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Fortnite Just TOTALLY Changed Shotguns… (Fortnite NEW Update 9.30 – Shotgun Update)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be discussing Fortnite’s newest update, update 9.30. And my goodness, let me just say right now
that this is plain and simple an incredible update for Fortnite as a whole. Even in the majority of really good Fortnite
updates, you can probably find one or two things that will likely have a negative impact
on the game. I think that update 9.30 is the first update
in months that honestly doesn’t have a single blatantly obvious negative change. So, not having any bad changes is one thing,
but what makes this update special is the fact that it also contains multiple really
good changes. We got a new item added to the game that’s
been desperately needed in Fortnite for so long, we got some major changes to the mechanics
of shotguns that have also been needed for a while, we have some important weapons/items
being sent to the vault, and a few other important changes as well. So, without further ado let’s get right into
it. Alright, so let’s start this video off by
talking about the new item added to the game in update 9.30, the chug splash. One thing I’ve tried to point out on multiple
occasions in my videos, is how long it’s been since Fortnite has added a shield-granting
item into Fortnite. Seriously, if you’re someone that hasn’t heard
me mention it before, take a few seconds to try to guess how long it’s been, of course
before the chug splash was added, since an actual item which gives you shield was added
into the game. The answer to that question, is a whopping
FIVE HUNDRED AND TEN days ago. That item was the chug jug added to Fortnite
on January 24th, 2018. And would’ve actually known that if you followed
me on instagram, @therealgronky, because I made a post about that exact topic a few days
ago, so maybe Epic saw it and realized that needed to change. But, getting back on topic, the chug splash
is a blue rarity throwable item which on impact, splashes liquid in a small area and all players
within the splash radius will be instantly granted 20 Health/Shield. Much like a slurp juice, it prioritizes giving
green health first, and then once you’re full on that, it will grant shield. And when it says “all players within the splash
radius” get healed it truly means it. It can heal yourself, allies, enemies, and
it can even extend the duration of how long a knocked player stays alive. Finally, the chug splash drops in stacks of
2 and has a max stack of 6. So this chug splash is a healing item thats
obviously really helpful no matter what, but it definitely shines most in team game modes. Let me give you an example of how absurd this
item’s shield-giving potential is in a game mode like squads. So let’s say you have a team of 4 players
that are all at 100 health 0 shield, and one of them finds a single chug splash spawn on
the ground, which again gives two of them. Then you all quickly get together in a circle,
and just throw both of them onto the ground. All four players will gain a total of 40 shield,
which means your team gained 160 shield total from one spawn of a blue rarity item. Even if you found 3 big shields, which is
another blue rarity item, that’s still only 150 shield total, 10 short of a single chug
splash spawn. One chug splash spawn also gives 10 more total
shield than two mini shield spawns. And the additional advantage there, is that
chug splashes can go over 50 shield, while minis cannot. A lot of people are comparing this item to
a cozy campfire, except it can also give shield instead of just giving regular green health
like a campfire does. But the fact of the matter is, it’s better
than that. With a campfire, you need to get every body
together, and then not move for the entire 25 second duration of that campfire’s healing. With the chug splash, once you have every
body together, it takes about 2 seconds for everybody to get their 40 health/shield. So, I absolutely love this item, I think blue
rarity was the perfect choice for it, and this is exactly what Fortnite needed. Moving on, we have another incredibly change
that players have been asking for literally since the beginning of season 5, which was
about a year ago. Fortnite finally removed the shotgun swap
delay timer when only using one shotgun. It’s still going to appear when you’re carrying
around multiple shotguns, but first off nobody really ever does that, and second, even if
double shotgunning did become possible again, it really wouldn’t even be a viable strategy
since the two shotguns currently in the game have such a high fire rate. The shotgun swap delay timer was so annoying
when only using one shotgun, especially in any situation where you pulled out your building
menu or went to make an edit play between shots. Here’s a quick clip from reddit user nanox52,
which shows the difference between not having a shotgun delay timer when carrying 1 shotgun,
and having a shotgun delay timer when carrying 2 shotguns. So as you could see there, it is a pretty
significant difference, and everything just feels so much smoother now that there isn’t
any delay. Removing the shotgun delay timer wasn’t the
only major change to shotguns in update 9.30. We also got a nerf to the combat shotgun,
and specifically it’s effectiveness at longer ranges. So first off, it’s damage at medium distances
was reduced by 10%. And the patch notes define medium distances
for the combat as “2.44 tiles to 4.88 tiles.” So any damage dealt in that range of distance
should be 10% lower than normal now. Also, damage at long distances was reduced
by 20%. And according to the patch notes, that distance
is “4.88 tiles to 9.76 tiles.” And again much like the medium range nerf,
any damage dealt in that range of distance should now be 20% lower than what it was before
the nerf. Epic’s reasoning for this change was as follows
“The Combat Shotgun�s accuracy uniquely enables players to hit shots from longer distances
compared to other shotguns. However, the damage at those longer ranges
was a little higher than desired.” My last video was totally dedicated to how
dominant the combat was, so I think a small little nerf like this is definitely a good
thing. However, its still going to be easily the
best shotgun in the game, and I still think the best option to balance it is to simply
make it a lot more common. Moving on, the next set of important change
from update 9.30 was the vaulting of 3 items/weapons: The boom bow, dual pistols, and dynamite. Starting off with the boom bow, this is a
change that I obviously love. They tried to nerf it a bit in the last update,
but the nerf they actually added really didn’t have any kind of significant effect on it. The fact that you could be hit for 100+ splash
damage from 100 meters away was just ridiculous, and even though the weapon was definitely
fun to use, I think Fortnite is clearly better without it. The dual pistols being vaulted I’m not necessarily
super mad about, but in some situations, especially early game, I would actually use them as a
decent little substitute for a shotgun when I couldn’t find one. They were one of the very few weapons in the
game that could actually hold their own close range against something like a combat or drum
gun, but they seemed pretty rare anyway so again I’m not too angry about them being vaulted. And finally, I’d say I’m pretty happy about
dynamite being vaulted. Was it an overpowered item? absolutely not. You couldn’t really throw it anything more
than a few meters in any direction, and it also took really long for it to actually explode. But, it was still annoying to go against,
and this is simply one less explosive weapon/item in the game which I view as a positive thing. And finally, I want to quickly mention one
important bug fix from this update. Fortnite has removed the glitch that allowed
you to shoot immediately after being teleported into the air by a rift-to-go. I never thought this was a huge problem in
the game because it was very difficult to successfully pull off. But, it definitely would be really unfair
to die to a glitch like that not matter how much skill is involved in executing it. So, I know that I showed you guys how to do
it in my video last weekend, so just be warned that it no longer works, and if you try to
do it you’re simply wasting your time. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. What are your thoughts on anything related
to update 9.30. What do you think about the new chug splash,
are you happy about the removal of the shotgun delay timer, are you happy with vaulted weapons/items,
let me know. Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment subscribe,
turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want. And I, will catch you guys next time.

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