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Frost Overpowered Shotgun – Rainbow Six Siege

Racer: Is it 3 or 4? RJT: (3 or 4) What? Racer: To win RJT: Think its 4 Racer: 4? RJT: Yeah Tech: Can you place it? Jetkie: No Tech: Want me to move it? RJT: Drone incoming Racer: I got 1.. I got 2 drones Jetkie: I placed the shield too far ahead RJT: I got one. There is one more left, i think Jetkie: What? Does your jammer occupy that much space? Racer: Apparently RJT: The last one is here Racer: I would like to know if they can get electrocuted while laying in your (Frost) trap Tech: They can. Didn’t it happen to Jonas? RJT: I didn’t get electrocuted? Tech: You fell for a trap in the other house.. when we played.. .. RJT: Aah right! I died instantly Tech: Yeah because you were in a (trap).. .. RJT: Yeah Tech: Where (did he die)? Racer: Nobody came from the parking lot Tech: They are at the same place, Jackie and I, came from Racer: Where is that? Tech: Ehh server room(CCTV room). Below Jackie Racer: I’m down Racer: How did he kill me? Tech: What? One on the stairs, Jonas Tech: They are coming from there and also the stairs. I died to Thermite on the stairs Racer: Aah we didn’t die to the same guy RJT: He didn’t die? Tech: Thermite was on the stairs, Jackie Jetkie: Where is he? RJT: On your left Tech: Be careful of the windows behind you RJT: Good thing you moved Jetkie: I don’t know where he is RJT: He ran to your right. Watch out for the window! Tech: That hit! Jetkie: I got scared RJT: Yeah. I saw that RJT: Did someone pick Jäger? Racer: Yes i did.. 10 rounds ago.. Racer: This side where i’m standing.. We need to reinforce it Racer: Over here Jetkie: A drone came through Jetkie? Where did it go? Tech: It’s here, Jackie Tech: You can’t hit it from here Racer: I hear a .. ..
Tech: I got it RJT: There is one more drone in here Tech: Where is it? – There! Tech: I shot him in the face with my shotgun and he just kills me?! Tech: This is not ranked? Racer: Yes it is Tech: Then howcome i see killcams? Racer: This is ranked Tech: You can’t watch killcams in ranked Racer: Could be something new Tech: That could be true Racer: Nice
Tech: What happend? RJT: I think i hit all 3 of them Racer: We will see
RJT: Nice Jackie RJT: The snipes Racer: It says ranked Tech: That must be new Jetkie: What’s new? Killcams? Racer: Killcams
Tech: The killcams

2 thoughts on “Frost Overpowered Shotgun – Rainbow Six Siege

  1. Best moments 😀

    Double kill 😀

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