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[FR]Hunt Showdown – Le Revolver Nagant Precison

1.I see him. Ok I see him at 315. 1.Two of them 2.We engage 1.F*ck they are far for me 1.Hit. 1.The white shirt 2.He is under 1.Yeah okay I see him 1.One hit 2.Where is he? Can’t see him. 2.He still below? 1.Yeah below 1.He’s going upstairs 2.Hit. I think he’s one 1.F*ck I still see him 2.He is on the stairs on the left 1.Hit again. Not sure if he’s dead 2.Same place? 1.No he’s not dead 1.He still mOving 2.Where?where? 1.Hit again. 2.He is under the house going to the right 1.He run 1.F*ck he’s not dead 1.God how many bullet will he take 2.Yeah he don’t want to die 1.That’s crazy 2.I see them both 1.F*ck my cylinder is empty. He took atleast 4 hitmark. WTF 1.I see them 1.They are going up to the church 1.Yeah I see them they’re very far 1.I could shoot them just for fun 2.If you can but be careful I’m out of ammo 1.hit 1.*akward laugh* 2.I don’t understand how he’s not dead. I must have kill them once it’s not possible 2.I have to resupply 1.Hit again…

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