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Front Sight Challenge – Firearms Competition Reality Show

The range is clear. Ready [beep][shots][music].
I’m a police officer. A family physician. A computer executive. Detective. I’m an
eighth grader. I’m in the army, and I’m a Staff Sergeant. 51-year-old grandmother
of 5! Outstanding shooting, you suck! You’re all
in desperate need of salvation. Quiet in the peanut gallery! As I see it, TJ, all I’ve got to do is hit
that sand pile there and I’ll be going on – Let’s go boss-man! Oh, yeah, see? Huffin
and puffin. Of course, I’d like to come out on top. And I can out-present anyone else.
I’m going to catch them sleeping. My goal would be to win it all. I believe I will prevail.

2 thoughts on “Front Sight Challenge – Firearms Competition Reality Show

  1. Front Sight is all they say it is and more! I recommend everyone get trained there! Been 3 times and going back for more!

  2. Great training. Really is Disneyland for gun owners. I've taken the 4 day handgun twice and the 2 day skillbuilder once. Time pressure in the skillbuilder is intense. If you're not fast enough the target turns away.before you can shoot. I'll be back as often as I can.

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