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FNR & FRX 12ga Shotguns

Hey, everybody. Bill with Classic Firearms here. We’ve got a couple new shotguns I want to
tell you about today. They are the FRX and the FRN shotgun by FenArms. They are Turkish-made, imported here into
the United States into Fort Smith, Arkansas, so they are warrantied by the importer here
state-side. Really nice shotguns at a really fair valued
price with a lot of features. We’ll show them to you here. See they are a pop-action shotgun. This is the pistol grip tactical model. Then you have a 19 1/2 inch or a 20 inch barrel. A ramp tight front sight. On the rear here, we have a dovetail for attachments
such as rings or optics or whatever, if you like to go in that manner. They also have a push-button safety. See red, shoot dead, push-button safety. Very smooth operating system. I like them a lot. They have sling-swivels here. The only regret that I have with this one
that’s a little difficult for some people, may be the pistol grip is wonderful, but you
see the slide release is over here, so with this as with any pistol grip shotgun, sometimes
the slide release is a little awkward to access. Then again, when you are firing on your shoulder,
it works out very, very well. Anyway, that’s the tactical version. That’s the FRX. They also have the standard home-defense version
without the pistol grip. It’s typical hunting-type, shoulder stock
for home-defense or hunting purposes. Both have sling-swivels. I really like the sling-swivel here attachment
on the front end. It goes on the extension tube. Once again, smooth pump action. Jordan, if we can look up inside here, inside
of the slide mechanism, you’ll see double guide rails. Some of the less expensive ones only use a
single guide rail. These do have double guide rails, so the quality
is there. Most Turkish shotguns are high quality. We think these are too, but at a very reasonable
price point. I don’t know if I’ll point it out. The shock absorbing butt stock. You can see that very nice, soft shock absorbing
butt stock. I just think they are really cool, particularly
at the price that we’re offering them at. Both are under $200. They are on our site now. We hope you check them out. As always, thank you for joining us at

13 thoughts on “FNR & FRX 12ga Shotguns

  1. I own a Maverick 88 shotgun. It has taught me not to underestimate the value of a cheaply priced shotgun. These seem like a great deal. Might just have to pick one up..

  2. I like the placement of the safety and the dove tail . My mossberg 300 needs tapped for sights and the safety is inaccessible for a pistol grip .

  3. Looks like a great budget shotty. I see that it is threaded for chokes – are any extras included or just cylinder? If not, does Classic sell optional chokes? Didn't see any on the site.

  4. What is their weight, roughly? Are they heavy like the budget minded H&R Pump Protector or light like the budget minded Savage Stevens?

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