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hey everybody welcome back to another
call of duty modern warfare video and in today’s video we are gonna be talking
about the new hammer shotgun in call of duty modern warfare so this is a new
weapon variant added into modern warfare but this is an exclusive weapon variant
that is only unlockable in one way and it is for a limited time only so if you
miss out you will not be able to get this weapon after that as far as we know
so how do you guys actually get this new hammer shotgun so Activision and
infinity ward announced that’s if you play the modern warfare multiplayer beta
and you play on any platform so Xbox one PlayStation 4 or PC doesn’t matter what
platform you play on as long as you reach level 10 B for September 23rd at
10 a.m. Pacific time you will receive the hammer shotgun to use in the final
version of the game the final game of modern warfare when it comes out on
October 25th the US to say that the weapon has been specially designed in
the modern warfare gunsmith to feature some additional attachments and items
for players to use in game and this comes directly from Activision the quote
here they say as a token of our gratitude be sure to reach level 10
before the beta ends on September 23rd at 10 a.m. Pacific time that way you’ll
automatically obtain a free item reward the hammer shotgun fully customized with
a pistol grip duel a silenced short barrel angled foregrip and holographic
sight designed to create a quick handling short-range silence method of
foe disposal this weapon blueprint which is available to those reaching level 10
or higher by the end of the beta weekends will be accessible and waiting
for you when you play the final game available on October 25th so that is
just how you get it you just have to play the modern warfare beta and also
during this beta starting on Saturday for Xbox and PC is when the beta will be
an open beta will be free for everybody even people have not pre-ordered and
then the second weekend from Thursday through Monday if you’re playing on
PlayStation is just open for everybody you don’t have to preorder for that but
any time you play on this beta if you just get past level 10 which honestly
isn’t even that hard me myself it to get to level 10 took me maybe an hour of
plane if that but it’s not even that hard to do just make sure you get
level 10 in the modern warfare beta and then you just gotta make sure you do it
before the beta is over and then in the final game you’re gonna be able to get
this new shit hammer shotgun in previous Call of Duty games we’ve had different
rewards for participating in the beta and by completing like the final level
on the beta stuff like that so in previous coder two games so say such as
like blackouts for if you even I believe if you even played the beta you would
get a calling card but if you got to the max level in the beta then you would
actually get a permanent unlock token fuse and blackouts for multiplayer so
there’s usually always some rewards for playing the beta and also by getting to
a specific rank in the beta and it’s the same time around same thing here in
modern warfare and the last thing I want to talk about for this video real quick
is about how they say that this weapon blueprint which is available to those
reaching level 10 or higher by the end of the beta weekends will be accessible
waiting for you and play the final game available on October 25th so what our
weapon blueprints that is what the community is kind of trying to figure
out here like our weapon blueprints like variants how do you unlock those do you
have to pay money you can unlock them in-game do you get them by doing
challenges or what like it’s a weapon blueprint but apparently it’s a
customized version of the shotgun from the gunsmith not hundred percent sure
about all the details about this like the gunsmith is kind of confusing in
this game but I mean basically hey if you played them on over beta you get
past level 10 BAM you get this new exclusive hammer shotgun and that’s
pretty much all there is to it so just get to level 10 by the end of the beta
and you’ll get it when the game finally comes out in October 25th so there you
guys go thank you so much for watching if you
have any comments or questions leave in the comments down below if you enjoyed
the video give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel if you’re not
already thanks for watching I’ll see you guys in the next video you


  1. Activision are already starting with the exclusives and competitive advantages in beta. As soon as I saw that shotgun and noticed it wasn't in the unlockables, it nearly confirms that half of the weaponry is in loot boxes.
    Also, some of the guns in the gunsmith menu don't even display a level to unlock them where as some do.
    The game is so much fun, but this is a very bad sign.

  2. I didn’t play the beta. Killed a guy who had it today n picked it up n ended up using it the whole game. Got killed n it was unlocked for me. Try in before it gets patched.

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