First Shots: USFA Zip Gun 22 LR Pistol. Worlds Worst Gun?

First Shots: USFA Zip Gun 22 LR Pistol. Worlds Worst Gun? Yo this is Mattv2099 And these are the first shots with the USFA Zip gun 22lr version 1.0 unboxing simple as that if you haven’t seen my intro video click below here is the pistol we are going to get right to business here we are going to check the chamber as required chamber empty we are going to load a magazine box clip this is how you are supposed to hold it this is how you charge it load rod this bad boy is hot fire control indicator means it’s ready to shoot ears on lets see what happens. does this thing work? how do you hold this thing? safety off wow first magazine with cci blazer worked perfect lets try magazine number two my aim is totally off failure drop the mag check the chamber double feed failed to eject the first brass then loaded a second round i’m not going to try to shoot that round ready to shoot again this mag is empty no. another failure the same problem again failure to eject could be the magazine some of these mags are brand new never used at least one has been used a lot could be me using the load rod wrong that is stuck Ineed a tool we are empty and loading a fresh magazine we’ve got it loaded properly that worked fine. could be the magazines I don’t know failure to eject first six magazines with blazer next we’ll try something else. thank you for watching you this is mattv2099 please feel free to leave a comment telling me what glock video you would like to see next and if you haven’t already please subscribe if you want to help me grow hit that like button and thank you for watching

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