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Free Gun Shot Sound Effects | Royalty Free

Real gun sounds — the model nineteen eleven
sound pack. Royalty-free sounds you can use in your videos Forty five caliber ACP in all its glory. Download it for free. More than 30 sound clips, include gun shots. Slide racking. And dry firing. All of it free. The model nineteen eleven sound pack. Find out how to get it by reading the description below. We’ll release more sound packs soon, so subscribe to BlinkFarm for notification. And if you like free sh[beep]t… …please give this video a thumbs up.

69 thoughts on “Free Gun Shot Sound Effects | Royalty Free

  1. The link to the sounds is in the description of this video, under "DOWNLOAD SOUNDS HERE". I moved it up towards the top of the description to make it easier to find. Sorry for the confusion!

  2. Sorry, forgot to put the link. It's now in the description at the very bottom. "Kool Kats" by the royalty free music master, Kevin MacLeod.

  3. Hey kids, to see/hear some of Blinkfarm's gun sounds in action, check out episode 4 of Marvin the Wombat on our channel, LilPinkHouse.

  4. Good work man. Surprised there are not more people doing this. Us English folk are pretty much unable to record these ourselves as well, we don't have guns.

  5. Hey, used these sounds in remaking my video intros! Credit given in the description. Here's the intro on its own: New Intro

  6. this really helps for inspiration to the script I am currently working on. you're awesome. when we make a video you will definitely be mentioned no doubt about it

  7. Say I used edited variants of your sound clips in an Indie FPS? Would that be fine so long as I include you in the credits? 

  8. Do you have any Sig Sauer P226 sound effects? The only ones I have been able to find are all being fired indoors so you hear a resounding echo and the bullet shell falling onto a hard surface. The shoot out vid I need it for takes place in a forest. Can you help me?

  9. why cant you just put them in a youtube video? so I can download them from here, that way I'll be sure that there will be no bullshit surveys or ads, etc…

  10. Its not working anymore, I can´t download or preview anything! It says too many people might have downloaded it recently =(

  11. Hey! Thank you very much for the sound effects and I used them in one of my action videos! Here's the link if you would like :

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