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French Fragmentation Shotgun Slug – Wicked Performance!

today we have a slug from France called
the gesture charlie I know I got that wrong but this was
made by Mike it was handmade just with the basic tools and this little clip
that he made kind of shows you how he did it the slug uses a metal casing
looks like it’s EMT and it’s filled with lead in any slit the edges so that the
slug will actually fragment when it hits something at least that’s the idea and
we’ll see how that functions in this video all right viewers today we got some
slugs sent to us from Mike from France and he calls in the issue charlet I
don’t know what that means I don’t either
I don’t speak it but American Psycho anyway it’s a slug interesting looking
so we’re going to see what it does downrange see how it penetrates out
giant block of wood okay there la with the rifle choke never you’re ready
explodes I’m ready when you are about ten yards away right ten okay here we go
it looked very close here we go first shot no practice shots of course like it
might have been tumbling a little bit I believe it was stumbling a lot ah let’s
see here oh it’s in there yep not real deep about inch and a half into the nose
maybe probably Hannah okay guys wondering that’s SOG I don’t know what
that what have that sons of anarchy or someone’s known special operations group
okay last two I set the Chronos high-speed camera to eighty eight
hundred frames per second so we can really see the detail of how the slug is
flying through the air now what happened was the plastic wadding got shoved into
the cavity of the slug and created kind of a stabilizer tail
while this was an intentional it’s still pretty interesting to see how it really
affected the flight actually causing it to rotate counterclockwise Swedish
ballista kill okay I’m ready Hey okay it had no problem going through our Swedish
ballistic gel oh boy and I have progressively got larger nice
so I wonder uh if it’s coming apart or not you know like he designed where the
the pieces break apart now this is not as bad as it initially appears we feel a
lot of junk flying through the air but we see the two metal pieces that were
shrouded around the slug and they kind of turned into discarding Sabo’s and
that slug just kept on going and it flew rather straight at surprisingly the
accuracy wasn’t terrible it was only off by only three-quarters of an inch and
the slug had enough energy just to keep on going alright people love us we do
have some good people over there oh yeah so this is for all you good it yep dang
kid that mess went a mile again we see a lot of mangled up plastic wadding which
only I can be blamed for this the way I loaded it the slug was flying sideways
packed a lot of energy and behind the jug we had that Kevlar vests and it
threw it a good 10 yards so that was pretty neat hello it work against the terrorists
that’s what we all want to know how Mike loaded this one backwards yeah this
one’s loaded backwards so it’s got a hollow cavity in the front it’s a
hollow-point one yes is it how hard it is
okay I’m ready I think it went through them I first
thought that this lug had actually gone through the Kevlar vest because I saw a
big cloud of dirt kicked up behind the dummy what happened was the steel sleeve
split on one side and that is what actually hit the dirt behind the dummy
when fired this slug was put under about 11,000 psi of barrel pressure and about
10,000 G’s of acceleration force and we call that the internal ballistics what’s
going on inside the gun itself and a lot of people don’t really consider that
they just think of the external ballistics or even the terminal
ballistics pretty yeah that was pretty accurate maybe we had a backwards the
whole time yeah gosh I didn’t know didn’t he ask first or nose first who
hit kind of sideways but it was still much more accurate than the others yeah
missing all the metal the steel casing on it Wow now we did try to shoot it
some ballistic gel we took three shots and all three of them were misses so
I’ll spare you most of that footage I figured after three shots it’s time to
give up especially when one of the ballistic gel blocks flew into the
little pond that we were shoot next to the only good thing is we recovered one
of the slugs that was trapped in the Kevlar vest and you can see how it broke
apart but I wanted to save one slug for a special target that Mike personally
requested okay he wanted clay and will give him clay okay I’m ready
oh my goodness it’s like The Terminator oh that was
awesome really happy that little piece came back and hit me in the leg that could have been your head I’m glad
I did I don’t know what I would have done if we would have missed that shot
but fortunately it hit and it hit dead center on that clay block that was
awesome again we see the at least a small piece of the plastic wadding stuck
in there kind of act like a stabilizer the slugs kind of doing the the shimmy
as it’s flying in the log but it was accurate and it flew great it’s been
ridiculously hot here like 108 degrees and I’m slowly catching up on the viewer
created slugs that people have already sent me unfortunately I’ve had to tell
some people hey can you hold off a little bit until I catch up and I
appreciate your patience I hope you guys enjoyed this video thanks for watching okay I’m ready
oh no in the water

100 thoughts on “French Fragmentation Shotgun Slug – Wicked Performance!

  1. Have you done a video on the maximum grain bullet/cartridge/slug types should have? The most effective that is vs what NOT to do?

  2. Great video! Even the ones that fail are still fun to watch.
    It looked like a fidget spinner at 4:00. You should use a bunch of those idiotic things as targets.

  3. how about using a refrigerated or nearly frozen 20lb block of clay? that would be very interesting to see!

  4. Check Wikipedia.After terror attack in their facility(Charlie satirical magazine),some Parisian,and some French people started even to wear t-shirt with ''Je suis Charlie'' on it.Is the inventor of the slugs undermeaning these would be his bullets against a new terror attack? To give a ''political name'' to an ammunition can be iffy and drift away from the aspect of recreationnal shooting.As Canadian,we have to deal with lots of propagandas and we would not find such name politically correct

  5. 6:17 is epic.     Awesome.   The shit.    The shinizzle.    The bomb.    The money shot.   Yea.

  6. "9.1 meters" .. umm.. "metres" is spelt wrong … (in addition to the Je suis Charlie) ..
    ….but then again, maybe not.. the US gov style guide in 2008 differed to the Webster's 3rd edition dictionary as opposed to the Oxford.. in which Webster's incorrectly spells Metres as "meters" (which is a device for measuring, commonly fluids) and Litres as "Liters" … and thus the NIST officially changed the US spelling of both units… after 200+years of using the correct Metres/Litres spellings.

    EDIT: because in 'Murica.. ignorance always wins

  7. SOG- Studies and Observations Group. Was attached to Military Assistance Command in the Vietnam War. SOG named their company in honor of these brave men.

  8. Why do I hear Halo this whole video?…..Oh that's why. Damn I can pick that soundtrack out from a mile away in a hurricane.

  9. I don't think that choke is the best choice for this one tho, it fucks up the steel plates and the barrel, it is steel so it's scratching steel quite hard..

  10. "Je suis" is the most basic french phrase there is, I don't speak a word of French, and even I know that it's pronounced "Jeh swee" like come on, guys. You could've at least googled it. And it means "I am Charlie" which is a reference that other commenters have pointed out repeatedly.

  11. How can anyone (who has an internet connection or has seen the news recently) not know what "Je suis Charlie" means?!

  12. I've never met someone who didn't know a single word of basic French or anything about pronunciation. I guess I need to get out more. I still love the videos though.

  13. Yep. Only in deepest america will 'they' not have heard of the Charlie Hebdo massacre :-/
    Headline News around (most of) the rest of the world! They're up there with Borneo Jungle tribes O_o

  14. It's "je suis Charlie" which means "I mean Charlie" (is pronounced je "ju" suis "swee" Charlie "Charlie") and is a reference to the Charlie hebdo attacks several years ago if you didn't know.

  15. Even though I'm way late to the party and I'm sure it's already been said, "Je suis Charlie" is pronounced a little like "Jeh swee Charlie", with the j pronounced a bit like the "dge" at the end of "judge"

  16. This American got it. "I am Charlie." This one Frenchman's response was right on. Obviously want to put that slug into an Islamic terrorist. Hope you get the chance someday, mon ami.


  18. Je suis Charlie means I am Charlie. Pronounced as jeu suwee Charlie. It refers to a satirical French magazine attacked by jihadis in Paris. Folks were killed.

  19. Jeff u guys have to be the coolest group of guys I never met. I would love to shoot with you guys someday. or some of you guys come to Alaska and shoot on my familys homestead.

  20. It mean "I'M CHARLIE" (Charlie is the name of a newspaper, which have been attacked by Islamist few years ago …because this newspaper talk about islamis with the JOKE Islamist deserve, several Journalist were been killed, that was an important "society fact" in france during several month ).

    Bonne contuation (Good Job,)

  21. "zhe swee sharlee" is the popular slogan that scored many headlines and Facebook posts in solidarity for the Charlie hebdo terrorist attack victims

  22. Je suis Charlie, French for "I am Charlie" or "I follow Charlie") is a slogan and logo created by French art director Joachim Roncin and adopted by supporters of freedom of speech and freedom of the press after the 7 January 2015 shooting in which twelve people were killed at the offices of the French satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

    Thought I'd put it out there.

  23. "sheh swee charlie" It means: "I am Charlie" . I think it refers to the political cartoonist from Paris (I think) that got lambasted for an anti-muslim cartoon, I could be wrong though.

  24. Great stuff as always ! Nasty little round ,maybe dress it up in french maid costume and it will fly rite !!! Where did you get that t-shirt ? Thank you for posting the video !!! 4/3/18 SPOKANE WA ! 2A, 3%, OATHKEEPERS ALL THE WAY !!!!

  25. These two haven't heard of Charlie Hebdo… I stopped watching a minute into the video. Inexcusable level of ignorance.

  26. It means "We Are Charlie" (Hebdo…You remember, right? They broke Islamic law by portraying Muhammad and were attacked by several angry Muslims. It was a massacre)

  27. Inventive men with very narrow (CNN type) of knowledge of the world. Charlie Hebdo is a communist, white hating paper in France. Just because the muslims attacked them they deserve no sympathy. And yes, Charlie Hebdo HATES AMERICANS !!!!! Now please look into whom they actually are. Look for their names and ethnic and religious backgrounds. You will hate me for making you see the truth. 😉

  28. Danny!!!
    And, Taofledermaus folks, you need to take your gals to Paris for some romance’n and work on You French.

  29. Recommended by "usTube" today before your YouTube rules questioning video…. glad to see some still come up..

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