100 thoughts on “Forged in Fire: Forging a Knife Out of a Pistol (Season 5, Episode 3) | History

  1. They’re sitting there complaining about how poor quality some of these knives are and badly designed they are when they give them hardly any time to actually work on the knife

  2. Curious Question, Folks. Is Gage being inadvertently a perfect example of what a love child would look like if Shaggy and Velma were to have one? 😲😲

  3. Is this a real gun or just a replica beacuse if this is a real gin not just a replica it can sell for 50k

  4. The editor of this show needs to be shot. It has the most annoying commercial breaks of any show I've ever watched.

  5. That ex marine dude is the most unlikeable cocky non personality contestant I've ever seen on the show .really was rooting for the other guy 😠😠

  6. Why’d they have to ruin those guns, why not use more modern guns where they make millions instead of a gun that they probably made a couple 100 thousand

  7. What a waist of an amazing piece of history . You hang those up in your house for decoration and bragging and for it to look cool

  8. The thumbnail depicted that instead of making a knife he made his own knife you know what I mean to say 😉😜

  9. The only metal that you got there is two barrel that's what I'd use I'd use the barrel that's the best metal you got to

  10. I feel most sorry for the guys who get cut first round. Like, I REALLY get it with this elimination because any sort of cracking where the blade meets the tang is no joke, but still.

  11. "Ok guys, time's up! Finished your blade? Good, now for the next challenge, turn them back into a gun!"

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