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Franchi Bolt Gun, Futuristic Electric Rifle, Tips for Arguing On The Internet – TGC News!

This week on TGC News, Franchi’s new Bolt
gun, the multishot electronic rifle from the future and pro tips for arguing on the internet! Welcome back everyone, my name is Jon Patton
and you are watching TGC News. I’m going to kick things off this week with
some thoughts that came to mind after the Parkland Florida shooting. On February 14th, a deranged former student
went into his high school and murdered 17 people. It really does upset me that this happened. The question of whether or not it was preventable
comes up after every shooting. In this case, I think the answer was a resounding
yes and the fault lay upon the shoulders of the FBI. Police had dealt with this kid several times,
the FBI was aware of his behavior, the fellow students were aware of his behavior, the administrators
were aware of his behavior. But nothing was done about it. I wish I knew why nothing was done. And at the same time, we have fallen into
the same trap as always. Knee jerk reactions from Democrats and Republicans
alike. I was called a rapist for being a white male
and that all white males are the source of evil in the world. Adam was told the blood was on his hands because
he has ties to the NRA. These reactions come from emotion. People are hurting for the families in Florida. It makes sense. But lashing out has never solved anything. First and foremost, arguing on the internet
has never changed anyone’s mind, memes on the internet have never changed anyone’s mind,
telling someone that they’re wrong is a shortcut to getting them to dig-in harder on their
argument. It’s a human behavior. When we are told we’re wrong we dig in, we
do not like being told we are wrong. I had a few people show me this picture with
2 different signs on it. Which one will prevent this from happening. The answer is NEITHER ONE. Signs do not stop bad things from happening. Laws and regulations do not stop bad things
from happening. So how do we fix what is wrong? Well I think it falls down to accountability
in the FBI in this particular case and on a larger scale a strong look at how we deal
with mental health issues here in the US. But that’s just scratching the surface. Our society has created and glorified this
evil. The Parkland shooters face is everywhere. He won. People have made him famous for killing. But how do we stop that? I don’t have the answer but I want to know
what you guys think about all of this. I think we all whole heartedly agree that
restricting the rights of law abiding gun owners will do nothing to stop evil but is
there a solution to stopping mass shootings from happening? And in this could be the future of warfare news, a company called Forward Defense Munitions out of Utah recently brought out a rifle they
are calling the L5. Shout out to viewer Marcus for giving me the
heads up on this. The way they describe this is “the first multi-bore,
single barrel, caseless ammunition rifle”. Whoa. That’s pretty damn cool. So let’s dig in a little more. Essentially you would load up the chargeblock,
that hold 5 shots in total. They are loaded with a primer, propellant
and bullet. Stack the charge blocks together and then
insert them into the gun. According to FDM, with their electronic trigger
system, you can set off all 5 at once. The barrel itself is essentially 5 bores drilled
on top of one another. In the promo video they say that this results
in groups that overlap each other. All very interesting, but why does it matter? Well the charge blocks, because they contain
the shots, are essentially a replacement for the chamber of the gun, which is where a ton
of heat builds up. You’re also spreading the heat out across
5 bores instead of everything going through one. They cut down on magazine loading time, because
they are 5 shots per block and not individual cartridges. Beyond that, the battery on this thing is
supposedly good for 15,000 shots. On a single barrel gun, that would likely
ruin your barrel but that averages out to 3k per bore on this rifle. No matter what, that is a lot of rounds down
range. On top of that, you don’t have a reciprocating
mass and individual parts moving around that could cause malfunctions in the rifle. This really does sound interesting. My concerns lie in the electronics. We all know that electricity and water don’t
mix and for military applications, that can not be an issue but at the same time, my phone
is waterproof so why couldn’t a gun be IP67 certified. I also have MAJOR concerns about pricing. Sure this is not directed at consumers BUT
this is a proprietary system and requires proprietary ammunition. I don’t have any idea what the MSRP is on
this entire set up but I’m guessing it will be boatloads. Either way, this is a super cool new take
on the future of rifles. What do you guys think? Is this the bridge between rail guns and our
current line up of small arms? And rounding us out in gun news this week
is a company most well known for producing mid grade shotguns. Franchi is kind of the middle management of
the Benelli family of guns. On the bottom you have Stoeger, in the middle
is Franchi and at the top is Benelli. I actually really like the Franchi over unders. But now they’ve jumped into a new area with
a bolt action rifle called the Momentum. I’ll break down the features a bit. The stock is really where it all gets started. They’ve included checkering and contours at
specific locations on the bottom of the rear of the stock, right below the action and in
the normal spots on the forend. They claim that is will allow good control
and stability for 5 different shooting positions. I say it gives options and that is a good
thing. The action itself features a 60 degree bolt
throw, a spiral fluted bolt and claims to be ultra smooth. It will be available in .243, 6.5 creedmoor,
270, 308 30-06 and 300 win mag. They all come with triggers that can be adjusted
from 2 to 4 pounds as well as a free floated cold hammer forged barrel. They cap everything off, pun intended, with
a threaded muzzle for your favorite “accessory” because why say silencer when you don’t have
to right Franchi? Anyway, overall this seems to be a solid rifle
from a company with a good track record. Time will tell if it holds up to their claims
OR if it’s worth the MSRP of 609 dollars. Our friendly fire questions again this week
are from the TGC Nation Facebook group. Andrew Milbourne asks, which caliber is better
for social work, 38 special, 357 magnum or 44 special? Well that all depends on the size of the gun. Assuming we are talking snub nose revolvers,
I’d go with a 38 for ease of control. If we are talking a larger gun, then probably
357 magnum. I don’t know that I would ever pick 44 special. I don’t know why. Jason Bower says do you think lead free ammo
will be the norm in the future? Yes but it will be a long time before that
happens. Lead is still relatively cheap in comparison
to lead free options and therefore will win that battle until regulations force it or
supply dries up. Jared Chamberlain wants to know if I would
opt for an SBR tax stamp OR just go with an AR pistol using a brace? Well Honestly, I look at them differently. I personally like that SBR’s can utilize a
variety of stocks out there, BUT with things like the new adjustable brace from SB Tactical,
that line continues to get blurred. I guess for cost and ease of use sake I would
probably go with the pistol. My friendly fire question to you guys this
week, I want to know how many of you are new to gun ownership within the last 5 years? If you’ve been a gun owner longer than that,
post something silly in the comments instead. If you want your question answered here on
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we’ll see you soon!

100 thoughts on “Franchi Bolt Gun, Futuristic Electric Rifle, Tips for Arguing On The Internet – TGC News!

  1. The multibarrel electronic fired gun seems like a solution to a non-existent problem. Modern rifles don't need batteries or heavy blocks to keep 5 bullets in. I think it is neat as an experiment, but impractical or downright stupid for normal or even military use.

  2. I've been a gun owner for right around 2 years now. Started off with a Mossberg 930 for my 18th birthday and now I can't open my mailbox without finding new gun parts or parts kits that I don't even remember ordering.

  3. I'm actually still an ownership virgin. I've handled and shot a few things but still haven't spent my own money (married) on my own gun. I know what I want, thanks in part to you guys, and may be able to make that first purchase this year with my tax refund.

  4. Great episode. I summarized my thoughts on how to prevent these tragedies in a video I made.

  5. Friendly fire answer: "Yes i'm a recent gun owner, from a restricted country and here the wait time to buy a .22lr pistol is 60 to 90 days, and a ton of papper work, assuming you already have your licences and have trained with the police, and i cannot carry it to defend myself. Don't ever go this way America, ever!"
    …. Contact me if you want to know more about stupid gun laws.

  6. The best argument is a question for them to ponder on that they can't avoid. Such as for women: Why are you creating a patriarchy? Men are physically stronger you're taking away a women physical equalizer.

  7. When was the last time I saw gunbuber of the week? Check out ClearAdvantageTV. Solid content, good production quality. Good for those of us who shoot on the clock.

  8. 13000 odd gun deaths USA wide 2016 (250/stateapprox.,)….
    3700 road deaths PER DAY!!! PER DAY…yep 1.3 Million/year + 20 – 50 Million injured… just injured by Cars on roads…I would expect no one really knows how many of those crashes are on purpose, (unless a suicide note is found).. lets say 50,000 are deliberate acts of violence carried out by some deranged person on a highway, city street?? Who knows???
    Have they tried to ban Ford, Chev, Chrysler, Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota….No!!!
    In fact the US govt pays US manufacturers billions to keep making vehicles.
    Guns are a tool really, no different to a hammer.
    It takes a person to drive the nail into wood. If the hammer is used for violence than it's a weapon.
    I'd take a good look at how you Americans talk about your firearms…They are only a weapon when used in conflict or to inflict harm…Otherwise they are a firearm…It doesn't sound so violent..does it??

  9. Thats not craftsmanship those receivers are look like crap …if you want to be taken serious dont support childish lookin shit

  10. Actually 5 years exactly. Been a gun enthusiast since I was young but living in Ma being a gun owner has been a challenge. Kinda hit the ground running though. Own several guns now and loving it.

  11. hoax…

  12. Just got started in January of this year. I started with pistols, but I have a fading bruise from my first session with an AR-15 last week. Yeah, yeah, I know. "Keep it tight!"

  13. To answer you query 1) xx millions of Americans and growing by a million per week, News owned by far left individuals whos agenda is to disarm Americans so that when the equivalent of the Hitler gun grab before he killed the intelligent German citizens including the Jews in large numbers they could not fight back,… as we could not fight back if the army came to disarm us like they did in the N Orleans flood gun grab, and how helpless would we be against the army with anything less than an AR15.                                    America is the last country to  allow its citizens to have and bare arms. This time it will be the Semitics Diane Feinstein and Chuck Schumer  and the rest of their tribe coming for the Irish Polish etc American gun owners who have guns,… in a bazar twist of fate, and once we are helpless, well,  just use your imagination.                                   My point is that with so many millions you will not be able to suppress all nut jobs no matter what. With the Semitic owned wire services and Major Press blowing it up and using it as a tool      to disarm what?… all semi auto guns or just ar15's or taking ar15's is only step one…we can not protect our selves  against a Govt.  gone mad.                                    There are how many millions of US citizens killed by cars,  but we do not ban cars or even fast cars or demand that we put sped monitors on our cars. There was a study that showed how many lives could be saved by making every one ware  helmets like cycles do,  so why don't we enforce that. Or there are so many people killed by knives so why don't we demand that all knives have the point rounded like one king did in a Hispanic country in ancient times (It did not stop the killing s by knives by the way. ) Blaming the instrument never works. Explosives are much more evocative than guns any way.Eugene Ellis Esq.

  14. No, the fault lies with the Gun Free School Zones Act of 1990 which prevents responsible adults from having effective self-defense. It facilitates mass murder and should be repealed.

  15. I haven't read all the comments so this may have been asked. Here's my question. Why are people like this idiot who shot those kids still alive? A case where he's absolutely guilty of murder. That day take him and hang him ,done. Now the even bigger disgrace or slap in the face is we all and especially the families of those killed get to pay how much in taxes to keep this asshole alive in prison for how long.

  16. Franchi may be on yo something, is there a tax for accessory? Talk to OSS, see if they will start selling muzzle accessories!

    I don’t talk about my firearms, so they don’t get a big head and decide to attack people Indiscriminately.

  17. If you don't know the difference between a magazine and a muzzlebreak, I don't want to know you, we can't be friends. #Dumbantifa

  18. Both FBI and NICS failed. And I'd question the gun dealer who sold the kid the gun, especially in the case if nics had said to delay and after the 3 days the guy still gave the kid the gun

  19. I bought my first gun three years ago when I was 19. Since then I've picked up several more firearms and sent thousands of rounds down range. I carry daily and enjoy the freedom and responsibility of my own defense and firearm ownership.

  20. I think that block gun would work good for like a semi automatic black powder rifle. Downgrade but its,what came to mind

  21. Small arms no. Not yet but possible artillery five shot magazines in a naval dun would be crazy plus i feel they would reduce the risk of ammunition fires.

  22. My thoughts! We have a social problem, these kids that do this, are the kids everyone picked on in school, they become isolated, and it follows them after leaving the school system, and well you know they never had the chance to shine like most people. Depression follows with the isolation, which increases the problem to a point everything they try fails. No one wants anything to do with these people, whether they are kids or adults, they finally react, and then it becomes a narrative for our politicians, and media to revoke our 2 amendment, or what ever pencil they are trying to push for the globalist. Now that's the facts.

  23. How does the electric rifle differ from Metal Storm technology? It just seems like scaled down Metal Storm, or scaled up if you look at their first pistol iteration.

  24. Honestly I don't believe people are truly hurting. Its tragic but in my opinion its more to do with hysteria and emotional politics.

  25. I've been a gun owner for less than 5 years. I bought my first gun, a Saiga IZ-433, when I was 24 right after Obama's ban. I'm now up to 4 guns, my mum bought her first in 2016. I'm hoping to get a new pistol, shotgun, and rifle this year [in that order] since I just got my CCW and I also want to get more into hunting. That desire is also pushing me to get my Driver's license [typical millenial in that regard] and get a better job.

  26. To reduce crime. Education. Training. Affordable gear and more people carrying guns and gear.

    Shocking i know. Ive seen it work in my years patrolling everything from rich areas to gang land areas.

  27. I'm new. In guns for one year. Bu I am still in a process of getting my gun permit in Poland. Screw Polish Sport Shooting Association.

  28. If you defend your home with that receiver from sharp good luck not getting sent to jail. What do you think the jury would think when you say it was in self defense and you have the murder weapon all murdered out with a fucking skull? Im good with just a regular stock receiver.

  29. That crazy sci fi gun is really cool. And to make it more accessible all we would really need to do is the same thing we did when metallic cased ammo was first becoming a thing, standardize the ammo types to some extent and make the charge blocks reuseable.

  30. Soo… less ammo, more weight per charge block, more barrel weight because you have the equivalent of five barrels, probably far less rounds per minute and overall more bulky… Can't see it going anywhere. A revolver design would have been better for weight and potentially accuracy,

  31. I know what will help, treat people with respect like you want to be treated so they don't want to shoot your face off and then let's pull together and discuss what 3rd world country to boat up and send crazy a** mofos! Lol

  32. gun control is not going to work by making the gun owners. it is the manualfactor who make the guns and the ammo that is coper jacket and the sell and mass manualfactor of military stile wipes soled on the open market.

  33. The best way to stop mass shootings is to shoot back, and if a sick child murdering piece of shit wants to be famous then let's make them famous, bring back public executions.

  34. What's the difference between an AR pistol and a Sbr AR-15? Nothing but the amount of tyranny and theft you want to deal with.

  35. You keep asking, "What can we do to stop the school shootings from happening"? Well, here is a novel Idea. "Why not hold those, who are actually responsible, RESPONSIBLE; all of those who knew, all of those in authority, all of those who saw all of the red flags, and are trained, at great expense, to recognize those red flags; Annnd! All did nothing!!! If I see a snake, in my back yard, and do nothing; and allow my children to continue to play in the yard; if one of my kids is snake-bit, it's my fault; I would be responsible for my child being bitten; yet, time after time, we hear and see the same S?!T go down, and "NO ONE", is held responsible; don't you think that's really strange? That is really, really strange!!!

  36. very disappointed since I was expecting Franchi's bolt gun the electronic gadget from the future lol

    because let's be real here, what WE all know them for is the SPAS12

    at least that's all I've personally associated them with for the past 18yrs as a 33y/o guy

  37. That electric rifle is ridiculous. Instead of cases it has whole disposable chambers, much bigger than a magazine of the same capacity and certainly heavier too. Might as well use a Treeby Chain Gun, or a revolver while carrying a bunch of loaded cylinders, or a harmonica gun. If you want to spread the heat that much, just use a thicker barrel. That multi-bore idea might have some merit, but the rest of the gun does not, regardless of how reliable the electronics are.

  38. This was the same company that designed the spas 12… you know that bulky impractible select fire shotgun which is only famous because it looks badass. Benelli pump/semi shotguns > spas12 and spas 15

  39. …..soooooo in the future we're taking a major step back? The. Benefits of this multi-bore system are far outweighed by the drawbacks. ie amo weight and field reload ability. Every reload would be like making each individual bullet from its constituint parts. The carried weight per shot is also wayyyyyyyyy higher with this system, like 4 times heavier, and ammo is already heavy as fuck.

    Also, parkland wasn't only the fault of the fbi, the local cops and leftist fl law makers screwed the pooch too. The cops were there and were too cowardly to stop this psychopath, and fl law was designed to exempt underage people/students from accountability to lower the state's stats for youth prosecution.

  40. 1. I have never owned a gun and I am 60+ years old. 2. I would never agree w/anything that would in any way impinge on the rights of legal and responsible gun owners. 3. We have more than enough laws already on the books. 4. Criminals are criminals and do not care one bit about owning and selling guns illegally. 5. There has never been a prohibition on anything that successfully kept that thing out of the hands of those who wanted it. 6. The surest way to get me to buy a gun is to start talking seriously about the government – at any level – prohibiting me from owning one. That would be one step too many. The only chance we have to prevent a school shooting if for the schools to be able to employ HIGHLY TRAINED security and highly trained and educated counselors. AND, for the parents to resume parenting. Children w/issues must have a non violent way to deal with their issues, and when the issue is determined – it must be dealt with. There will always be a pecking order and difficult decisions but ignoring the situation is not going to make it better.

  41. All i want to say is that most people want reasonable laws that prevent those that have issues not hold a gun license. If someone is suicidal or had suicidal thoughts or has been shown to be totally irresponsible then they should not have a weapon that can kill many in a short period of time or any weapon at all in some cases, arguing against this is not only irresponsible but is pushing the NRA opinion that everyone should have a gun to protect themselves and that is nonsense as we all know that there are people that should just not ever carry a gun.

  42. I am a European and I am lobbying to block travel by americans who are NRA members and not otherwise accountable. Close borders to rogue weapon owners completely. First we need to figure out what is going on. Some of them may be good guys I suppose. But we can't take the risk.

  43. Another dumb gun.
    EMP and you got an expensive walking stick.
    Water intrusion (same).
    Wt. of the blocks and you need 2 ammo bearers for every trigger puller.
    Sideways block holder magazine will limit positioning like it has for every horizontal weapon ever made.

  44. Obviously, a good guy with a gun in the school would stop a bad one.
    Ted Nugent asked a question. What things do we guard with guns? Money? Jewelry? The president? But we don't guard our children.

  45. Though my family owns many, I did technically purchase my first firearm a little over a year ago.

  46. The root causes of mass shootings lie in it's history. Mass shootings began when we began subscribing people pills for various types of "mental illness", and coincides with a culture shift whereby many children grow up with absent fathers. Mix a child being raised by a single mother with a culture where boys are suffering and being bullied, pill popping is advertised as viable option for depression, nihilism runs amok, throw in an internet culture that feeds into it all, and get him a gun, you got a problem. The easiest thing to fix is advertising pills for depression, we used to have laws that prevented that (they were put in because they foresaw an "ethical dilemma" of allowing pharma products to be advertised directly – and instead thought a doctor should be the one to talk to you). Clinton, Bush, and Obama all worked hard to lesson the restrictions on BIG PHARMA. It was a bi-partisan effort. Put the laws BACK IN.

  47. Put armed guards at vulnerable areas. Like in Mexico there's guards here at the local mall.

    They carry Beretta ARX100 pistols and bullet proof vest.

  48. It was a false flag attack. They allowed it to happen because it suited their agenda.
    Sometimes doing nothing is a valid strategy.
    Especially when the idiot does something for your benifit.

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