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Florida Gun Laws | Vehicle Pistol Magnets

Have you ever wondered — can I mount a firearm in my vehicle legally? Now Florida law says that if you have a firearm in your vehicle, it has to be in a holster with a thumb strap. Kind of like this one. Ughh, my gosh! We got to get out of here. For a complete description on a securely encased firearm, watch this video right here. Magnets, like this, have become extremely popular in Florida in recent years. However, they may or may not be legal depending on who you ask. Florida statute 790.25 Paragraph five says it is lawful and is not a violation of statute 790. 01 for a person eighteen years of age or older to possess a concealed firearm or other weapon for self-defense Or other lawful purpose within the interior of a private conveyance without a license, if the firearm or other weapon is securely encased or is otherwise not readily accessible for immediate use. The portion of the statute that is really in question is the part that says without a license. According to John Guttmacher, which I’m sorry, John. I don’t know how to say your name John is the author of the Florida firearms that book called Florida firearms laws use and ownership John is the author of the Florida firearms laws use and ownership book. Now, according to John, this statute only applies to people without a concealed carry permit. However, he also says that this is just his opinion. Now, my personal opinion is that prison sucks and I want to stay as far away from that gray line as possible. Let’s completely forget about Florida law for just a second. One of the most important gun safety rules is to always protect the trigger. Now, I was recently interviewed by the Tampa Bay Times about a series of accidental shootings that occurred across the state of Florida. I believe there were five accidental shootings in just a two-week period. Now, they called it an accident, I call it negligence. The first incident was a woman that had a Derringer inside of her purse. The hammer was cocked back, and she said the firearm had been in her purse for about a year. Now, I’ll bet you initially the firearm had the safety engaged But I bet over time as the gun is sitting in the purse, it’s bouncing around and somehow the safety got disengaged Because it was not in a holster mind you. She dropped her purse at a grocery store, the firearm discharged and hit her husband in the leg. Accidental shooting number two. A man pulled up to a job site and he decided to take the firearm out of his waistband Appendix position, I believe, and he decided to put it inside of his pocket. Now, why you would have to do that? I really don’t know. A safe and responsible concealed weapons permit holder should never be touching or moving the firearm from concealment unless it’s the end of the day and they’re putting the gun back Or unless you have to go to a place like the post office that doesn’t allow the gun. But besides that, the pistol should stay where it’s at all day long. Now, as the guy was getting out of his car, He’s trying to change the position of this gun and apparently slipped on something. Fell back. Boom! Shot the gun, the bullet flew up into the air and hit his coworker right in the face killing him instantly. Now all of this could have been avoided if the man would have if you really needed a change of position, This is my Glock 43 which is inside of a holster. I would simply remove the entire holster and place it into my glove box. Remove the entire holster and maybe put that into my pocket. Because then at least we’re protecting the trigger and we know that as long as that triggers protected, nothing bad can happen. The third situation was a police officer who decided to put you know those little tiny pocket pistols like the Ruger LCP or the kel-tec P 380 He decided to put one of those inside of his pocket except take a wild guess what was not there? It was not inside of a gun holster. Now, he probably put his car keys or something in that pocket. He started digging around and pop Shot himself right in the leg. Now, I’ve heard from so many. In fact, I actually heard it today from somebody so many gun owners say that because Those small pocket pistols have such a long heavy trigger pole — that acts as the safety. I think it’s an extra step but this cop had a very Long hard trigger pull and he still shot himself in the leg and he could have easily killed himself, he could have easily killed somebody standing around him because he was too lazy or too stupid to put the firearm inside of a holster. The fourth situation was a guy in Clearwater that allegedly had a Glock 19 fully loaded Sitting on his kitchen countertop. Now, he came in, picked up the gun For some random reason decided to place his hand in front of the barrel dum**** then number two, had his finger on the trigger. The guy’s a freaking genius Firearm went off and now the guy’s got a hole in his hand and I’m sure he feels like an idiot But it could have all been avoided, if several gun safety rules would have been followed. Keep your finger off the trigger. Always keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction. Always treat firearms as if they’re loaded and why on earth Would you have a loaded firearm just sitting there? This is a loaded Glock 43, but it’s inside of a holster. So it makes it much safer to handle. I would never just be handling this gun, if it was not inside of a holster it would make no sense at all. Now all four of these incidents occurred because of negligence. These was not an accident. All of these situations Could have it should have been avoided if proper gun safety rules have been followed. If common sense had been applied, none of these people would have been hurt. So now back to this car magnet debates, we know that most firearm accidents occur because of improper trigger discipline. People are putting their finger on the trigger when they shouldn’t. Now, if you have a gun stuck to one of these magnets, Is it possible that your children are ever gonna get into your car without you knowing? I think the answer is yes. Do you think if you got into a car accident not even a really bad car accident, but if you got into a car accident, Would this firearm become dislodged from this car magnet? I think it would. Could the firearm discharge as it is loaded, bouncing around your car during an accident? I think it could. I think that’s very logical to perceive that it could happen. A friend of mine owns a bunch of oil change Businesses around Hillsborough County kind of like similar to the Jiffy Lube and you know, what would you guess the number one Oddball thing is that they find inside of people’s cars when they pull up to get an oil change? That’s right. It’s a pistol. He said that they find guns inside of the side door here. They find them tucked into the seat and they see them all the time on these gun magnets. Now, do you really know who this person is that’s changing your oil and inside of your car? Nope. Is it possible that one of these knuckleheads May touch the gun and accidentally discharge it because it is just sitting available to them? I think it is. Now we may believe that we’re going to remove that firearm every single time saying we’re not gonna forget, right? For years, I had a firearm mounted to the steering column of my car using a Blackhawk Serpa holster kind of like this and you know if the gun was there for so long that Eventually, I just really forgot about it. I let my 16 year old nephew borrow my car one day — didn’t even think twice and then about thirty minutes after he left I thought holy **** Ryan. My 16 year old is Driving around with a gun very close to him and it is my fault because I forgot that that pistol was even there. Now thankfully he was safe and thankfully he understood gun safety So I asked him to pull over, take the gun, unload it, lock it in the trunk and come home immediately. Because I did not want him to end up going to prison Over my stupidity of leaving that firearm in it in such a very vulnerable place, right? It is very easy for it to happen. Whether these firearm magnets are legal in the state of Florida is really up to the courts and Potentially the police officer that stops you. Listen, I have students get arrested right now because they had a firearm in a holster inside of their center console and these people went to jail for that because the cop did not know that that is legal. So we think of cops gonna say when he sees a pistol, not in a holster, just stuck to a magnet next to your car? I don’t know. I think it’s a roll the dice. That’s my dice roll — looks like something else. There’s a convenient place to keep your bottle opener. Now I know what y’all are thinking and I never drink and drive. Never. It’s too dangerous. That is why I only take sips at red lights and stop signs. Listen, if you guys choose to have a firearm mounted in your car then that’s great. It’s your choice, but I believe we need to take these necessary steps to make sure that our weapon is protected. That’s why I don’t agree with these firearm magnets. If you’re gonna have a gun mounted in your car, mount it in a Blackhawk Serpa holsters Oh, at least we know the trigger guard is protected Or I know whose holster this is Or a nice Kydex holster like this. We want some type of retention so that that gun is protected, the trigger’s protected and ultimately Ourselves and our family is safe. As you can see, leaving your firearm in your vehicle overnight may not be the best idea. What if a cop sees my gun at a traffic stop? That’s a great question. It’s important to sit still, be polite to the officer and No sudden movements or you might find out what pavement tastes like. All right, son, don’t you move none? To learn more about how to get stopped during a traffic stop, Watch my video here and until next time, stay safe.

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  1. Dude, you've got to get out of my head. A friend was just talking to me about this today

    (Also, the Tyrone Biggums sketch got me good :p)

  2. There's this old sheriff on youtube that shot himself twice. I would say, he's too old for his job. I honestly say, these are cops that did not raised on guns, he just got it because of his job. These are the dangerous ones. Guns should be on safety, in safe or holsters, period.

  3. There is nothing better than practicing the splint finger, no need to put your finger in the trigger, unless you are ready to fire to a target.

  4. I’m a little confused. The law said it has to be a holster with a strap but it’s ok to have it in a regular kydex holster with no strap? Want to get this straight because I agree JAIL SUCKS lol

  5. I’m probably focusing on the wrong thing, but your students went to jail for something legal? I hope you told them about Eric Friday.

  6. Regardless on whether or not they are legal, gun magnets and car mounted holsters are stupid. Either keep it in your holster on your body, or in a safe. If you leave an unsecured gun in your car, you have the potential to arm criminals, and as gun owners, you must do everything in your power to not let your guns get stolen.

  7. Ryan, what brand is that G43 holster you're using? The one with the belt clip that's lower than most. I've been looking for one exactly like that. I have long fingers and my middle finger always hits my belt on the draw. The way that belt clip sits would make the holster sit higher
    BTW, great video

  8. I can add (as i just checked)( eastern most parts of fla are in a state of emergency. So people DO NOT, I SAY AGAIN DO NOT try and concealed carry in counties that are NOT listed. Otherwise protect yourselves and lets ride this one out!

  9. I was just thinking of the gun magnet issue after seeing some at a gun show in Miami yesterday. An unholstered gun that could also get shuffled around in a car accident? Hell no…

  10. I agree that we need to protect the trigger while the firearm is not in use, if anything it should be basic safety. However for people that do have a license it needs to be clarified what you can and cant do. There are holsters without thumb straps that cover the trigger, there are also magnets that have a trigger cover (their on amazon if you want to check them) however it wouldnt make much sense for a CCW holder to be able to carry his firearm but not be able to mount it on his vehicle while he is on the vehicle. For example if I was carrying my firearm and was goingo to a friends house, if I take the firearm from my and mount it on my vehicle while im using the vehicle, would that be illegal?

  11. Stinger Magnetic Gun Holder w/Safety Trigger Guard Protection, w/Heavy Duty Adhesive Plate Non-Drill Solution, Wall Mount Gun Rack Holster Handgun Shotgun Firearm Conceal (Black 2pcs Combo)

  12. If there is any question on a law or statute, shouldn;t one contact the State Attorney's office or DA for written clarification? They are the ones who are going to prosecute you.

  13. Alien Gear makes a seat holster that has a thumb release retention holster, it’s a great option to have especially if you’re a CCW holder, at least here in FL

  14. I love these videos. I only use my magnet if I am running into a business that doesn’t allow firearms. I put it on the magnet in the holster go into store then back on my person after entering car. Never use it unholstered. Thanks Ryan.

  15. I love how White people can make fun of their "trash" and don't get told "YOU HATE YO SELF" or get called sellouts… Good video and funny too, brother !!!

  16. No matter how hard you try, you just can't weed out all the stupid people. Sometimes, as the case of the guy shooting his hand, the problems are self correcting,
    Striker fire ( like glock) are responsible for a lot of the negligent discharges. As are dropped guns.
    Surprisingly, pets are responsible for more accidental discharges than you would think. Like children, they are curious, and let's face it, no one wants bite marks on their cell phone, or gun, yea, explain that to someone.

  17. You should give Dave Chappelle credit for your skit… does anyone still do crack, I thought it went to "bath salts" here in Florida.

  18. These magnets may be legal but they aren't smart and smart is the key. If you want to mount a holster in your vehicle fine just dont leave it over night and be sure to tell an officer if you get pulled over to avoid your last scene. Great stuff here Ryan, thanks!

  19. Tamp carry This comment is for you I understand you’re trying to do was write I commend you on that Why are you not talking about the fact that it’s not the gun that’s killing people it’s white supremacy it’s all over YouTube it’s all over social media they are trying to strip us from our Second Amendment leave us naked so that the others can take over. I’m in the process of putting my YouTube channel together to get into the facts

  20. Yeah … I’m a Florida concealed carrier, but there’s no way I’d put a magnet in my car. For all of the reasons you illustrated.

  21. Gun magnets are as good as clips are for holsters. I like how you give examples of how you fell short as a gun owner (ie your nephew or taking your boys with you when a shady character is at the church) and all of us are not infallible. We must constantly be aware of our duty to be responsible gun owners and learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others. Thank you!

  22. Great video!! Thanks Ryan! Had me rollin at the end! I have magnet mounts in my house…that's it #nocarmagnet4me

  23. Sorry FL folks, your state has some really goofy gun laws… you people definitely need Constitutional carry IMHO.
    On topic – there is no safety known to mankind that can defeat a: determined, stupid human, sadly. Number #1 safety device? The one located between your ears (your brain for the learning impaired). Coming from AZ, I found your state to be less than "gun friendly" in my short time there. Here's hoping that the FLORIDA legislature passes Constitutional carry in the near future..

    Oh & for all the trainers out there that think it will cost them business, we in AZ saw the exact opposite, people actually took more classes after our government removed the fees and red tape to carry legally…go figure… 🤔

  24. 5:28 – The Ruger LCP 2 is a single action only with a very crisp trigger… and no firing pin block. Ruger recommends strongly against carrying a round in the chamber with the LCP 2. Condition 3 carry, only…

  25. Nice. Was just asking for this and here it is. You tube must be against you to. Ive been subed for few months now and did not get a notification when you posted this one.

  26. Was that firearm the lil guy holding a BB gun, our oldest had a BB gun that looked just like that! Lol he’s a cutie!

  27. Rule #1!!!! Never put your finger on the trigger until you are sighted in and ready to fire, then always take finger off the trigger, firearms should be in a holster, yes just what you, safety is vital. No firearms were allowed in my home with my children until we had training, safety training should be memorized and practice first and foremost, do not load a weapon and not holster it… ahhh what… people if you are not educated and know how to practice all safety measures, please don’t, go find a knowledgeable friend who is trained fully or take courses, but please don’t carry until, you are safe in public, to the public as well as you and loved ones. Yes my son’s are training and they understand they deadly dangers.

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