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Front Sight Reality Check Episode 31 | Always Carry a Gun | Firearms Training For Women | EDC

[MUSIC PLAYING] [GUNSHOTS] Hello, and welcome to Front
Sight Firearms Training Institute located just
outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. My name is Brad Ackman, and
I’m your director of training. Welcome to the next episode of
Front Sight’s Reality Check. [MUSIC PLAYING] In the Reality Check
series, we take a look at real-world
lethal encounters, and we diagnose
them for you so you can tell what was done right
and what was done wrong. And more importantly,
we give you some key insight to how
your training at Front Sight directly corresponds to
those type of encounters. The video you are about to
see contains violent images and is intended for a
mature audience only. Viewer discretion is advised. Welcome to episode number 31
of Front Sight’s Reality Check. Stop, or I’ll shoot. [GUNSHOTS] This video comes to us
from France, of all places. It takes place on New
Year’s Eve of 2015. If you were hoping for an
action-packed shoot-em-up video, sorry about that. You’re going to be disappointed. But this video delivers a very
poignant, fundamental message. All right, these two guys
right here are the good guys. These idiots in the
background are the bad guys. Apparently, they are Muslim
immigrants from North Africa, and they feel that the
world owes them a living. They are using baseball
bats, knives, broken bottles, and rocks to prey
upon the locals. As the bad guys close
in, our protagonist here in the black shirt simply
puts his hand on his weapon. Just that action
alone stops the fight. Even the lowest-IQ
thug on the planet knows that a baseball bat is
no match against a handgun. The obvious question
here is what would’ve happened to the good
guys if they were unarmed? It takes very little imagination
to know that the good guys would’ve been history. The first rule of gun
fighting is have a gun. Now, that sounds good, but
what does it actually mean? Does it mean to
simply own a gun? Does it mean to have a
gun stored in a safe? Does it mean to
have a gun nearby? Hell, no. It means have the
gun on your person, whether it’s in a
holster, a purse, a fanny pack, a briefcase, whatever. It’s your choice. But have the gun on you. This video isn’t about gun
handling or marksmanship or tactical movement
or anything like that. It’s about having the
right tool for the job. Let this video serve as
the proverbial wake-up call for all of us. You determine who wins
the next encounter. Think about it. Thank you for watching. And as always, we
appreciate your interest in Front Sight’s Reality Check. Like and follow us on Facebook,
Instagram, and Twitter. And subscribe to
our YouTube channel to catch the next episode if
Front Sight’s Reality Check.

11 thoughts on “Front Sight Reality Check Episode 31 | Always Carry a Gun | Firearms Training For Women | EDC

  1. Would be interesting to know who the 2 guys were. Probably some kind of LE as I don't think France has friendly gun laws for their citizens.

  2. FS first family member here. It's not win/loose, it's win/lose! Loose would be like "who let my rabbit loose"? or for those Dallas Cowboys fans, "who let my favorite sheep named Rabbit loose"?

  3. At 2:27, you are supposed to spell L-O-S-E over the bad guy, but instead added an "o" and wrote loose as in noose and goose. What's good for the goose, isn't for the 2:27 gander. Heh heh heh.

  4. One has to assume that the French chap in this scenario is an off duty policeman – ordinary French citizens are not permitted to carry firearms for personal protection unless they are a special case (perhaps due to threats / risk arising from their current or previous employment). Had this been an ordinary citizen he'd probably have ended up wearing that baseball bat.

  5. Front Sight Reality Check Episode 31 | Always Carry a Gun | Firearms Training For Women | EDC
    We're Positively Changing The Image of Gun Ownership.

    Front Sight introduces our new video training series called The Front Sight Reality Check.

    Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is located just outside of Las Vegas Nevada.

    The goal of this video training series is to show you how your training at
    Front Sight directly correlates to the reality’s that you will face on
    the street.

    This video comes to from France of all places.

    FREE Download "What Every gun Owner Should Know" (NO OPTIN)

    It takes place on New Years Eve 2015.

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