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Flat Earth: How Snipers adjust for the Coriolis Effect

OK, Hold still now… This is for Obamacare… Guantanamo Bay… The Patriot Act… And that damn ugly dude you married. Perfect, you’re all lined up Now all I have to do is correct for the Coriolis Effect. So that’s 51.518744 and -0.129039 Bearing to target is uh… North north west? Average Muzzle velocity? What the..?? Hello, Sniper Rifles R Us, how can I help you? Uh, Yeah, Hi… Can you tell me the average muzzle velocity for a SP40 Sure-Kill… That will be in your Ballistic Tables sir No, no I don’t have my ballistic tables… OK, I’ll look that up for you… I’m kinda in a hurry here so don’t put me on… Hold Please! Oh shit! At the Copa, Copa Cabana, the hottest spot north of Havana, Heeere… Hello sir? Uh yeah, Hi The average muzzle velocity is 1024 feet per second 1024 feet per second. Thank you. Is there anything else I can help you with today? No, no I… Are you sure? Have you seen our new line of novelty assassination tools? We’re doing a special on exploding toilet seats No I… Exploding toilet seats? Really? How much are… No uh no it’s ok, thank you OK, you have a nice day now. 1024 feet per second, that’s perfect… I have you now Obama… What? Where’d he go?? Shit! Shit! Shit!!!

100 thoughts on “Flat Earth: How Snipers adjust for the Coriolis Effect

  1. There goes Joe Rogains entire reason for holding on to the "ball" oh and lets not forget Eric is a Vegan so nothing he says can be true due to lack of meat.

  2. The earth is indeed flat. Check out A Biblical Flat Earth

  3. so your saying snipers do this for no reason if they didnt do this for target far away they would miss what is your answer to this?

  4. Dave, here is my problem with the flat earth theory. It can't explain the Southern Cross, at least not in any of the data I have seen on it.Also, the video was pretty entertaining.

  5. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere and you have a friend who lives in the Southern Hemisphere, both of you take a picture of the full moon and you will see they are inverted. This can only be possible if the earth is a sphere.

  6. This video is very true. I shoot long range with 0.50 BMG at 1 mile and we don't actually take coriolis into effect. When i first started shooting long range I tried to work out the math using the rotation of the earth given at 1000 mile/hr. If you take that into account and you shoot from north/south direction, then that means the target AFTER the bullet leaves the muzzle, will have shifted almost 444 meters. 1 mile is 1.6km, which is 1600m, at 1000 miles/hr that is 1600000 m/hr. Divide by hours and then seconds and you will see how many meters the target would have shifted AFTER 1 second. A 50 bmg round takes about 3.2 seconds to hit a target at 1 mile. That means, by the time the bullet arrives, the target should have shifted 1422 meters! You know how much we really "adjust" for coriolis? 0.25 MOA at 1 mile. that is NOTHING. I always thought this was VERY strange as the math does not match reality.

    Also, Not to mention, if you shoot a target at the equator moving at 1000 miles/hr and then you move to a northern hemisphere the rotation speed changes, since the circumference at that latitude is totally different than the circumference at the equator. We don't take that into account. You shoot in Canada and you fly to Philippines, you DO NOT adjust for rotation of the earth. That is inconsistent to reality. IF you really lived on a globe, you will NEED to adjust for that. A sniper would NEVER be able to kill anybody with a bullet at 1000 meters, let a lone one at 2400+ meters in Afghanistan.

    THE EARTH IS FLAT. Any long range shooter will know what i am saying is true.

  7. Ok, I don't believe this flat earth horseshit, but this video is hilarious, and not unintentionally so. Well done.

    I won't give it thumbs up though

  8. good stuff Dave love it.. by the by were you aware there is a shooting range on the map right under where you did your dodgy calcs..its MoD next to Boghall farm. there's syncretism in everything

  9. I had a similar thought as a kid, if a plane could fly true straight, lets say without weather interference, would it gradually coast off the planet?

  10. "There is no Coriolis Effect" is such a weak rebuttal to something you have no real answer for. You can easily demonstrate it, I can, anyone can. Try it at home, in a field.

  11. They don't. You cannot compensate to shoot around a curve anymore than you could to shoot around a corner. Say you were shooting due south your target will have moved more than a thousand feet in a second. Shooting due east you would rotate into your projectile from many guns. If you claim no because the earth is a closed system, by what means is it closed . How did they get out to go to the moon. Get real your not on a spinning ball and snipers do not account for a spinning curved earth.

  12. when you got to the truth about that damn ugly dude he married !!!!! IM STILL LAUGHING .. HA HA HA HA HA …THANKS !!! HA HA

  13. OK. Try shooting 2km or lobbing a shell over 20km and don't adjust for the earth being round nor moving and see if u hit what you're "aiming" at…. fool.

  14. OK. Try shooting 2km or lobbing a shell over 20km and don't adjust for the earth being round nor moving and see if u hit what you're "aiming" at…. fool.

  15. OK. Try shooting 2km or lobbing a shell over 20km and don't adjust for the earth being round nor moving and see if u hit what you're "aiming" at…. fool.

  16. OK. Try shooting 2km or lobbing a shell over 20km and don't adjust for the earth being round nor moving and see if u hit what you're "aiming" at…. fool.

  17. There is no coriolis effect? Really? So why snipers, plane pilots, ship captains have to adjust? Why do objects fall further east? I just wonder how can flat earthers exist.

  18. You stupid idiot flat earth MORONS. If you were in artillery you would know there certainly IS a coriolis effect. It starts to affect bullet (or shell) trajectory around 1000m and you can even prove it by shooting at the extreme north or south poles and the equator. The adjustments should be the same on a flat earth. However they are VERY diffrent. Any simple person can SEE the earth is round by this simple observation.
    When you look up in the sky and see a vapor trail left by an aircraft on the horizon it looks like it's going STRAIGHT UP (^) if it's passing directly overhead it seems then to flatten out.
    (< >) if you keep watching it? It will eventually seem to be going Straight DOWN (v) This is because it is following a trajectory over a CURVED ROUND EARTH. ANYONE can see this if they just look up and watch a high altitude Aircraft.
    I would say Flat Earthers are retarded, But even the retarded aren't this stupid……..

  19. I'm all for freedom of speech, press, expression, and every other inalienable right.. However, the intro with Obama was weak. Patriot act? That was Bush. The Economy is in amazing shape; Thanks Obama. I know Obama doesn't control the economy. Sure, blame military issues on Obama. That's mainly JSOC. As an American when you live in society you accept ( and decline) the right to act in government. Hold your representatives accountable.

  20. Well, can't fault the proof here. Nicely done.

    It's a fact that the Coriolis effect is fake. You can prove this for yourself. All you need do is load up a copy of Doom and shoot something with a gun. Do you need to adjust for the Coriolis effect? No. No you don't.

    Proof that the earth is indeed flat. Let's see your fancy science explain that!

  21. The creater of the channel and those who believe it are 100% wrong and you guys are the most gullible. As information becomes more easily available and as technology advances , you "geniuses" believe anything you hear as long as it contradicts what is taught and you all think you are "enlightened" and could see the truth but your wrong. Sure the government and other institutions have lied about alot of things but it doesn't mean everything they say is false. I mean common FLAT EARTH!? really? I feel stupid just saying it.

  22. Modern sniper rifles have a computer that does the calculations you attempt to show in a fraction of a second rendering the entire premise of this video null and void.

  23. Don't be fooled Snipers, Astronauts and Governments alike have teamed up in an attempt to make us all believe the earth is a globe! Snipers are the worst for brainwashing us all! It must be for the free ammo kickbacks why else would they make it all up?

  24. Hurricane rotation is a massive coincidence. One day there will be a clockwise hurricane in the northern hemisphere, then Coriolis will be finally debunked.

  25. Laughed my ass off…and so right. Unless a person is educated and practiced at the art of long range shooting, 1500 yards or more, they have no idea of the laundry list of variables that must be calculated in order to put their scope on target….and then the person has to be a good enough marksman to make the shot! Coriolis is fiction in the shooters world

  26. Flat earth theorists…this can't really be a thing anymore. How many times will someone try to reinvent the wheel, just for attention. Hey look guys "I'm different." I bet you people also claim to be apart of anonymous.

  27. this is so stupid. grow up morons not everything is a conspiracy. you live in a year where space exploration is at its finest and you dumb fucks want to believe the earth is flat over a well put together story? lol

  28. how does this video have a 3-1 like to dislike ratio??? he proved nothing, gave NO facts, showed no evidence… just an ignorant person being patted on the back by like minded ignorant people.

  29. Why does my plane fly over the arctic then to reach Japan from America?

  30. Flat-Earth is complete BS and the Coriolis effect exists, but I have to admit this was hilarious! Hahahahaha!

  31. Wow, another idiot added to the Secret Service list of idiots. A flat earth idiot who spreads lies and makes threats against the president.

  32. This vid was hilarious… Looking at the comments we see allot of disgruntle grunts.  The problem is the definitions of the words.  In laymen terms: No one has to adjust for curvature of the earth.  However they do have to adjust for the drop of the bullet.  The weaker the velocity of the projectile = the faster the projectiles drop= Raise the gun barrel higher.  If any instructor wants to throw in some earth curvature shit, then he just wants to sound smart or has some other agenda.

  33. Hahaha…spot on video!!! It is flat out ridiculous to think the Coriolis effect has anything to do with long range shooting. There is absolutely nothing in ballistic charts that account for this lie.


  35. if you thought this was funny… just think if someone really thought they lived on a spinning ball and the sun is 93 mill miles away… when ever a glober thinks they won the debate and clearly all they brought to the debate was the lies they were fed i lmfao. we live on a planate. having flat plane. nasa means to decieve. that they have decieved everyone who still believes in them.

  36. What a load of bullshit, Coriolis effect has been proven to exist beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    Flat earthers are the dumbest humans to have ever existed.

  37. lol.. funny…
    yeah, coriollis is not real… at least for sniping.. if it was.. it would also affect planes..

  38. hahaha.. i love good comedy. thanks for sharing…. and for all FE's, please explain how this latest storm Alberto spun opposite what others have in the same area… p-p-please!!!

  39. I was looking for a legit informational video when I stumbled onto this. VERY entertaining! But…. I don't see how this video proves or disproves anything? Simply suggesting that it takes to long to do the math for proper long range sniper techniques as a direct proof of flat Earth is just plain silly.

  40. I grew up in a family and large circle of serious competitive shooters.
    This video is entirely full of BS. For shots of over a thousand yards, the coriolis effect becomes very apparent. Not making that calculation produces a miss.
    It is easy to make those calculations when you are well trained and have to use them a lot.
    A five hundred yard shot can be made without having to calculate the coriolis effect. The greater the distance to the target, the more effect the spinning earth has on bullet placement.

    Are you, by any chance the flat earther who pretends to be an ex marine sniper?

  41. Flatard morons have already overturned the entire science of physics. They have proved that geometry and trigonometry simply don't work. And they accomplished these miracles by having breathtakingly low IQs and almost no education.

    Why should anyone be surprised if the cretins rendered obsolete all the manuals used in gunnery schools all over the world?

  42. Why God? Why are so many people desperately stupid and believe they are smart?! Can you please just smite us so I never have to listen to stupid people again?

  43. Well there you have it, Dave the fucking mad lunatic deceiver showing his lack of understanding the fact that he simply doesn't understand. Another shameless display davey boy. Disgusting yet again.

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