Front Sight Reality Check Episode 3 | Handgun Training | Firearm Video Training

my name is Brad Ackman I am the Director of Training at front sight firearms training
institute located just outside Las Vegas Nevada Firearms Training today I’d like to introduce you to a
new training video series called the front sight reality check handgun training After your first firearms training course at Front Sight you will leave with skills that surpass 99% of the gun owning population the goal of this series is to show you
how your training at front sight directly correlates to the reality is
that you will face on the street the video you are about to
see contains violent images and is intended
for a mature audience only viewer discretion is advised welcome to the third episode front sights reality check in episode number one the good guy I made a lot of mistakes in
his shooting episode number two the good guy did a
lot of things right in his shooting in this episode we’re
going to highlight the fact that the best gunfight not is the one where no shots were fired at all your goal is
always to avoid the gunfight if you possibly can this episode is a
road rage incident which was captured on a dash cam now to be fair we have no idea what has
transpired up to this point all we can do his critique what we see in the video my
are good guys driving the vehicle with the dash cam the bad guy in the blue car merely with a serious case of road rage
passes on the left he stopped his vehicle not in the middle
of the roadway such as are good guy can’t get around at
this point the good guy transitions from condition
yellow to condition orange witch means that he has a specific potential threat the good guy isn’t
certain what’s going to happen next but frankly it doesn’t look very good in
condition orange the good guy has three things to do
first he needs to determine the intent the bad guy in other words is the bad guy really limit for trouble
or not secondly are good guy needs to form a tactical
plan if things go bad you better have a plan
more and finally he needs to look around for
other potential problems remember rats travel in packs at this point the
bad guy gets out of his vehicle and closes the distance on the good guy
in a very aggressive fashion the bad guy doesn’t appear to have a
weapon in his hands but he could easily be hiding again
under a sweatshirt wisely our hero keeps the windows rolled up the
door locked and backs up his vehicle as far as he
possibly can the bad guy tries in vain to get inside
the car when that doesn’t work bad guy runs back
to his own vehicle at this point our driver moves into
condition red get handgun training at Front Sight not which is defined as a specific real threat the key to condition red is the
metaphorical line in the sand it’s a very simple formula my if bad guy
does this I’m doing that if you don’t make these
decisions in advance then when the fight starts you will hesitate our hero gets out of his vehicle just as the bad guy produces a weapon
which turns out to be a pipe even though it happens just
off-camera it’s clear that are good guy presents
his handgun and barks out some verbal commands the bad guy clearly finds himself
outgunned as it were and complies our hero does a credible job getting the
bad guy disarmed and down on the ground look for our $1 online video training in the description now sure we could critique the finer
points so far good guys techniques but overall he did a very nice job a
controlling the scene and in the end no shots were fired thank you for watching this episode of
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find the next episode love the reality check and so much more

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