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FJS HK416D V2 (Unboxing and FPS Testing) – Blasters Mania

Hi and good day everyone~ Iam SEAN from BlastersMania this the 3rd unit we unbox today have a new batch of stock come in yeah…feel abit excited about this but yet fell tired at the same time…sigh oright this is the next one… not a new brand… but a new model from this brand HK416D from FJS Variant D FJS is the brand of it if you ever play a mobile game… a game called … PUBG which is a famous mobile shooting game surely u know this model inside the game okay… its look nice! fuu…. awesome ya let take it out a user manual try to read this out read it before assemble it the body blaster the design look nice some wording at the body but it feel slightly light it not build from nylon it make from abs plastic put it aside first the buttstock i like this butt stock design the shape look awesome look amazing and it thick enough feel solid muzzle head a long one or it called as flash hinder a plastic suppresor/silencer magazine this mag hv a good design too see the shape of it a hidden part below the mag this is flash light holder a vertical hand grip it come with a scope too eotech dummy scope come with red dot the button is at the side press it and it the led lit dummy red dot what else… a safety glasses two aim sight come with charger 11.1v battery some gel ball screw for the vertical grip the torch light no battery provider but it was metal put the box aside first let see what we got here let decide what to assemble first let put in the buttstock first its was a slot in type no wire connected between the body and butt battery inside the butt tube twist the butt to uncover the battery slot just twist it left to release, right to lock it inside u will see the wire which need to connect the battery the butt is extendable press it to release it and pull to the lengh for your desire press it to release the mag is next item open up the gel ball reload here mag release button what else… the muzzle head or so called flash hider just slot it in if not like the looking of it just change it with the suppressor it come with a thread here thread to slot it in both side hv the tread for it match it to slit it in then twist it either the flash hider or the suppressor it up for u to choose it let put the scope in the scope not come with screw just slide it in press this button here to slide it press to release the grip and release to lock it what else… this is the torch light base push the torch light into it slot just pull to release it can attach it at the side rail here its tight to fit it in nevermind….since it hard to slide in.. rest it aside 😛 then next item is the vertical grip need to assemble with the screw to lock it and it take some time to assemble its came with this clip, which attach together by the screw likes a pair to lock and clip then the screw need to put it in to the correct slot at the rail need to install in right into the rail with the gap to let the screw passed through i will just installed one screw instead of two provided the nut holding it aside and tighten it the other side next… the aim sight… loosen the screw first slide it in to the top rail after put in all the accessories it will look more awesome no screw driver provided…prepare one yourself another one in front i not sure is this the actual way to install it (but who cares) if you know this is the wrong way, install it in the correct way its done there is an extra screw for the grip while i dint put it in yet a free alien key provided you may put the torch light if you want this is how the overall look for this model it look nice ya it look nice in design, but its slightly light in weight the inner barrel come with color too blue color inner barrel it look nicer with the blue color inner barrel the charging handle come with no function it suppose to release the dust cover but the dust cover not open either i tested all the same model i have, the dust cover indeed wont open i think this model design is not mean to open up as the others model do let put in the battery now after this we will do the FPS testing 11.1v battery this tips to slot in the battery… put in the battery first before u clip on the connector if not, the battery might stuck outside twist to lock it let make some noise Safe mode here…it can be pull but it wont trigger the trigger can be pull/move but not firing does it come with Semi function? yes with Semi function Auto? turn the red dot on press the side button on the scope to turn it on red dot let test the FPS next as usual this is the mag open up to mag lid to reload the gel ball 7mm-8mm gel ball this is unharmfull gel ball its soft and breakable we purposely show this as to show the gel ball is not dangerous not dangerous suitable even for kids to play blaster is a plastic toy at the end of the day its a TOY! let see it in the close up it come with no mag prime function here is our chronograph i first remove this part first to make the testing easier just twist it to release can you see this blue inner look nice it made from aluminium because without mag prime we need to shoot it blank first 187 fps its not focus…too bright 187 fps 185 can it go up to 200 fps? i am using 11.1v battery 195 193 199 i think it shoot around 200fps in average 195 197 last shot oright let put this part back to make it nicer since the test is over now last shot just now show 193fps for info…it shot average with 200fps it can be upgraded tho change to a bigger spring change the oring and whatever needed for those who just come across out channel Please click the SUBSCRIBE button now so you wont missed out any update from us in the near future we will continue review more new or even previous model here we will unbox and make more review here we also have Facebook page ( find the link in description below please follow us at our facebook page too more picture and info available at our fb page anyways…Please Subscribe our Youtube channel and Follow us on our Facebook page Iam Sean from BlastersMania..thank for watching and see you again in next video~ Bye

100 thoughts on “FJS HK416D V2 (Unboxing and FPS Testing) – Blasters Mania

  1. Illegal nie kt Malaysia….kalau kena tngkp kena penjara walaupun senjata mainan…sbb dia menyerulai senjata sbnr….kena ad lesen sah

  2. Abg jual ke ne? Mcm nak beli la, sy minat benda2 ne. Nak buat gaming…..bole limpas sabah ke kalu pos barang ne..

  3. there was a switch issue with this brand hk416d…so they released version 2.0 with metal barrel! So how reliable is this gun?

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