunny was a true old style gentleman. No stupid sexist remarks. No macho behaviour. And always ladies first…just not this time…lol! Rock on Kirsten and RIP Gunny!!

  4. Also i might add the Aus Amry tried to bury this Rifle..It was Orignialy in 45acp i think, Well it was not 9mm.. And they made them change the caliber like 3 times cause they didn't want it and it was the best way to mess them about.. They wanted the British Sten gun.. ( Someone was getting paid) … Thing is the Owen gun wasmuch better.. It out performed all the other guns in a Trial and they had to take it.. Shame They never gave it a fair shake from the get go.. ( i think…) lol…

  5. Like the Johnny Cash song, "A Boy named Sue", if you are a guy with a name like Evelyn, you gotta compensate by making your own submachine gun in your garage. Then no one will mess with you.

  6. The tracers are just to Cool. A Funny and also very intresting Rifle, i view how much changes the come through until it finally got adopted.

  7. cool gun, no doubt so rare because we destroyed them all after we handed them over to the government along with our right to defend ourselves.

  8. Seems like the same basic practicality and reality in combat that is the hallmark of the legendary Kalashnikov… curious that such an effective efficient weapon was not developed further into more modern variants like the said K's???

  9. Thanks for this, in Australia these guns have been destroyed en masse and even museum pieces were targeted by the government. It's so great to see an iconic example of Australian ingenuity in working order.

  10. There are quite a few in Australia. I carried one in Vietnam in 1966 and when you took the butt off you could carry it into town in your bag.

  11. Super Models shooting machine guns new series. Youtube probably demonetized the video patrion if you can.

  12. Your awesomeness level rose 1000% when you included Gunnybin this vid! The Australian Owen SMG is icing on the cake!

  13. I smoked a cigarette with him and he told me the US Marines are not what they used to be. He kept it real with me and I admire that. We shall see the fate of the warrior class in America.

  14. What they didnt say was that Owen would have been arrested for illegal gunsmithing and posession of restricted weapons in Aussieland and just evaded jail time bc he already was in the army and bc the army said a word or two for him as they wanted his gun in preparation for an Japanese D-Day onto Australia (that just didnt come bc they had to little fuel after the US oil embargo witch ultimately lead to Japan atacking the US and not Australia and sending the land troops and most of the supplies concentrated for that attack to Vietnam and China)

  15. ak47 waqs russias answer 😉 ,we cant even own a gun in australia without having to jump through 5 flaming hoops above a pool of sharks blindfolded now . all because one person went nuts and went on killing spree we now all are judged as potential murderers

  16. The sights are offset because the user is meant to aim past the back of the gun, resting their cheek on the stock. This version was made for the right-handed.

  17. I never understood a firearm design where the magazine is on top of the gun. It's best to put sights on top of the firearm and have the magazine on the right, left or bottom of the firearm. That submachine gun is an unusual design.

  18. Where can I purchase a Tee Shirt like the one like you wore at the beginning of the video that you had on,
    Thanks Kristen…
    Ken Robertspn

  19. What she didn't tell Gunny that he would have liked is that the USMC used a couple of thousand during WW2.

  20. Do the Australian have official contract with the German Empire to earn the right to manufacture the German precision of 9x19mm? I mean how the Aussies know the 9mm is very potent bullet? I thought Australian combat experience have stopped at Istanbul.

  21. Gunny still has piss and vinegar in his veins in this video

    Still appreciates a beautiful woman and a good gun.

    And God Bless em as well the Aussies.
    My grandfather served along side them in the South Pacific against the Japanese in 1944-1946.

  22. Poor old Evelyn!, greatest soldier our nation ever has had!, Light Horse stuff, not a breaker legened (other scum like lord kitchener are involved there, POLITICS!… and that is NOT! on!) but i am telling you now and i am telling you straight!, our nation survive the gfc (global financial crisis) due to the development of this firearm!, we had the enfield (manufactured in lithgow "small arms"), it is a dying shame!, an actual fair dinky dye shame!, we could not of exported them to a broader world wide market, the kalashnikov has stormed around the world!… is it that Australia is too!… infantile?

  23. Amazing. Piece of kit.. Almost got you there HUH ..gr8 story shoulda mentioned only got 10gs.and a thank you for stealing his idea..some things never change..

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