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Frequency – D2 Gets in Costume, The Old Republic Expands, and Luigi’s Mansion Goes Mini-Games!

Destiny 2 gets Halloween-y, Star Wars: The Old Republic gets a major update, and Luigi’s Manion 3 drops new “Screampark” mode gameplay, in this week’s episode of Frequency. Many games are getting into the Halloween spirit, but with the Destiny 2 community back in full force, it’s time to let our guardians get
their spooOOoooOooky on. Death, destruction, and candy – these are the things that influence us, and the Festival of the Lost gives Destiny 2 players chance to get into the Halloween spirit, while also offering some sweet rewards, for those that choose to partake. From mystery grab bags, to the Braytech Werewolf legendary auto rifle, there’s a lot to earn. Plus, new armor ornaments? Not going to lie, they’re dope, and one of the many reasons that players should dive back into the universe Bungie created, when Festival of the Lost goes live on October 29th. Star Wars: The Old Republic just gets better with age, with a new expansion now arriving called “Onslaught.” Onslaught brings a lot of content to the beloved BioWare RPG. Including the dangerous planet of Onderon, and the lawless den of smugglers, Mek-Sha. But it’s not just new places players can explore, there’s a new playable species as well. Players can also take on the role of a nautolan, as they take up arms in a war between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Onslaught also introduces a new flashpoint for solo and group players on the planet Corellia. While also adding a new ducks and operation, and so much more. Time to choose a side because Onslaught is available now. Nintendo Switch owners have even more to look forward to in Luigi’s Mansion 3, because the Big N just dropped a brand new trailer showing off the up-coming Screampark multiplayer mode. Similar to that of Super Mario Party, Scream Park will host mini-games for players to take on. In the debuted trailer we see three mini-games that Luigi and pals can take on. Including Ghost Hunt, Canon Barrage, and Coin Floating. This multiplayer edition treats up to eight players in a 4v4 format to a new experience while poor Luigi just fights to survive. With new levels, mini-games, and more multiplayer goodness, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is definitely living up to the hype so far, prior to it’s October 31st release. For more gaming news and recaps, be sure to stay tuned right here to Frequency.

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