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Fortnite – How to Breathe with Sniper Tutorials

Hi guy welcome to my YouTube Channel and you know how to- How to breathe for the sniper
if you want. so how to try in a building and in your
lungs on breathe and let you change it slow down and tried it headshot let
me try to change the building Mess up Ok you have to few wait, which is you’re
coming up when you see was, see left or right. If the left like you have a whole breathe
on each other. Not really fast what do you did if you with the breathe
and try to slow down. and that how do it and right it is hard to do that not how do it, that mean you but you really fact like one second or two second if you see
the moving there or a enemy or like opposite Players when you get slow down. Right, only have one second or two second in your breath in lungs. if you want a head- the above
up when you see them see the his patch and to the taken shot the time to do a fast the like you see you can’t use build with pyramid only had the building wall and floor and get to
teach this. and that how do it and you didn’t blow here on above we need to see
that and hold breathe that how do it. charging when you see part in your eye
contact to the player and it’s a feature with the building with the- and
inside this’s how do it. the V without you build the with your lungs and in fact, you mess up see. With happens we have to try to breathe in your body
it’s such you but Mess up neither that’s hardly buildings chattering a lot that how the building is you feel the fast
but I didn’t know I tried it edit I kind of good the building really protecting you
with a certain you for your headphone you see you try to tighten your headphone like 3D Headphone I don’t to want to or maybe you can can’t be far like the mountain in the
whole breathe look the camera you know scope this this too fast
that’s how do it yep well I don’t have to watch it in fact
it’s a matter for me I just tender the cutting media editor mode on your habit
R3 How to do it (——) how do you have a chokehold okay the next one have a when you see
their back if you notice it if you try this left as you see here the
rocket and you have see like with it (Fall Down) now you hear the stand here
prepare the equal sign here the ground you see that then you see the wall but
you see it coming hold breathe that it now we didn’t have the body hit it
when you see try head up headshot You see? that how do it When you see the wall
to see little camera or by yourself You see it? B- Bre- Breathe with your lungs That how do it. if he’s jumping jumping like bunny
and you try to dodge a people for progress and jumping the people close and
snipe me decide shot it is my opinion shot and a work Alright thank you for watching a YouTube Channel
see you next time and that how did you play for continue and watch my Twitch Bye-bye

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