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Forged in Fire: The Grim Reaper’s Scythe Tests (Season 5) | History

Bladesmiths, this
is the kill test. The grim reaper uses the scythe
to harvest the souls of humans when it’s their time. To test the lethality of your
scythe, I will take your scythe and try to rip out the soul
of these ballistics dummies. Chase, you’re up first.
You ready? Ready as I’ll ever be. Let’s do this. [music playing] Aw. Oh. Damn. All right, Chase, let’s talk
about your scythe right here. The edge is sharp. Your tip punctures deep,
breaking ribs and right into the heart,
pulling out its soul. This weapon, sir, it will kill. Good job. Thank you. All right, Brandon, your turn.
You ready? – Yes, sir.
– Let’s do this. Let’s do it. I’m pretty nervous, but I’m
excited at the same time because I think the
ballistics dummy test is one of the coolest
tests I’ve ever seen. [music playing] Oh! Oh, that is awesome. All right, Brandon, let’s talk
about your scythe right here. Aside from reaping the soul
out of this ballistics dummy, I seem to have taken the
clavicle and sternum with it. Your point here really
digs in, but in doing so and hitting the bone,
you have a little chip right here at the tip– Oh, no. –and one on the
blade right there. But most importantly,
it will kill. There it is. Thank you, sir. Bladesmiths, welcome
to the strength test. To test the strength and
durability of your scythes, I have affixed them to our
“Forged in Fire” coffin– Oh, god. –and I will be batoning
your edge many, many times. Remember, this test
is all about what the batons do to the
scythes and not what the scythes do to the batons. Chase, you’re up first.
You ready? All right. I’m immediately worried. Bone can really destroy
even the best of blades. Whoa! Chase, your blade suffered
a catastrophic failure on the fourth strike. You know what that means, right? We can no longer continue
testing your blade. However, Brandon,
your blade needs to survive four strikes
of that baton in order for you to become the
“Forged in Fire” champion. Ben. Brandon, you ready for this? Yes, sir. Let’s do it. All right. I’m scared. I’m just hoping I can make
it through four strikes. [bleep] yeah. Brandon, congratulations. Your blade survived. Chase, unfortunately
your blade has suffered a catastrophic weapons
failure and will no longer continue in this competition. And for that reason,
I have to ask you to please shake
your competitor’s hand and leave the forge. Great job, man. I’m very proud of my scythe. It was the best work that
I possibly could have done. I’ve learned a lot about
myself personally and the ways that I work under pressure,
and I had a really great time doing all this. Right now it’s kind of
hard to express that, but I really have
had a great time. Brandon, congratulations. You are the “Forged
in Fire” champion, and you’ll be reaping
a check for $10,000. Good job, brother. Thank you so much. Hell, yeah. I love it. I feel great. This is absolutely
unbelievable to me. I mean, I want to say to
my family, guys, I did it, and I’m coming home. My name is Brandon Williams. I’m from Blackfoot, Idaho. I’m the new “Forged
in Fire” champion. Hell, yeah!

100 thoughts on “Forged in Fire: The Grim Reaper’s Scythe Tests (Season 5) | History

  1. In Poland (11.09.1939) there was a unit (kosynierzy gdyńscy) of soldiers armed in scythes. That day they had a battle against german elite unit called ss-germania. Polish soldiers attacked them with scythes and cutted off almost whole unit. Thank's to this thay got a lot of guns and also a few trucks and motorbikes. Adolph Hitler had been furious and he didn't allowed to reconstruct ss-germania unit. But the scythes where a little different. Thoes used in combat had blade attached like a spearhead. In polish history the scythes where used many times.

  2. I was waiting for that guy to go wide with that bone strike and cut his hand off at the wrist. Very, very stupid to strike at that blade without some type of hand protection.

  3. To me the Scythe is one of the most ineffective weapons, its an oversized farming tool. Without a long wind up and a huge arch it wouldnt work.

    There are scythes in the world with blades that are vertically angled and still have that same curve, instead of the annoying sideways blade.

  4. I'm starting to wonder if there's anything that won't kill someone. Then again, rumor has it someone even died to a butter knife so like, aim for the vitals and anything with even the dullest blade will probably kill.

  5. I don’t get why they put a scythe on kill test and straight test with applying this type of pressure that I dont think you be facing in a farm too much

  6. This strength test was so rigged, they hit that first scythe with a dang femur, of course it broke the blade. That is the densest bone in the body. And when they tested the second scythe the second bone was clearly thinner. They rigged this one so hard, I feel bad for the other guy.

  7. First time guy aims at weak point with bone then re aims for the chipping the 2nd guys blade he aims lower at a stronger point in the blade kinda unfair

  8. So while this is good and all i have serious question one that will shatter minds and said question is:


  9. Who else would try to rip of the dummies head with your bare hands just to feel like your in mortal combat 😂😂😂

  10. To be fair scythes are meant to be swung with the force of the body not really meant to stab and pullout but meant tot stab and drag, the blade sharp enough to decapite the head, mostly swung from the hip and shoulders, meant to slash at angles, and pulled

  11. On the last test, they hit the first guys sword way higher with the bone opposed to the other guy (100x easier to break when choked up). It'd be absolutely incredible if this was REAL peoples forging and not staged.

  12. On both the handles are incorrect orientated to the blade both to kill and cut grass. One handle is to be at a right angle to the blade so as to create a pivot point to form the arch of the swing. the other is to be opposite the blade point but otherwise parallel to the blade having the dual purpose of grip and lending ease to the back swing and often has a small pommel. The design is due to the natural orientation of the hand as it is extended from the arm being palm down thumb in.

    A funny historical note at times when farmers have revolted they would often straighten the tang of their scythes creating a sort of long bladed poleaxe and accounts of these weapons paint them as intimidating, efficient, and gruesome killers.

  13. I love it how they torture the dummy and the dummy gets sliced and after that the EXPERT just say, It will kill

  14. If you have a rusty one pound block of steel and throw it at someones head, it will kieieieieieiel. I think we get the idea by now that a sharp and or pointy piece will always kieieieieieiel.

  15. The Scythe is used by Amish to harvest grain cut grass and other weeds. Whats the history channel fake things like souls and grim reaper's besides the Winchester boys have killed death once already.

  16. I’m sorry but that is bs. For the bone test one the first guy they went higher that the second guy. I have made a scythe and the part that is closest to the handle is the strongest. After you get half way. Catastrophic failures can happen. I saw redo that match. That’s bs

  17. Look at this idiot, dancing around a fake guy acting like he knows what he’s doing. Tho in reality he’s some hobo from east Philadelphia that they pay 2.50 an hour to hold metal

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