99 thoughts on “Florida Governor Signs Bill Allowing Teachers To Carry Firearms | Hardball | MSNBC

  1. And what happens when one of these teachers accidentally shoots someone during an active shooter or the police accidentally shoot the teacher thinking they are the shooter? Is Desantis going to arm the kids next??

  2. "kids are getting shot in schools, quick what do we do to stop this gun violence"
    "Iono just add more guns, it'll sort itself out"

  3. Why stop at just teachers & why not school bus drivers, cabbies, veterinarians, hairstylists, doctors , nurse's, crossing guards, chefs, maids & everybody else. Just arm them to the teeth & let the mayhem begin!

  4. More guns, don't turn the other cheek, just blow them away. Stop killing with more killing, very old testament.

  5. You know, we've tried the "more guns are better" philosophy and it's not working. Maybe it's time for "absolutely no guns at all". This notion that the Second Amendment exists so you can violently overthrow the Government is misguided at best and delusional at worst. We have the ability to overthrow the Government every year at election time.

  6. Great, terrific idea, remind me again how many teachers and coaches have been busted for sexual abuse of children? Sure let's let them carry guns so they have more intimidation on a child not to tell anyone.

  7. They have to get to the first. All the school shootings are horrible and awful. I feel sorry for these parents that has to be concerned about that children's safety everyday all because of some stupid maniac carrying a gun and in a mood to shoot innocent people

  8. That Madhouse called America.
    Maybe the problem is something in your daily diet of junk food.
    You better get rid of the Kentucky Fried Chicken, yanks.

  9. Tired of the needless slaughter of our citizens? Make sure to vote for #gunsense candidates and policies.

  10. Cops at NYPD have a hit rate (success in hitting their target in a gunfight) anywhere from 30 -44% according to various estimates. And cops routinely train for tactical situations. Now imagine what hit rates for teachers will be, who don't routinely train for tactical situations. We're now asking them to 'play cops'—better double their pay. But when that first student gets hit by friendly fire, be prepared for another sad public discourse. And lawsuits.

  11. I think the people that need a psychiatric evaluation is the Republicans that want to put more guns on the street/schools. 🤪😜

  12. House on fire, more gasoline? Drug overdose, more cocaine? Can Americans get any stupider? Oh wait, yes we can…more guns to fix the gun issue. Seriously?

  13. You have failed as a Nation if you have to arm teachers and librarians. An Alabama substitute teacher had the gun in his pocket accidentally fire and graze a student. Luckily the student was not killed, and the teacher was arrested.

  14. I admire the culture of responsibility at Parkland. The students, teachers, and parents there are working hard for real solutions to real problems. This culture, obviously, not universal. Apparently, a large number of the STEM students in Colorado only want thoughts, prayers, and more guns.

  15. Remember everyone….THIS is exactly what we fought WWII and the Cold War for. THIS……..this is freedom.

  16. And when the teachers started shooting student then they will pass a new law allowing student to carry guns and then when student started shooting the NRA that's when they will pass laws to get rid of gun.

  17. How will the students protect themselves from teachers?

    2020: After a horrific school shooting involving a teacher opening fire on students, Florida makes it legal for students to carry guns.

  18. Come on you Republicans, when are you gonna do things right?  The ones that are getting killed are the children and the mourners are their parents! not the teachers. Therefore, you should force all the kids and their parents to carry their own guns at all times!  Lol

  19. Anti Trump Dems caught lying leaking and spying on the President now justice will have its own revenge enjoy the show

  20. ITs just madness….when you have gun voilence , bringing to schools more guns , does not reduce chances of gun conflict in the school? In fact , the only thing that would keep the children safe , is to refuse all guns , and arrest anybody in the area, who is carrying one ..it might save more than a few children taking over the responsibility of saving lifes at schools , rather than the ineffective adults who want to keep there guns for there own jolllies 🙁

  21. Me: ''Republicans/Cons, how do you stop fire?''
    Republicans/Cons: ''By adding fuel to it.''
    Me: ''Wouldn't water be more effective?''
    Republicans/Cons: ''Nah, our way is more logical.''

  22. We have literally tried "more guns" 35 times in a row now. Hasn't worked a single time, and has only made things worse. It is high time that approach is permanently wiped from the list of options. Regardless of viewpoints, it has now thoroughly and repeatedly demonstrated that this approach objectively, factually does not work. We can't continue to behave like intentionally ignorant idiots. When someone tried making a square wheel, and it failed miserably, they didn't go on to try 34 more revisions of a square wheel. They observed 1/4th of a rotation, and the flaw became obvious – it wasn't the speed, it wasn't the angle, it wasn't the ideology, it wasn't the materials, it most definitely wasn't too few square wheels; more square wheels on the same thing makes the problem exponentially worse. No – the problem was the square.

  23. One of the reasons we often don't think about, that lead to children and teens having emotional challenges that lead to mental health issues today, is how children aren't allowed to be children anymore. We've allowed our societies to thrust down upon them so many complicated and complex elements of social life and sociopolitical weight, that even us adults can barely manage to handle. We don't take it seriously and don't do anything when our children are vehemently tormented by bullying, we even conduct the same bullying in online and social settings, where do you think they learn it from?? We imagine our kids should just "don't go online" when being bullied by hundreds of thousands(!!) of others, getting thrown at them things so horrendous us adults would be scared to leave our house 8f we got one of those messages. Yet we forget that our children weren't introduced to this new social world as matured adults, they have been spoonfed this new world order since their first gah-gah. This is their social world – they don't have anywhere else to go, lest it be the equivalent of permanent house arrest with no phone, visits or even windows, in the 60s. We don't grasp the dynamics and functions of the social and mental lives of our children, and we really, really, really need to. Because our imagination of their challenges and lives, is in sharp contrast to reality. And as long as that continues, they don't even have an adult to talk to that understands what goes on, or can help them. Instead we are busy being horrible, bigoted role models.

  24. We need to be smart about this. Vote in a commander in chief that is thoroughly and honestly beholden to actual change, in his or her core values – not just establishment whims – and with clear substance on plans. Then do the same with your House and Senate representatives, so that the commander in chief has both a legislative and executive branch of coworkers that will help him see those changes through, in manners that resonate with the American people not lobbyists, and will stand the test of time. This still a democracy, not a dictatorship. The power to change is in all our hands, but it cannot be seen to fruition if we do not act upon it, if we do not use that power wisely. Do not be deceived by rhetoric (especially divisive), do not be swayed by displays of grandeur. Stay on substance, stay with the facts. And should those facts verifiably change with time, wisdom and new knowledge – then we should follow the facts.

    Blind ideology can last forever without ever straying off its trajectory, because it needs not be correct even a single time. Science and our understanding of hard data do change with time, because it must be correct each and every time, to be valid. Whenever new knowledge arises, it is verifiably and thoroughly tested for merit. If it calls into question the precision of any former knowledge, that too is tested. If older knowledge turns out to be imprecise or wrong, we don't discard or deny the new information – we go back to the drawing board and, add the new information to the older models, and correct them. Science continously adapt known truth to (new) hard facts, while blind ideology discards facts to maintain unknown belief. One is about truth whatever the outcome, the other about justification.

  25. I do not agree with this law necessarily. But when having a civil conversation about school gun laws wouldn't it be best to have, I don't know, a person who agrees with the law on a panel? Instead of just letting two people that agree discuss how bad of a law it is. Isn't that what journalism is?

  26. what does it say about a country when teachers need to go to school with guns have they never heard of security guards on entrance's like on courts, the US needs to have a hard look at themselves

  27. People who say the guns dont cause these shootings are only kidding themselves . Theres a reason this problem is unique to America.

  28. Why do the teachers need to undergo training, psychological evaluation and a background check while other people can buy guns with only a background check or not even one?

  29. The Repugnican FL legislature and the governor do not represent the will of the people of Florida. Most of them are against this reckless bill.

  30. Instead of using the money for something that would make more sense (give it to the schools so they can actually provide everything instead of the teachers who have to pay for stuff out of their pockets), they seriously want to use it to get them armed,…. yeeeah, I'm in the wrong profession. Dealing in arms in the USA is far too lucrative for their own good (obviously).

  31. Dam right let the bad guys carry guns but not the good guys to help save lives ,your the biggest MORON LIAR in the fake lying news media,your pathetic and your sealed Indictment is coming old Fart .your COUP ATTEMPT on s sitting president of the United States and the American citizens FAILED and your going to be held ACCOUNTABLE.GITMO SOON

  32. The best against a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. But what if a good guy turns to be a bad guy. Since all gun owners are supposed to be background checked they are all good guys. So what s the problem. NRA and reps are nuts.

  33. "This isn't for safety, this is to sell more guns." Mass shootings and terrorist attacks: great for business for the NRA donors. They always lead to bursts of more gun sales.

  34. Investigating the link between gun possession and gun assault. Am J Public Health. 2009
    RESULTS: After adjustment, individuals in possession of a gun were 4.46 (P < .05) times more likely to be shot in an assault than those not in possession.
    CONCLUSIONS: On average, guns did not protect those who possessed them from being shot in an assault.

  35. The Florida Governor along with this dumb headed President deserve to be in a mental asylum and should be stopped. Now guns must be allowed in the White House so each can protect oneself from that amok running mad President.

  36. Wait until a teacher shoots a student or a student shoots a teacher. It cracks me up that schools won't institute corporal punishment, but they're fine with exercising the death penalty without a trial.

  37. You can't get shot dead by a finger. A pencil is a deadly weapon, even in the hands of a child. A gun has no other purpose than to advance the death of someone or thing. Get real! I thought the NRA is in its death throes behind bad money, bad faith and bad business (in addition to being sick MFs that care less about kids than sales)

  38. Oh, great, Florida teachers can now carry guns. Imagine the character/ personality of the ones who opt to do so, vs the ones who say, no thanks. Then ask yourself, who will be the first teacher to shoot another one, or shoot a student, or two of them to have a shoot out because of professional hatred/ jealousy. Ask yourself, How many black school shooters have you heard of? For me, the answer is zero. Now ask yourself, how soon will we see a white teacher shoot some black kid. And then what will happen??

  39. I sincerely wish, a responsible teacher out there, pass the requirement and background check, acquire a firearm legally, and do protect the kids…. from Ron DeSantis.

  40. Not just with the kids and teachers in the schools, but people in general need to educate themselves and go speak at the voting poles. If our representatives will not listen to our opinions when serious decisions are being made, then they will listen when they see who your choices are for representing them.

  41. I think America should allow teachers
    and students to carry guns. Given enough time they will eliminate one another, good for everyone
    Especially the rest of the world . Less Americans means more safety for the rest of us.

  42. Oh the INSANITY America has become!!!!! Inciting violence!!!!! Fear is "their" motto, sigh………..The threats are the teachers, there will be more home schooling, the Governor is insane!!!

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