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  1. I had my new pumpmaster for no more than 2 or 3 months and it wont shoot anymore. sometimes it gets really hard to pump even if its two or three pumps in, or  somtimes i pump it and air escapes out the barrel. brand new gun damnit!!!! is it the seals or the valve that holds the pressure i have no idea. there needs to be another vid that is in better lighting and shows greater detail. this sucks.

  2. I have a early 70's 760 wood stock .My question is ..Is it necessary to take the whole rifle apart to fix those seals?  thanks for the vid.

  3. Goodday can someone please help I need the Pumpmaster 760 -177 Caliber pellet/BB Repeaters Seal kit can You please help where can I get this 

  4. This video was awesome… Mine is around 20 years old and was my dad's and I would shoot it in the backyard as a kid all the time. I didn't wanna just go out and buy a new one because this one obviously has sentimental value to me, especially since my dad passed away a few years ago… It's working like a charm now thank you!

  5. Mine is just like yours but the bolt is stuck there is a metal peace holding it but the metal is a part of the gun and i cant get it out Help!!!!

  6. Thanks. I used a #9 o-ring from ACE hardware, Danco Co part number 35726B. Also, with no hairdryer here at work, we used water in Styrofoam cup in microwave to boiling temp, the dropped the rubber cup in water for 3-4 mins, then clamped to cool.

  7. Really appreciate this video.  Mine is 45 years old and hasn't been shot in years.  It was always a fun gun and I'd like to put it back in working order again.  Thanks!

  8. Thanks I just used a clamp with a hard bouncy ball and heated it up with a hair dryer and didn't have to replace the o ring. Just be care full when you put the receiver back together. Pump it and if it won't go all the way your piston slid down the chamber

  9. Hey dude nice vídeo, I have one 760 but a part is broke and I need the name to buy it or fix it, is the part that you pull to back after you pump, is like a trigger, do you know the name or How do I fix it?

  10. You were going to fast without explaining or leaving clear visible shots of how you were doing it.

  11. The content was good, but the video was very low quality and you moved an incredible amount. How about a re shoot with a fixed HD

  12. By any chance can u do a re upload a little more in depth. I felt like there where parts u skimmed over that threw we off. please and thanks you 🙂

  13. Hi, maybe you can help me
    I've got recently a crosman recruit, it worked very fine until it didn't wanted to shoot anymore. The mechanism work but the air didn't come out of the air chamber and don't fire the pellet.

  14. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! You are a Genius. Really. Do you work for Crosman? You should Start Your OWN Air Gun Repair Sevice. I Pay $80 for new seals on Benjamins, Sheridans, and Crosmans. Not including Postage. That is what they Charge for what You know how to do with your eyes closed! That is JUST the SEALS!! My hat is Off to YOU SIR!!

  15. I have a rifle just like yours, will not pump air and fired, the trigger if it works, it is the same as yours

  16. Thanks for this awesome video. I was able to replace my seals on my 1986 Crosman 760 that my neighbor gave me. Take care

  17. amigo yo tengo un fusil de esos igualitos pero no dispara al mismo punto aveces sale arriva al lado izquierdo al derecho abajo y noc aque se deve me prodia a ayudar a solocionar ese problema???

  18. Mine the handle keeps dropping down and does not hold air. Would resealing it also take care of the handle just dropping down loose?

  19. i finally fixed my gun if its making a shh sound when you pump take the gun apart clean it check seals oil and unscrew the valve (bronze thingy) and there should be a plastic thing with a metal piece attached to it check that piece for cracks or dents it usually goes bad if you got sand in your gun hope this helps

  20. i just attached my old scope because the sight at the end of the barrel is gone lol. got that thing sighted in and now for the first time ever, I have a bb gun that has suddenly lost it's compression. it's the 760 pumpmaster and it's about 20 years old

  21. And after some hammering my Crossman no longer shoots straight. Lol beat the hell out of that barrel. J/k cool little video thanks I left mine under compression which now it won't pump hopefully your tricks and tips can save me from going online to buy these parts thanks.

  22. please make new video with out all the movement. mine is a bit older but a few thing similar in placing it back together is a challenge

  23. Interesting video bud…. i got an old model 788 bb scout by crosman from 1978 that doesnt work. Gonna take some notes here and see if i can use this video to fix it. Then again this gun isnt 18 years old its 40!!! Might be a lost cause but Thanks for uploading and educating!

  24. I have the 2016 version… Can't get the pin out.
    I just dissasembled this and now it leaks through the barrel… And that's just from taking all the screws out and nothing else

  25. Hey I know this is an old video but I saw you reply to a guy 3 days ago. so can I ask you.

    My pretty old PumpMaster 760 almost refuses to pump, I've oiled it and it still will not compress the air without a fight. Any fixes? Thanks.

  26. Ok so I rebuilt it and it worked at first but then it stopped. I figured out the problem. That gold piece with the valve that u put the new o ring on is broken for me. I think the hammer pin is broken. It always lets Air through when I pump I hear it come out without pulling the trigger

  27. i have a break action 25 mod supercharge. its now cocked but the triggered doesent wont to anything. and sometimes it wont cock either. plz help

  28. I have 66c power master. It was my grandfathers so I have no idea how old it is, but it has the same problem and I'm happy that this vid worked!

  29. Valeu amigo!! Você nos deu dicas muito uteis para recuperar estas carabinas Crossman, com relação ao retentor do embolo e o anel o'ring da válvula de ar! Já que aqui no Brasil é muito difícil conseguir principalmente o retentor deste embolo.

  30. Thanks for the heads up! I bought mine more than twenty years ago and it needs some major repairs. First gun I've ever bought and I'm planning to keep it after all these years indeed.

  31. My dad bought this exact pellet rifle for me in 93, when i was 8 years old. I was going through some old shit and found mine a few minutes ago. Still pumps and holds air, but i wanted to disassemble, clean, and lube the moving parts; maybe replace some seals just for the hell of it. I cant get the damn butt stock screw out though. Guess its rusted in there. Oh well….. Cant wait to get some bb's for it. #Nostalgia

  32. David, thank you, thank you! Obviously my channel name makes me sound like a Crosman hater, but I have warmed up to my M-4, so I bought a stock 760 primary to take it apart and learn tbe Crosman platform. Your video was crucial. Thought you would want to know that the new 760B has even MORE simplified trigger. Made my task easier. Also, longer pump that makes this 760B much better to work and 5 shot clip.

    Have to say, though, that roll pin connection at the hinge point sucks! Cheap, cheap crap compared to 880 that has nice machined retaining pin. Easy to remove. The pump assembly in the Daisy platform is far superior to work on. The 35 is a hybrid of the 840 and 880 and is better than 760. The M-4 with how it feels and the many add on options…another story.

  33. Thank you so much, Found a 66 powermaster a few days ago while bicycling, follow your steps and now it works like a charm. My kid love it. Its fun time now.

  34. I have a 760xl from the 70's (use to be my father's) and somehow the orings have held up until now, pretty crazy

  35. Mines missing the stock the front sight it's rusting the pump tube gave so it's easier to pump like what the hell

  36. My cross man 760 is different in a few ways. Wish I could show ya what I mean. Screws in different places and 2 of the three screws are smaller than the other being roughly 1/4 in longer. My pin on the plastic pumping mechanism has riveted caps or atleast appears so. And the bolt to pull back the slide is brass with a hex head screw cap. Mine is suffering the same symptoms and I have no idea how old it is. If you can please msg me on how to figure out if there is any significant difference I should be aware of.

  37. Took me the better part of an hour, but all I ended up needing to do was re-lube the pump tube and clear some burrs. Worked like a charm. Thanks for the assembly/disassembly advice

  38. I have the same gun but mine is from 2011 and sat in a safe for about 5 years and now dosent work and when I pump it no pressure builds up so maybe is should try this

  39. Great video for sure. Mine isnt as old as yours but close to it.
    Thx again for the which grata 8 Ok video again. I can find out

  40. I bought my eldest grandson a 760 Pumpmaster for Christmas 3 years back. Somewhere during then and now he has managed to get numerous (exactly how many is unknown) pellets jammed up in the barrel. He said he was trying to make it fire as a machine gun. I'm realizing he's not quite ready or old enough for this pellet rifle. He was 9 when I presented it to him. My question is this: Have you any ideas how I might go about freeing the pellets from the barrel before putting the rifle up and away until he is ready?

  41. hi i have a American classic crosman 1377 .177 cal its an old one i think it was made in the 80's or 90's it will not pump up,,, What website did you get your parts from ? thanks for the video

  42. Good video mine is Dec,1980 model replaced valve and cup almost finished need to readjust trigger assembly your video helped .plenty of pressure but trigger not releasing properly because safety was not releasing properly .I had spring wrapped around safety switch instead of against it,

  43. Great job David!! My son took apart his 760 and I was given a small box of parts… By watching you video, I was able to not only rebuild it , but grease and reassemble without a hitch. Thank you for your video, VERY GOOD!!!

  44. I was shot with this exact model bb gun point blank 10 pumps by my cousin when I was a kid, went in my neck, it was my grandpas gun. I’ve carried the copperhead bb in my neck for over 20 years…. fast forward to 2018, my last living grandparent passed away and that old 760 no one had seen for two decades was found buried in a closet. I now own this gun and it’s in rough shape. I hope to restore it soon.

  45. Why would you have to repair it? 18 yrs is nothing. I have a 760 PowerMaster that is about 50 yrs old. Still going like the Energizer 🐇 I also have a Pump Master like the one in vid. Still going.

  46. I have one similar to this, it’s probably close to thirty years old, it still shoots but doesn’t have any power behind it ?!?! I thought maybe it needed a co2 cartridge but there’s not one !?!?

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