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Fortnite Updates Tactical Shotgun, Auto Item Pickup, And More

Fortnite is always changing, and the update
9.40 is now available on all platforms. First off, the update remixes the Tactical
Shotgun. You can now find it in Epic and Legendary
variants. The Tactical Shotgun holds 8 rounds, and headshots
do 2.25x damage. Of course, when one weapon arrives, another
usually goes. In this case, the Suppressed Bolt-Action Sniper
Rifle has been vaulted. In exchange, the regular Bolt-Action Sniper
Rifle has actually been unvaulted. Lastly, there’s a nice new quality-of-life
improvement in the update: auto item pickup. Basically, if you’ve got a stack of consumables
but it’s not maxed out, simply walking over the item will add it your inventory. That’s pretty nice. For a more detailed look at update 9.40, including
bug fixes, you can always head to GameSpot to read the full patch notes. I’m Tony, and this GameSpot News Update is
still fighting for that victory royale.

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