Full Auto GLOCK 43

hey guys it’s andrew gy6vids today we
have something very unique the first of its kind i’m almost certain the first of his kind
no one’s actually taken the time to produce this product now if we talk about full auto Glocks a
lot of your gonna be like “Yeah iv seen a full auto Glock there’s tons of videos out there”
and for instance we also have Glocks that you can shoot that are like this
and this chassis right here is a roni stock this allows you to put a fully
automatic Glock or a semi automatic Glock into a SBR setup. now obviously once you
do that you have to have a form 1 because it’s considered a short-barrel
rifle this one is full auto though so you can take a stick mag charge it up that’s cool too and everyone’s
gonna be like I “that’s awesome as well” what’s really interesting is the glock
43! this one was specifically done by
battleground firearms and they took this gun apart and re-engineered it to be
fully automatic we have them behind the camera actually
enjoying this video give us the siren you find good people out there that are
crazy enough to make something like this you stick with them! so this is the first-ever glock 43 fully
automatic and you’ll be amazed how fast a little six round mag can dissipate yeah imagine pocket carrying that thing! let’s see what would happen if you were
to conceal carry or external carry a glock 43 in full auto see if you can keep a good decent bead
on your target at a similar range would have for self defense situation just like that we hit once! so lets try another magazine to see if we can practice a little bit better… this gun jumps instantaneously only got
about six rounds coming out of this so unless you aim low …going to come off target little bit better that time but it’s still
all over the place take a little bit more time with it and
not rush and see if we can keep a decent bead on the target all right well there’s to show you
trying to hold target without losing ninety percent of the round you’re
shooting is damn near impossible especially with this small frame gun larger frame blocks
little bit easier well lets take a peek and see what the
difference is…32 round stick magazine Good to go full auto hows that look! I can conceal carry this
right? it’s easy concealed carry and walmart no one’s ever even gonna know I mean
they’re gonna think you got like the iphone 6 or something ok so full framed full auto… I’ll take that! accuracy by volume! oh my
god too much fun! I want to say a big thanks to for the
outside the waistband holsters go check them out links in the description
for their holsters and make some good rigs! let’s see what happens when we shoot 6rounds at a time out of these little magazines for the glock 43 full auto if your point blank range
worst case situation someone attacked you not that i
recommend carrying a full automatic for personal defense so if you were to draw
out and shoot from this position and and fire at the target…this is going to
get a little messy all right full auto! the issue with a glock 43 is there’s not
any really larger capacity magazines in the market right now but for six rounds full auto it’s a pretty quick show it is
definitely unique though that is for certain! all right so it’s a little more effect
we have a little more watermelon some soda bottles we have a hundred
round drum mag and a full auto Glock 17 ha ha ha ha ha all right going live well that uh was the hole drum! that is what i call a hell of a time can I get a siren please big shout out to battleground firearms down here in texas they’re the ones who designed the first
ever full auto glock 43 link to the website in the description of the video gotta go check them out would be
disappointed if you don’t too much fun make sure to hit the like button
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enjoy and appreciate it i’ll see you guys next week and I’m out I’m out I’m
out what do you do it how’s that fan motion going again …oh thats going in the outtakes! so what’s the game plan D …”The plan is to have a beer after we shoot!” What you know about the goat!!! That is the GOAT!!! You dont know about the goat! and now time for drinks have fun be safe
go out with your friends have a blast. life is short live it up i’ll see you guys
next time yeah I was certain special friends that are special in certain heart sections way down deep.

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