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Hello and welcome to Front Sight
Firearms Training Institute, located just outside
of Las Vegas, Nevada. My name is Brad Ackman, and
I’m your Director of Training. Welcome to the next episode of
Front Sight’s Reality Check. In the Reality Check
series, we take a look at the real-world
lethal encounters. And we diagnose
them for you so you can tell what was done right
and what was done wrong. And more importantly,
we give you some key insight to how
your training at Front Sight directly corresponds to
those type of encounters. The video you are about to
see contains violent images and is intended for a
mature audience only. Viewer discretion is advised. Minus. [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] Ready. Welcome to Epsiode– [INTERPOSING VOICES] –Number 30 of Front
Sight’s Reality Check. Winner. This is a video from
an attempted robbery at a convenience
store in Houston back in September of 2014. Let me walk you
through the action. The bad guy, seen right here
approaching the cashier, is wearing gloves and a mask and
carrying a pistol-grip shotgun. The store owners, who
are a father-son team, are essentially at the
bottom of the screen just below the security camera. The bad guy points his
shotgun at the clerk, and the store owners waste
no time in responding. The father gives his
handgun to the son, who immediately shoots the bad guy. Kudos to the store owner
for having his weapon on him instead of in a
drawer or, heaven forbid, a safe somewhere. Also, it was smart of the good
guy to shoot instead of talk. The bad guy he
needed to be shot, because he clearly had
the ability– that’s the shotgun– he had
the opportunity– he was just a few feet
away from the cashier– and he had the intent– he was
robbing the store at gunpoint. Talking only gives the bad
guy a massive advantage. Now is the time to let
your gun do the talking. The store owner’s first round
hit the bad guy in the leg. As the bad guy is hopping
around on one leg, he and the store owner trade a
few more rounds at close range. Luckily the bad guy’s
rounds hit no one. The would-be robber
is hit again, this time in the other leg,
which takes him to the ground. The store owner
grabs the shotgun and gains some distance. The bad guy flops around
on the floor for a while and soon dies. Couldn’t have happened
to a more deserving guy. Let me offer some constructive
criticism to our store owners. First, let’s talk marksmanship,
which is basically hitting what you’re shooting at. The store owner
mashed the trigger so severely that he hit
the bad guy in the legs, in fact twice from
just a few feet away. Mashing the trigger is
very common in gun fights. A little training fixes that. Next, you see right here the
store owner turning his back on the bad guy. Don’t do that, not
even for a second. Next, let’s talk about distance,
cover, and concealment. This video certainly
doesn’t show everything, so I can’t fully critique the
store owner’s performance. However, maximize your
distance and use cover and concealment if
you possibly can. Lastly, get ready for
the next gunfight. Don’t assume that the
bad guy is done fighting. Don’t assume that he is
carrying only one gun. Don’t assume that
he’s all alone. The after-action drills
and a tactical reload prepare you for
the next gunfight, should there happen to be one. I am obviously happy
that the good guys won. However, I encourage them
to get some training, because next time, luck
may not be on their side. Thank you for watching. And as always, we
appreciate your interest in Front Sight’s Reality Check. Like and follow us on Facebook,
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