100 thoughts on “French Blondeau Shotgun Slugs – A strange but effective slug

  1. You should make thermite pellets. I do have some easy ignition ideas that I could work out and test.

  2. I like you say @ 09:03 "you almost hit that bird"  what about that white truck, that is in line of fire? :-/

  3. TAOFLEDERMAUS Thanks for answer!! About the 8ml wont let me respond back to you in my emails, I dont get it.. But i cant wait to try out wax slugs in that way

  4. I don't speak French, but I'm 99% certain that the text on the front simply says that these are 5 ball, 12 gauge cartridges.

    Since I'm not a shooter, I suspect that 5 ball, 12 gauge cartridges have a fixed size, giving people a known metric to compare these things to.

  5. well, if it used to be made with both steel and lead, it may have had better piercing power in the olden days, but it would probably be best for damaging the engines of unarmored transport trucks rather than armored vehicles

  6. man! taofledermous is like my nexus for new and completely different channels to watch, first AvE now Dutchsinse!

  7. Man, that was way cool to see a hard drive from an Enigma machine. I hate to see you destroy such antiques though….

  8. ~ 75 years later, the French are still traumatized and continue to try to fight against German technology of the 2nd World War … still unsuccessful ^^

  9. Those accounts of disabling German armor via engine damage are true however the conception of the armor penetration is way overdone as they actually were shot through the thin vented engine decks where there was only a couple MM of actual armor.

  10. Just so you know, Taofledermaus, it is pronounced "Bl- on -doh" or something similar to that. "EAU" makes an "oh" sound rather than an "ew" or "eu" sound you were making.
    P.S. Exactly how you said it at 1:19 actually, good job! However you really quickly reverted back to the "ew" sound seconds later. Gotta be careful about quickly pronouncing things. They often sound very differently with shortcuts.

  11. No sir you are wrong they were primarily used during ww1 to track one legend ass kicking tournaments.

  12. The slug was good enough to destroy the Oh Face watermelon! We should also look into replacing Officer Greg's Walmart optics. Stay safe

  13. This obviously isn't French, you probably misread the package. I'm all most certain French slugs contain miniature white flags that get shot up into the air to signal their surrender.

  14. According to the finnish text at 1:31 the bullet loses stabilization when it goes subsonic. Being supersonic the rear weight stabilizes by form and not by weight. This creates improved accuracy.

  15. Okay…. Now I have the urge to stuff a load of watermelons into the bomb bay of an Aardvark and make a supersonic bombing run over occupied France.

  16. i i always watch and never comment but the German hard drive was a legit way to spill my beer .. literally LMAO

  17. On the bright side, if your guys current occupations don't work out you both could have strong future in teaching computers.

  18. Have you guys ever thought of trying something like a thermite round or thermite slug if anything like that'd even be possible?

  19. hey guys just wanted to point out an issue with your testing of pre 1950 shotguns ammunition. most military rounds pre 1950 were using brass shells rather than paper cardboard or plastic

  20. looks like it wouldn't penetrate any Light armored calvary unit's hull but it looks like a very good round for hunting medium size game like that boar on the box.

  21. You keep changing the pronunciation. You use ' blon-doo ' and ' blon-dough '. The latter is correct.

  22. When I was loading your video Youtube tried to play the full over an hour movie of Get shorty. What the heck Youtube?

  23. The more I see experimental slugs flying, the more I come to believe that the rifling ratio isn't matched to their rotation requirements.


  25. Greetings from France,I shoot a young pig with the Blondeau slug after sleeping outside,because he was fucking up my garden during the night,there were a hole family of five there,I used my grand-pa's side by side 12Gauge'robust'Manufrance built in 1962,shot one round of buck(brenneke)had to finish him up by knife but the the young one hit by the Blondeau round was almost cut in half….!!!All meat was grilled and eatean….

  26. These would make a mess of an engine bay on a thin-skinned vehicle, I bet thats what they mean, for use on cars and trucks.

  27. Hey that's not a bad idea, have somebody come up with a computer coefficient index of burn times and compareable powder rates, have it spit out a ratio of what to use for what load….just sayin sorry

  28. couldn't someone just send the powder separate from the slugs ? Or are bundles of gun powder a no no with the mail ?

  29. I hate how the guy filming always has to try (and fail) to make some g-d awful joke, and the guy shooting never laughs (or even reacts), then theres a long silent pause until either he goes "uh, youre good to go" or the guy shooting finally says (sounding annoyed) "am i good to shoot?"

  30. You do realize that per the patent application at 1:46 you loaded the slug backwards, right? That might have had an effect.

  31. Intreasting concept for trying to defeat armor.i would assume a pointed projectile would do better than a blunted tip like this.be intreasting to see their research on this.i assume by armor they are refering to reasonably thin vehical plating.i highly doubt this would be intended for anything bigger than a jeep lol.

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