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Front Sight Ignatius Piazza Rifle Training

Welcome to Front Sight Challenge. Iím Dr.
Ignatius Piazza, founder and director of Front Sight Resort. Youíre watching the only show
that features our nationís finest law enforcement professionals, military personnel and highly
trained private citizens locked in an epic battle of skill at arms. Today, our competition
will feature the scoped rifle. The weapon of choice for shooters requiring confirmed
target identification and precise shot placement. Our contestants will be put to the test during
three very difficult rounds of adrenaline-rich competition. One contestant will be eliminated
at the end of each round, leaving only one man standing at the end of the day. Letís
meet our competitors.
One of our situations was a fugitive that fled in a car, ran into a house, shot a person
inside the house and took the rest of the occupants hostage. And I took up position
in the rear of the house as a sniper. The main thing is to stay calm and follow through.
I am here at Front Sight Challenge for the challenge. But mostly because this is just
too much fun for one human to have. My strategy is just basically to be the bullet. Kind of
ëZen and the art of Riflryî. Iím going to aim, and Iím going to make my hits. Iíve
been in the military for 18 years, and I just got back from Iraq. Our unit engaged the enemy
on several occasions. We had mortar coming in and small arms fire on several different
occasions. I have a lot of experience with the rifle. Itís the same weapons system we
used just minor differentiations. I believe in the second amendment that guarantees our
right to keep and bear arms to protect ourselves from anything and everything. How do I feel
about law enforcement? Well I respect the hell out of them, I think that they do an
incredibly difficult job every single day. Iím pretty good with a rifle and I think
Iíll do pretty well! Even the most intrepid gambler would be hesitant to bet on the outcome
of todayís contest. And hereís why: a very talented police sniper, a brilliant attorney
with a refuse-to-lose attitude, a battle-hardened soldier just returned from the killing fields
and a patriotic business owner whose embrace of the Second Amendment led him to train to
the highest possible levels. All locked in a fierce battle for the top spot in todayís
competition. Today, our challengers face a daunting task in Round 1, as they step up
to the line for Do or Die. The key will be to find that elusive balance between speed
and accuracy. The weapons are loaded, sizzling lead is about fly, let the games begin. Good
morning, gentlemen, and welcome to Front Sight. My name is Brad Ackman, assisting me will
be fellow rangemaster Wes LíHouliea. Weíre here on a fairly blustery morning for the
Front Sight Challenge. Today we will be using the king of all small arms, that is a large
caliber, center-fire rifle. In this case, .308s. The exercise we call ìDo or Dieî.
You will load the weapon, point end down range, fire one round to the center of that first
target, run the action, fire another round to the center of target number 2. We will
calculate your score by totaling up the points, dividing by the amount of time it took you
to do the exercise. Wes? Thanks. Alright guys, Ron? Youíll be first, come up to position
here. The rest of you gentlemen fall back behind the 50-meter line. Alright, Ron, on
the timer tone youíll begin the exercise: center hit on both targets. The range is clear.
Ready. [beep][shot][shot]
The range is clear, fall back behind 50 meters. Theo, youíre next, please step up. Alright,
Theo, on the timer tone, youíll begin the exercise. The range is clear. Ready. [beep][shot][shot]
Theo, nice run. Tim! Youíre the next contestant, come on up. Alright, Tim, on this timer tone,
youíll start the exercise. Ready. [beep][shot][shot] Alright, Tim, good job. Range is clear. Fall
back, join the others. Howíd you do? [raspberry] Yeah? AhÖ Range is clear. Ready. [beep][shot][shot]
Yeah he drilled that second one, boy. Yeah thatís nice. The range is clear, go ahead
and fall back and join the others, weíll have the results in just a second. Thanks,
boss. I took too fast a shot on the first one and just tried to go for it but went a
little too fast. I didnít know exactly what to expect from myself, but I was hoping that
I would get both speed and accuracy, but I didnít get as much accuracy as Iíd hoped.
I was disappointed brother Mike jerked his first shot, but he got his second one right
in there. And the other guys, I mean, well, SWAT, Army sniper, thatís what they do. Weíre
off to an exciting start as all four of our determined shooters managed to land a bullseye
while under great stress. Iraq war veteran Tim and businessman Mike both landed shots
in the outer rings but did it so quickly that their speed could easily land them on top.
Letís go to our rangemasters for the official results. In first place, you shot an 8 and
a 10, total of 18 points in 4.89 seconds, total score of 3.68: Theo, that brings you
into first place. Thank you, Brad. In second place, firing a 10 and subsequently an 8,
total of 18 points in 5.17 seconds, total score of 3.48: Ron, alright, nicely done.
In third place, firing 10 and subsequently a 6, total of 16, done in 7.77 ñ how appropriate
for Las Vegas, huh? 7 7 7. Total score of 2.05: Tim. Well done, thank you. Alright.
MichaelÖ You shot a 2 and then on your second target a 10, total score of 12. Done in 6.22
seconds, brings a total score of 1.92, which is close, but fourth place. So you will be
leaving us. Alright. We look forward to having you back. Thanks, Brad. Itís kind of like
golf, you know, you try to get the little ball in the hole thatís way down there. Only
youíre trying to put a bullet into a target thatís way down range. Itís challenging,
itís very gratifying when it works, too. Gentlemen, that concludes Round 1. Your marksmanship
has seen you into Round 2 at this point. Now youíre running and gunning ñ youíre going
to have to prove yourself in that arena. Gentlemen, follow me, weíre off to Outlaw Canyon. I
honestly thought after that first round I was done. You know, it was good to come in
first. Iím looking forward to Round 2 and I feel like Iím going to do well. Theyíre
probably pretty high-speed, low-drag kind of guys. Iím most concerned about Ron, but
then in this round, Tim has been in Iraq. I look around at this desert and this is probably
going to be pretty familiar to him! Northern Iraq is a little like this ñ itís the same
flavor, itís the same kind of soil, vegetation and temperature and humidity that is up there.
I have to open up my focus and my environmental awareness, because are the targets that would
be shooting back in real life. If you would like to watch the rest of this episode of
Front Sight Challenge, plus receive free access to see 20 different episodes of Front Sight
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