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Four Weapons Often Ignored That Can Help You Win Battles | Episode 709

49 thoughts on “Four Weapons Often Ignored That Can Help You Win Battles | Episode 709

  1. Perry … Word from Our Lord God. The university you are building is to used as a transitional housing project for the homeless Christians in your state. Said The Lord God

    House them, feed them, help them. Build 10,000 solar panel Angel Homes in your state.

    If you agree to this task from our Father, contact me for details.

    Peace be with you!

  2. I understand what his is saying but satan n spirits tries to put thoughts in our mind and tempt our flesh . Just like when Satan tried to tempt Jesus.So yeah there is a spiritual warfare.

  3. Great message..and just finished reading "Deciphering End TIme Prophetic Code" WOW!! Loved it! LEarned much! Many thanks!

  4. Every time I doubt my calling to preach because I'm a women I'll see something hear something like this. I thought it was going to be about fighting personal battles in my life not about my calling. I had a vision of me preaching in front of a large crowd. God let me see how I was basically shoved on stage and he let me see the end result people brought to their knees praying thanking God. There were hundreds of people it was beautiful. I know God wouldn't be angry for me trying to do his will. Every time I go out into the world I try to talk to people tell them about God and, they listen no matter who they are. I witnessed to a satin worshiper the other day and, to my great surprise he listened. Maybe that's my gift I'm able to reach people others can't. If I ever see that stage I'll try to fight the urge to turn and run ;-). God bless you all.  

  5. I absolutely agree that we must battle the flesh, but Ephesians 6:12 specifically speaks of powers of darkness.  Job could attest.

  6. Your teaching helped me so much because I am actively battling my flesh these days and its like you said wacky thoughts that I would never normally have popping into my head.   It's very odd but I am winning and its ironic that you give the scripture 2 Tim 1:7 "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind" because that is the same scripture the Spirit gave me :).  Thank you, brother Perry!

  7. You know what a need to the most is a real friend. I call it Physical Jesus- there are so many things that just don't make sense.

  8. Isaiah 55:10-11 King James Version (KJV)

    10 For as the rain cometh down, and the snow from heaven, and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater:

    11 So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

  9. Muslims continue to massacre us:  No one killed Jesus even after many attempts. At the end he gave up his own life. "No one takes it from me," he said. Neither do we christians have to die. Go to psalms 91, read it, understand it, and then when these murderers come at us say: "In the name of Jesus, Psalms 91 (Just say psalms 91), ministering angels defend, ministering angels attack. I plead the blood of Jesus." Watch the supernatural occur. It's our own fault we're so damn stupid. Remember, what choice do we have? What is there to lose?


    My name is, Mark. I am like many who were lost, who had no clue as to the real truth in the world. That there is a great evil here and it seeks to destroy us, it seeks to devour the very being created…. you. The one whom created us, is God The Father Almighty, and there is our Anointed One, our Messiah. The Son, of the Living God, Jesus/YESHUA. He is a love, that can open our lives, to a love so pure, so real, so unforgettable. Here are a couple of testimonies, of my family and self and how the Lord God Almighty delivered us from evil and protect us from the evil one. Praise be God!

    Alright, I must share this testimony from June 15, 2018. I was in a Piggly Wiggly parking lot, with my family. I had my elbow out of the window and it was about dusk. I all of a sudden felt this weird heat on my arm and smelled a scent that was not the typical demonic scent. I then saw a strange light green, light coming into our vehicle. I looked around and saw The Star like things, I that I see at night flashing different colors, very rapidly and it was about a couple of hundred feet away or more. I then rebuked it in the name if the Lord and it shot back into the atmosphere, fast. I then saw the enemy around us, keeping their distance. They would honk or flash their lights at each other. So were the star like things, but they followed us everywhere we went, creeping low like helicopters, but they definitely were not helicopters. As we were driving, each light post and street light we went past would turn off and turn back on, immediately as we drove past it. Knowing by sensing and seeing this star like thing, which I know are the "Watchers" was doing this to the light's, really made me focus onto the reality of this threat and how bad it was trying to take us out, as they were over us, following. From the sky to the enemy, on the ground we were in a fight for our lives. I saw them in human form that were on the ground and driving regular vehicles. As I was driving to my brothers, and praying they shot something at my face and it was like a sticky web like feel to it, that if touched with my other hand, the residual effect, would be attached to whatever I touched. If that makes sense. My eyelid and cheekbone felt like the muscle had no control to it. I ignored it and still kept driving. It's as if I could see a white glowing substance on my hand from touching it. Anyways, the vehicles, I knew were the "bad guys" as our children call them. They followed us all the way to the otherside of town. I arrived at my siblings house and prayed with him. I confessed openly anything I may have done to offend the Lord and spoke about the Lord to my sibling, in doing so I felt my entire body fill up and light up, like a light bulb. I felt as if I was glowing strong. I went outside and knew the things in the sky would be way in the atmosphere and sure enough they were. I praised the Lord and thanked Him. As we were driving I prayed to the Lord if it be His will, to dispatch an assignment of holy battle angels to our aid and as soon as I said, Amen, they arrived zipping up to a red light at the opposite side if the road and and one smiled and nodded at me, and as if saying "we're here". As my family and I drove home, 2 enemy vehicles pulled along us and it's as if they couldn't stand being next to us. Then a black car came zipping up and I felt myself centered with the Lord and start to light up again, if that makes sense. The black car hugged the left shoulder lane and couldn't stand to be next to us and it drove ahead cutting the other enemy vehicles off, just to get away. At that moment, there were 3 enemy vehicles in front of ours and I said,the Lord's name. JESUS! At that very moment, all 3 vehicles were heaved forward as if something grabbed all 3 at the same exact time and shoved them forward, away from us. I looked at my daughter as she looked at me smiling in amazement, and I said His mighty and precious name again, JESUS! Again, they were heaved forward as if getting shoved ahead, all three at the exact same time. I then said His name again and and again the same thing. I then said, His name several more time's and they went studdering down the road and couldn't get away fast enough. The second I let up, they were gone and flew around corners to get away. My daughter and family were in ahh and praising the Lord. I know by no means, of my works, but His!! And all glory to You my Lord. I am only here to testify of His works. The feeling I felt, the nasty taint, from that thing that was flashing various colors. Others call them whatever they want, but I have a pretty good idea of who they are or what they are (The WATCHERS)… to say the least. I can explain a different encounter with these star like things in a future testimony, but it's time to let the world know. I thank You, heavenly Father for protecting my family and self. I give all praise and love to You. Thank you, my God and King. Glory be to the Lord God Almighty and the Son of the Living God, Jesus Christ. Thank you, Holy Spirit for filling me with Your fire. God, YOU ARE AMAZING. PRAISE THE LORD!!! RAISE THE BANNER OF THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!

  11. I truly believe in what is put the will come out people please do not let children watch the filth on tv .be proactive in what they are watching and looking up on their smart phones. May God be with you all

  12. Jesuschangesnot BUTFatherchanged way 2 heaven JesussntPaul 2save 12 repent apostles synagogueofsatan Gal2:2 gospelpreach theGentilesbut privatelytothemof reputation Heb7:12priesthoodchanged,change law

  13. FOX has the numerical value of 666. Jared KUSHner's home address is 666 Fifth Ave, NY. Trump is hailed as a savior in Israel. Haven't you read up on the Anti-Christ and how he's gonna support Israel and oversee the 3rd temple. You guys are deceived. Your king Trump has an Antichrist spirit. No love except for the love of money which is the root of all evil. Trump Tower bears his NAME AND IMAGE. Trump Tower has an upside down pyramid made up of 6X6X6 trees with 7 obelisks above them. Trump's presidential limo is called "The Beast."
    Trump Tower is a temple and on the 66th floor the sun god, Apollo, is glorified. You idiots are in partnership with one evil MF'er. And you love him all because he's a white supremacist. Wow everyone is going to hell, LOL

  14. this is what I do not understand, why fight for what the Father has said for me to have … it puzzles me enormously, why offer it when He makes it so hard to obtain ??? 15 years … if you have a prophetic word to overcome for me personally I would be grateful … He left me in a nation of enemies …

  15. I LOVE YOU! I THANK GOD FOR your wisdom your LOVE for God. ..your WALK with GOD n your Passion to help us …to bring us Clsort to OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST! the Son of the LIVING GOD!
    ALELUYA! 😊

  16. mr perry cud you make your audios louder just because its to weak to hear and put to Bluetooth speaker thanks..from the Philippines omar

  17. I agree with struggling with the flesh. We must die daily. But if one has “spiritual eyes” you will truly see how demonic works. Anger Spirits comes when you accept to be angry. How do I know? Because of the Holy Spirit… I was able through the Holy Spirit to cast it out of my son and other ppl. Because they accepted the emotion or from watching what is not Godly. Many spirits need bodies. We must always walk in spirit. Yet God is so good to give us discernment.


  19. Perry Stone is a genius. He studies so much I'm sure he uses more percentage of his brain than most people. I'm learning so much!!! Thank you Pastor Perry for teaching us all these amazing things. GODBLESS YOU!!!

  20. Can i also cast out evil Spirit myself as a born again Christian myself ? This physical world is evil on its own governed by satan there so many different types or kinds of evil spirit these world we living in ie.. Jezebelic , Leviathan, Baalism, Homosexuality, etcc so on and forth …

  21. Thank you Perry Stone. I try to listen to all your videos.. I have learned so much truth, which never is mentioned in church.

  22. If you want to understand the book of Genesis like you never have before order my book "The Awakening of Genesis" With shipping you pay less than $10.00 Pick up a copy today and awaken Genesis.

  23. Hi Perry
    I like your sermon & agree with you in everything, but are you talking only to Americans, or people who can hear your speedy speech? Could you have a moment of breathing and relax in your speaking, so that your speech would be slower and everyone could hear your message & into our heart, not only to our ears … Thank you ~

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