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France | Service Rifles History

Looks way too small. Sound is alright, feels a bit “short” though. Doesn’t account for the transporter. I don’t see a casing leaving the rifle at all. Those bullets are way too small to be 8mm lebel. Also you look so fancy while loading this thing. The bolting animation, sound and casing are all misaligned in different ways. The reload animation is just that fast bolting animation and then you can’t shoot until the “reload” has passed. Note, these are the old sounds. Casing flies out a little bit late. Doesn’t take the transporter into account, but this reload animation is used for all bolt action rifles in verdun. Steam notification reeeeee Best lebel in any of the 4 games it appears in. The bolting animation is correct and the sound is amazing. Rear sights are too open. Note that the player doesn’t catch the round like with other rifles in BF1. Correct use of the transporter, nice. That echo is just amazing. The bullets look small because the player is holding them by the neck of the casing. This is a full length Berthier and not a carbine, but it has the same basic principles. These are the old Verdun sounds again. The model looks unfinished, way too smooth. Sounds are the same as the lebel, even though it uses a different cartridge. The bullets just sink in to the solid magazine and disappear. Note that this is not forgotten hope 2, it is the first one. Casing ejects way too late, similiar to the lebel in Battlefield 1918. This has a somewhat believable reload though. Same flat sounds from WWII Online as always. The bolt automatically locks open when you press the reload button. Sounds are alright, but a bit low quality. The rifle looks too thin in CS. No trigger discipline. Project Reality, the king of first person animations does not dissapoint. Sounds are good, reflects the 5.56 round quite nicely in my opinion. Note that this FAMAS is camouflaged, ones with normal finishes are available in the game. F A S T B O Y E Even rifle grenades. Range adjustable sights too. Sad that the grenade doesn’t disappear immediately while shooting with sights, but that’s an engine limitation. The only thing that would make this depiction better would be a usable bipod. Bullets squeak for some reason. Also way too many games use these ugly aftermarket sights on the FAMAS and I do not approve. Now, this game depicts the FAMAS with a proprietary 25 round straight magazine, but it somehow holds 30 rounds. I like that the trigger finger moves. Sounds are also alright, and the recoil animation is very good. Now this depiction has the opposite problem compared to the MW2 FAMAS, it uses a 30 round STANAG magazine, but only holds 25 rounds. Burst fire is also available. No trigger discipline while inspecting the weapon seems like a recipe for disaster. Again with the disgusting aftermarket sights. They are also misaligned. The sound seems to be delayed in this recording. Reload sounds are generic and just sound bad. The gun itself sounds alright though. I don’t like the look of the Valorisé FAMAS for some reason. Sounds are fucking great though. Bf4 has weird animations, they are either too robotic, or they are too floaty. This is an example of the floaty ones imo. Has all 3 correct firemodes though. This one also holds the correct 25 rounds in a 25 round magazine. Again with the aftermarket sights, just fucking stop. Sounds are wet towel slaps as usual with Rainbow 6 Siege. Also, holding 30 rounds in a 25 round magazine. Got all 3 firemodes though. No trigger discipline. Sounds are good, as expected from DICE. This is another example of the “floaty” animations in BF4.

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  1. Honestly I would've preferred Medal of Honor Warfighter's depiction of the HK416, animated fire selector and bolt catch and all

  2. I feel like whoever did the subtitles for this video needs to be less harsher on some of these depictions, for example with the MW2 FAMAS he just kept on complaining about it and didn't even talk about the reload animation

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