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First Steps in Gun Modding | Overview, Tips, Examples – Escape from Tarkov

Greetings Escapers! Today I will go over the basics of
gun modding in Escape from Tarkov. I will explain main concepts behind
it, I will give you some tips and then some useful examples of modding in action. After next patch I will probably do more in
depth guides for each weapon or weapon group, exploring available mods
and interesting builds. Alright, to get a better understanding
of what we can achieve with modding, let’s start with explanation of
statistics that can be altered with mods. There are two major stats
– ergonomics and recoil. There is also accuracy and muzzle velocity. The first stat we will
look into is ergonomics. The higher is the value of this stat,
the better is your gun handling. You will be able to faster aim down
sights, or ADS in short. Next thing that ergo improves is the
sound your gun makes when you ADS, higher ergo means less noise. The last, and probably the most important
one, is how much stamina ADS will drain. In conclusion, ergonomics is very
important stat if you like sniping, as it will let you be scoped in
for a longer periods of time. Fast ADS speed will benefit you
slightly in close to medium encounters. One tip I have here is
that when you are prone, you will not drain stamina when
you ADS or you are scoped in. Next stat is recoil. Tarkov makes distinction between
horizontal and vertical recoil. Recoil determines how much your weapon moves
up and down and on the sides when firing. Those sudden weapon jumps will make your
bullets go all over the place when spraying. The lower the value of your gun recoil, the
more stable the gun will be in your hand, meaning, you will be able to hit more often
when on full auto or when fast tapping. Low recoil will benefit you a
lot in close range encounters. You need to know that crouching or going prone
will highly increase your control of the gun. Now let’s talk about accuracy. That stat describes how well you will be able to hit
targets when they are further and further away from you. The lower is the accuracy value,
the tighter is the spread of shoot bullets. Imagine this as a little box that
is centered on your aiming point. When you shoot,
bullet can go anywhere in that box. Better accuracy means the box is smaller, and that
means you will hit more often where you actually aim. Right now, this stat can be
almost completely ignored. To make it simple, don’t try to
shoot with shotguns and pistols on targets that are are
higher than 50m away from you. Rest of the guns should have good innate
accuracy for landing longer distance shots, but maybe hold on with sniping with SMGs. The last stat is muzzle velocity. It’s just a description of how
fast the bullets will travel, however the penetration chances and damage are
tied to the ammo you are using in the gun. This stat will be important to determine
how much we have to lead our shots in order to hit moving target
or target that is far away. This comes with game experience. Best practice you can do is just
to load into the offline raid with weapon of your choice
and use tracer ammo. Ok, so now that we know how
stats can affect your gun, let’s go over the mod
types we can work with. There are 3 main groups of mods in Tarkov. Functional mods, gear mods and vital parts. Vital parts are what the name suggests, parts that are required for your gun
to be operational and ready to be used. Those are barrel, gas block, handguard,
pistol grip, receiver and slider. Let’s start with the pistol grip. Stat you can get from using
better pistol grips is ergonomics. Gas block is mostly neutral
in stats department, but switching it may be
required for some handguards. Handguards will give you
mounting places for foregrip, tactical laser or flashlight
or for some sights. When it comes to stats, handguards can
increase gun ergonomics and decrease recoil. Receivers and sliders can open some
mounting points for optics and sights. They can also improve your ergo and recoil. Very few also increase accuracy. Barrels vary in stats, they can affect
recoil, ergonomics and muzzle velocity. In few occasions also accuracy. The second category of mods are gear mods. Those are mods that can change some of the
most basic, but not vital parts of the gun. This include stuff like magazines,
stocks, mounts and charging handles. Stock or chassis is where you can get the most
substantial reduction to recoil of your gun, also you can get some ergonomics here. Charging handle can give
minor bonus to ergo. Magazines affect ergo,
mostly in negative way. Mounts are used to put sights
and optics on your gun, some can affect negatively ergonomics
stat, but most is neutral. The last and the most troublesome
category of mods are functional mods. Here we have things like muzzle devices,
tactical mods, foregrips, sights and optics. Let’s start with lasers. Stats-wise they give negative ergonomics, but where
they shine is recoil reduction when point shooting. When laser is on it drastically reduce weapon
jumping, making your shots to hit more precisely. Having laser turn on,
can sometimes give away your position, but there is a neat trick to bypass this, if you don’t
need the help of laser pointer to snap on targets. You can use laser device
that have infrared mode. When switched to IR mode, nobody will see your laser and you will still get that
insane recoil reduction bonus when point shooting! Next mod type are foregrips. They can improve your ergo and
also decrease recoil a little. Muzzle devices can be used to reduce muzzle
flash and to make gun shots suppressed. They can affect recoil and accuracy, and suppressor will mostly
give negative ergo and accuracy. Iron sights are neutral in stats, reflex sights can boost
accuracy in some cases, most are neutral on ergonomics,
but some will negatively impact it. Most scopes give negative ergo,
so use the one you like the most. I would also advise to not use eyecups. When you equip one on the scope, it will
make the gun further away from your eye and the scope will be
smaller on your screen. Ok, now that we know all the basics, we should have a better overall idea
what we can achieve with modding. There are two factors to
get better at modding. The main one is just your experience. Yes, you will have to learn
how to mod by practice. The second one, that will help you with
the first one, is “linked search” function. You can use that tool in a few ways. First and the most common one will
be using it on the gun itself. It should give you the list off all mods
and ammo that can be used with the gun. You can use the menu on left side to
filter for what you are looking for. Now, the tricky part often comes when you want to mount a
foregrip or a sight on the gun. You can use linked search again, on a mount from the list you get
when used “linked search” on the gun, and it will give you compatible sights. You can do the same on the handguard to look for
foregrips, laser devices and in some cases also sights. You can also do “linked search”
from inspect weapon screen. Just click on handguard or gas
block and use “linked search on it”. You can also do “linked
search” on upper reciver. This is mostly used to see what
mounts can be installed on it. Next useful part to use “linked
search” on is the barrel. It will show you muzzle devices and in some cases adapters that
can be used to mount suppressor. When modding, you may sometimes be in the
situation where mod should fit onto the gun, but for some reason you will not be able
to do so when dragging it onto the gun. The best way to bypass it, is just
going into the detailed modding screen and then selecting the
part you want to mod in. It should work then. Last tip I have for you
guys in this segment is hovering over “compatible with” section
when you inspect weapon part or mod. It will show you the list of the guns you
own that can be modded with this part. This will not work if you need adapter or
a mount, but it may be handy sometimes. Ok, let’s go with some simple
examples of gun modding in practice. First one will be simple. You can put scope on Mosin,
but it have to be Mosin, not the Mosin Infantry or
Mosing Inantry Carabine. To do so, you have to first
put Kochetov mount on it, then 3.5x zoom ring mount
and then the scope. Mosin can be also supressed
with Bramit silencer. The next one will be how
to mount PSO scope on SKS. To do so, you need to have a dove tail
and also it can only be mounted on OP-SKS. SKS is great early to mid weapon. You can easily silence it
with Hexagon suppressor and you should shred most
of the things with this gun. ADAR is another budget weapon worth using. You can put any reflex sight on
it and it will be ready to go. If you prefer certain sight and you are annoyed
by the front sights obscuring your view, you will have to change gas tube. Just remove the default one and
look for Mk12 Low Profile Gas Block. ADAR will take most of M4
parts, that include suppressors. AKs 7.62 are little tricky to mod, but
for now we have TT1000 still in the game, so you can just slap it on the gun with sight
of your choice and you are good to go. If we want to go further, we can change handguard and we can
mount foregrip and laser sight. We could also change stock, but to be fair, default one with the
rubber pad is quite decent in stats. Ok, now let’s go with
something more advance. Let’s go with 5.45 AKs. I will show you guys the
build I use most of the time. It’s nothing amazing, but it’s good for close
and long range and it’s glorious AK build. So first thing I use it’s CAA RS47 handguard,
as it have all mount points already built in. I use NcStar MPR45 mount
with PK-06 reflex sight as canted sight for close
to medium range encounters. Then I add foregrip
and tactical laser. I also put PSO scope for
long distance fights. For stock I went with ME adapter and
random stock that could fit on it, but you could probably find better
stock to complement this build. That’s all I have for you guys. I hope it was helpful and gave you a
better understanding of modding in Tarkov. See you in raids!

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  1. Thanks! I'm looking into buying Tarkov after .12 drops, and most modding guides I've watched just tell you what the best mods are. This general overview was very helpful for learning how to start modding!

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