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Fortnite MODDED Controller – WEAPON HOTKEYS!! (How it works)

the evil shifts weapon hotkey feature is a
competitive enhancement for fortnite this allows you to make two of your four
paddles perform as hotkeys for selecting weapons one and five
simply press the paddle and the controller will always select the proper
weapon for you the evil shift works just like a keyboard providing extra button
inputs to play the game properly the clear advantage is being able to hotkey
specific weapons faster than your opponent
while maintaining the 100% accuracy with your selection the controller even knows
when you have less than five weapons as it will always scroll to the first and
last position in your weapon carousel using hotkeys for the first and last
weapons also optimizes selecting weapons two three and four one last time saver
being able to exit build mode by using the hotkeys in-game the hotkey will
automatically return you to shooting mode bypassing any delay when exiting
build mode the shift paddles now have two dedicated paddles as weapon hotkeys
this leaves two remaining paddles that can be remapped to any controller input
imagine being able to jump build and hotkey weapons all while maintaining
control of the thumbsticks this is how you play better continue
watching to learn how to use the evil shift for fortnight and all game types

6 thoughts on “Fortnite MODDED Controller – WEAPON HOTKEYS!! (How it works)

  1. Hey! Great video!

    Could you do a short 15-30 sec gameplay of all the games on the site?

    Would be extremely grateful as I'm seriously considering buying one for $270 so :p


    P.S: Does rapid fire work for every game?

    Thanks again.

  2. What is the point of fast build? Doesnt it work exactly like builer pro does, one shape for each button. I might not be understanding completely.

  3. Guys I ordered an evil look evil might not be the evil might not work but remember you have a free no money warranty so stop hating you can just give it back but i just now you probably Brooke the controller to get money evil I know you are the best

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