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Flashlight Shooting Techniques

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100 thoughts on “Flashlight Shooting Techniques

  1. Russian military attache once pat my belly while smiling and said: "Remember, this are your strategic reserves. When others will die, you will still have energy to fight. This is spetznaz secret"

    from that moment on i don't really worry anymore if i have some extra fat from time to time 🙂

  2. as you can see in my SAS room clearing video i prefer the SureFire grip because i can have a good grip with it and i can also change magazines and operate the pistol with a flashlight still between my fingers

  3. H&K makes excellent firearms and i would definitely recommend a USP
    im also thinking of getting a P226 🙂

  4. i agree with you
    i don't know about the name but as far as i know the FBI modified hold was never actually used by the FBI
    i can only speak for myself but the SureFire hold works best for me because i can have a good two hand grip on the pistol and if i need to i can still manipulate the pistol or change a magazine with flashlight still between my fingers
    you can see me using the SureFire technique in my video "SAS room clearing stage"

  5. Interesting point,I tried all your holds and that one didn't really suit me because I have a magazine +2 baseplate,which adds a bit of bulk to the bottom and brings the flashlight down too low.

  6. that's definitely the most effective hold 😀
    this holds are for pistols that don't have an option of a flashlight mount or for people that choose not to attach a flashlight to their pistol for various reasons

  7. try to use it higher like a normal two handed grip but with a flashlight between fingers of your left hand if you know what i mean

    but we are all different and we have different preferences so you should use what suits you the most 🙂

  8. i definitely see the benefits of that hold but it's not simple to try to aim and shoot with one hand and manipulate the flashlight with the other
    i tried it and it works for close ranges but i would rather have a two hand grip on a pistol thus having faster aiming time and faster consecutive shots
    i also think that modern flashlights with 500 lumen plus and strobe function don't need that technique anymore because the flashlight already distracts, disorients and even temporarily blinds the enemy

  9. but yeah, it's often a matter of personal preference – if you can use this technique effectively, you should use it

  10. Yea,recoil has never been a problem with me because I have quite a strong grip,but I've always wanted a hold where reloads would be as fast and smooth as possible.

    Thanks for the advice 🙂

  11. huh, i didn't know that
    here you can attach almost anything to your weapon except nightvision and termoviewing devices
    but still, if you have a beretta or some other pistol without picantinny rails you have to resort to one of the flashlight hold techniques 🙂

  12. ok, silencers are forbidden here too but illegal mountable flashlights just don't make sense
    are those also forbidden for airsoft?

  13. not just like america but we have quite good gun laws here
    we are not allowed to defend ourselves with firearms, we can only own them for sport shooting or hunting

  14. thanks man!
    we are big firearm fans – it's similar to pokemon – we wnat to collect them all! 😀
    yeah, Slovenia is a really nice place to visit

  15. the flash ligth is relly important, positive ide in low ligth, the blinding effekt, and it is a offensiv and deffensiv wapon to, as a cubaton, and legal to carry. it is a must by your bed, for manny reasons not only deffense, in a fire, the elektricity is offten cut. as an exampel. just my point off view. thx for the upload, interresting

  16. yeah, that's probably simplest and most effective solution 🙂
    but some pistols dont have that option or some people just want to use more powerful flashlights than those that are mountable so they have to resort to this techniques

  17. on the FBI modified, try placing the light to the side of your cheek. i learned this method during a SF training course for close quarters battle.

  18. i exactly know what you mean but as i see it the whole purpose of the FBI modified is that you get the flashlight as far from you as possible because because opponents may want to shoot back and the flashlight is their only reference point

    i personally would rather use a modified rogers/surefire hold with a very powerful flashlight (500 lumens or more) and hope that i would see him first and that he would be temporarily blind and distracted by the powerful light

  19. I used to use the harres, but switched to rodgers for better control. As far as the FBI, I only see this as of use in extremely dark situations. Since you must properly ID your target before you shot the enemy is likely to direct fire slightly away from you giving you that extra time for safety. On the other hand, I have found out from force on force that if there is even the slightest backlight behind you or the area is not pitch black, I die. 🙁

  20. thats true. the new method I would use on a felony traffic stop. but, clearing a house I like to use the harris method. I can tell you from experience the harris method dose work even if you end up with someone trying to grab your gun. be safe and train hard, again great vid.

  21. i know what you mean
    ocassionally i play mil-sim airsoft – we sometimes have CQB in a building that also has low light areas and that's where i learned on a hard way that flashlight draws fire 😀

  22. thanks!
    some people dont like to shoot with only one hand but as i was discussing with a couple of guys earlier, it really depends on the situation you are in and what you personally prefer

    how do you do reloads?

  23. That's a very good question. In a home defense situation I hope one Magazine will do, I have never thought about it. Is there a way to use this flashlight method and reload? Thanks

  24. i agree, in most of the cases one magazine would be eough but i don't know if it's wise to count on it
    i like the saying "better be safe than sorry" 🙂

    you cound use some kind of elastic band or cord on you flashlight that would attach it to your hand so you don't drop it when reloading

    in worst case scenario you should drop the flashlight and than reload

  25. it depends on the situation but i wouldn't use it as my primary technique because shooting one handed in a high stress situation is not something i woul like to do…

  26. i agree, movies often use the stuff that looks good on camera and i also agree that the FBI hold is good because it draws fire away from your body but it's not the optimal technique for situations
    it's not simple to cordinate and aim your flashlight and pistol in the same direction and you are also forced to aim and fire with only one hand
    that's why i prefer one technique but also practice and use other techniques that may come handy in some situations 🙂
    thanks for the comment!

  27. How about an underbarrel attachment ? One other thing: in CQB situation if u hold out so distantly your pistol like that and the enemy gets close somehow for example surprises u at a corner then u are in a danger of being easily disarmed/ or worse. Im no pro but common sense I would hold my gun closer to my body.

  28. The Harris hold is valid but as far as I know always used wrong in movies. It's not ideal because a single grip isn't as stable. But, when you're dealing with a flashlight with a push button on the end, it's really the only way to both hold the pistol and turn the light on and off quickly which is essential so you can sidestep and shoot at your target while he shoots at where you used to stand. The FBI hold works too but isn't as stable. Depends what you'd rather have from either hold.

  29. I should add, there's also nothing stopping you from just extending your reaction hand further to the side with the Harris hold and then side-stepping, ensuring you're even farther away from return fire, then bringing it back in for a more stable shot.

  30. Man, and I thought Canada had silly gun laws…not allowing a weapon mounted light is just silliness. Still I have a weapon light and a back up hand-light, because you never know when you might need it.

  31. good detail video bro, didn't there exist names for what i was using but sure enough you've have listed it. Good forms

  32. from what I have seen and read the "FBI" method was for use back in the day when they still had lanterns and the best way to illuminate an area was to hold it high above your head. Take that for what you will but it makes sense.

  33. Thanks! I never knew the names. I am used to the surefire hold. It is the most comfortable for me, plus I can get a second hand on my firearm.

  34. i got a question about using those mode to shoot(except FBI mode)
    "it's always accidental push the eject button(P226),that was real bother me"
    ur guys got any solution can share with me?:))
    nice vid!

  35. I have been rethinking how to use my handgun with my tac light, I use the Harries hold and most of my life didn't really see any other technique. The AYOOB seems ideal, what would recommend to use in an actual home/self defense scenario?

  36. Im just wondering. Why are you always doing that crossing-the-road-like look when you are about to holster the pistol? Example: 1:21
    Justve seen it alot…

  37. Wouldn't this be a more important point to tackle when deciding equipment and or use?

    For a home defense or every day carry situation, I could see Rogers/Surefire being the best if the flashlight you carry isn't too think in diameter.

    Honestly, I would say the best option is to test out different lights and see which is the most comfortable and natural as that would seemingly be better to train on as it would be inherent in a high stress situation. But I'm frankly no expert.

  38. I can't comment on its effectiveness, but I have been told by several "professionals" that it is primarily used in close quarters situations such as in a hallway or in a small room. When you turn the light on, it's said that an attacker will instinctively shoot for the light, so holding it out and above your body supposedly gives you a slightly higher chance of coming out of the gun fight alive.

  39. flash lights are good for animals in the dark thats it. In a self defence situation it will get you killed period. Thats why we developed night vision gear.

  40. Way back when I went through the Police Academy, The FBI taught this area of lessons. The FBI flashlight method was the only game in town. One dark night I was using this method and a bad guy shot at the light, actually just above it. I was lucky that night and never could be convinced to hold a flashlight any other way. YMMV!

  41. The Harries technique this guy is using is a little weird. You are supposed to generate isometric tension by placing the back of your hands together. His hand light hand is under his shooting hand, essentially eliminating any possible benefit. It sucks to hold for a long time, which is why I don't prefer it, but it is pretty effective for maintaining a good shooting position.

    Here's a GOOD link if you are interested in a proper Harries method. I just googled it and am in no way affiliated with whatever the site is about.

  42. With a smaller light and littel space to move I would go for Harries.
    But with a big and sturdy ligth and room to move myself the FBI-grip could help to turn the flashlight into a batton if needed.

  43. Which flashlight are u using in this video?

    What is the best hold for the Led Lenser T9? It's very big..

  44. This would have been better if you performed these in the dark. Some POV to see how the light illuminates the target and seeing the handgun shooting at said target.

  45. You making very big mistake about Harries Technique. Your left arm isn't resting table for the arm. You should tie your both hands together for the proper shooting position. Way of the Harries technique, you cross and lock to wrists to each other and back of your both hands touches each other also you must rotate to support side elbow down.

  46. You guys are awesome!, I've never had the money to take any kind of training class, Polenar Tactical has provided me with drills I that I can execute on and off the range on my own. My shooting abilities have improved immensely from your videos and drills. Thank you! Keep up the good work!

  47. Fbi is definitely best IMO. In a room clearing scenario if a baddy grabs for your gun and you end up coming off target or dropping your gun you still have sight on the situation and depending on the flashlight, a weapon.

  48. The flaw with the FBI technique is you also light up yourself to be seen so the guy your shooting can see if you're looking at him or not.

  49. Barely an amateur level. He is blinking every trigger pull, and it looks like he's afraid of the gun. Also, why does he need the gloves? Maybe the flashlight scratch his gentle hands

  50. I have a question for you it concerns flashlights and handguns, To be clear I am not a Former Tier one operator,However I have ten years Military background,and over five years as a contract armed security person. Or instructor was a former FBI firearms instructor ,Once a year we would go through a "night fire" range qualification utilizing a large mag lite to illuminate our targets as we shot. what we didn't do was rest the flashlight under our gun hand, as I have seen in too many movies and television shows.instead we held the flashlight outstretched then train it on the target. reason being .(you didn't want to give someone a target to return fire) even seeing firearms with mounted flashlights has made me question the thinking. I guess I understand it on rifles as night vision scopes are expensive but I wanted your take, was I trained improperly by this retired agent with over 40 years of service as well as his experience with lethal encounters during his life. Thank you ,Gibby (Gibbs)

  51. Has anyone here ever had to actually use a flashlight with a gun in real life? After the one time I did (and lucky didn't have to shoot), I concluded the best for me are (1) ability to light something separately from pointing the muzzle (so no mount), (2) a simple grip (thumb on bottom button with beam coming out the bottom of my palm; no cross forearms, between the fingers, etc.), and (3) a SIMPLE flashlight (single focused beam, on/off (no strobe, etc.), 275 lms)

  52. I'm not any kind of professional or anything but I've been taught to hold the light out from my body …because on the opposite side of this situation and not being able to see the light would be what I shot at and you don't want it in front of your body or especially next to your head

  53. Hey, Ziga! Can you make a video about flashlight shooting technique with a rifle? There's nothing about it on Youtube.

    How do you hold a (backup) light when shooting a rifle or when you have to use a rifle that has no light?

  54. throw the flash light at the bad guy, while they follow the light pop the BG in the face. in a gun fight cheating is allowed.

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