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[FIRST LOOK] New Nerf Fortnite Blasters – Toy Fair 2020 [4K]

Hey guys Jared Guynes here at Hasbro
toy fair 2020 and I’ve got Pete behind me and he’s got the just revealed and I
mean fresh just revealed fortnite well what’s the official name of this thing
you know the GL the fortnight GL this is a massive first time ever six round drum
canister for four four demolisher missiles basically right right so what
we have here is a it’s a pre-production model so the final version that you guys
get later in the year might be a little bit different feel a little bit
different but it is functional so I’m going to turn the camera around and
we’re going to show the same firing for the very first time you’ve ever ever
ever seen this right here in YouTube hold on oh nice direct hit so show me
that so so you’re kind of pumping it so you’re you’re really lobbing those
things out there is that how it works okay so for this we don’t really have a
spring or anything it’s really the harder you pull it back the harder it’s
gonna fly forward but is that true okay so this is really this is really like a
strength powered you know cuz you’re because if you lightly pull that back
and sort of gonna lightly come out that’s kind of gives you the best
performance okay go for some it’s not rapid-fire yeah right
so the miss the missiles there these have come out in a few different Nerf
blasters over the years but never never ever in a blaster that shoots six of
them never never diss large and we skipped as I said in the presentation we
skipped right over to three four and five and then wait to a six rocket
rotating from house how fun is that so a six rocket rotating drum and you guys
even and you there’s even a little tack rail up here that you just worked right
in there we have a we have an in strike while you’re N-Strike attachments can work on
this thing super excited about is it going to be a retailer exclusive?
so you’d be able to get this anywhere they sell nerf you’ll be able to get
that major retailers coming out in the fall of 2020 for $59.99 thanks Pete –
Hey Guys, Jared Guynes here at Hasbro toy fair where I am hands-on for the first time
ever with the new nerf fortnight gl just revealed and in a Hasbro pulse fan media day presentation this is going to be a $59.99 retail blaster are coming out
later the fall 2020 and it’s the first-ever six-round missile system
they’ve never had a blaster that shot more than one now they have one that
goes six and this is a big beefy fun blaster so I’m gonna fire it here we’re
gonna check it out this is a missile launcher here we go oh it said to get a
little bit of that’s greatness so it’s like a lover it’s kind of
lobbing around not gonna be like SuperDuper accurate but it’s gonna be a
ton of fun to shoot you can almost make the special rules where this has like a
blast radius or something this is just a fun blaster I like that they put the the
in strike rail on top always nice when they can include that in and it feels
big cool and I think it’s like big movie last year sometimes it’s just fun
the trigger is just aesthetic all this blasters firing is right there in this
handle and so as we were figuring out you really want to hold it nice and
steady you’re gonna have some trouble aiming where you gonna go but this is
gonna come out later in the fall 2020 I like it
it’s these cool big and bright alright guys we’re here with Alexandria at the
fort night nerve section she was just about to go to Hearst building sorry
Ellie tell us what you got to show us in 2020
we are expanding the line bringing you all of the iconic fan favorites directly
from the video game so they’re the SMG so this is really cool again we have the
spikes the color scheme that is directly from the video game brought it to here
this blaster it has six darts and also it’s motorized so you just hold down the
accelerator and fire away this is $29.99 which is a great price point but I’m
really excited to show you the fall line this is the BAS RL as you can see this
is not one to mess with on the Vans battlefield you do not want
to be on the opposite side of this it has both action running for cover it
also has another cool feature the scope is removable I personally like to keep
it on because I’m not that good at my aim but if you want to take it off
that’s up to you it can hold six darts at one time but it
actually comes with twelve darts so you can easily reload and this is welcome
price point of $39.99 look how beautiful it is now coming over to my favorite
this is the SR so it has hammer action I really love this it holds four darts at
one time but it only fires one at a time it’s really cool so you pull it back aim
and fire boom sorry fire away and it has that back to back
action again this comes with eight darts you can easily reload and this is nice
now coming down here so I have that can’t pay their balance baby okay so
coming down here this is vgl as you can see it’s this intimidating as it looks
this is huge I don’t know what I would do with this
on the battlefield I’m gonna show you a little bit of how it work so it’s a six
start drunk it has rocky inside and can fire one
rocket at a time I only put you in here let me see if I can show you what the
Rockets look like so this is basically what one of the Rockets look like looks
like so it’s very big like I wouldn’t want to get hit with these on the
opposite end and now coming over to so some of you may recognize this
character and that’s the whole intent Ripley is a key character from Chapter
two and we wanted to pick out top three blasters and rescan them so we have they
are at the SP and the RL look at that deco this is the first time that nerve
has ever incorporated fade to their deco so we’re really excited about this one
this is micro favorite this is the RL I love the wrap on this it’s super simple
I took out the rocket that was in here about ten seconds ago as you guys saw
b-but you just push pull back and fire wait you keep reloading so it completes
your rocket but you can go get one at a time it’s just super fun and again blast
away I want to show you guys our micro shot if you’re all about that element of
surprise like I am these are the glasses that you want to have on hand
they’re great price point of $9.99 and as you can see we have some of our fan
favorites like Michael Keely rainbow smash it come on you can borrow it
because you can put them in your bag your personal whatever you decide and
immediately start a battle anywhere indoors in the kitchen at work it
doesn’t matter so these are really cool and then we also have our super soakers
the slash tends to come to your battle these are your guys we have the pump SD
very simple and easy to use and just add water close the cap and fire away and
then we also have our micro Soaker so of course we have our great friend fish
stick and then we bought their $9.99 and then we have the profess G which is 14 you

100 thoughts on “[FIRST LOOK] New Nerf Fortnite Blasters – Toy Fair 2020 [4K]

  1. 5:16 : that’s not bolt action
    5:28 : regardless of the scope, nerf elite darts can’t hit anything, try waffle head darts
    6:30: darts!?
    6:53 : I would like to!
    7:56 : great price of 9.99 for some useless plastic over a reskinned jolt
    8:31 : there’s no trigger and I think that you gotta pump the water out

    This person has no idea of what they’re talking about

  2. This gun does need a different kind of ammunition. Using this GL is like a rocket launcher but an extended ammo capacity. To make it like the GL, it will need the same kind of missile but with more spread for an explosion.

  3. It says fortnite, but all I see is the Demoman’s grenade launcher.

    ”Oh they’re gonna have ta glue you back together, IN HELL!!!”

  4. Can I just say…
    The way that lady was advertising the Fortnite blasters genuinely put a smile to my face. Just all the positivity! :b

  5. This blaster just excites me to the core. I’m not a Fortnite guy, but this means that we could be getting more grenade launcher style blasters in the future and that’s freaking awesome. But the best part is what this may mean for the Nerf Halo blasters. While the initial lineup isn’t exactly spectacular, this may pave the way the Rocket Launcher, Fuel Rod Cannon, and many other heavy weapons to be made into Nerf Blasters, and be somewhat viable in an actual Nerf war as well as be a kick ass cosplay prop!

  6. The grenade launcher and sniper are going to be flying off shelves. Plus I can see the mod/paint side of the community being all over them

  7. Well..I was already gonna get the Halo rifle..guess I'll save up a bit more and get this grenade launcher looking Walcom said this thing is gonna wreck some poor HvZ organizer's plans cause now we can rapid fire those rockets…oh I can see Cap'n Xavier's squad having some fuuun with that.

  8. That grenade launcher is awesome! I just wish it has a stock attachment point just so I can attach a Tri-Strike Missile Launcher stock to it!

  9. The Sniper look all around great! The size is not bad,the scope looks well done! And the stock looks decent,let’s just hope is has good FPS and range

  10. People hate the Fortnite blaster just because it's Fortnite, man these are sick blasters just paint over the Fortnite logo if you don't like it

  11. Couldn’t Hasbro make the GL triggered instead of HAMP’ed? It would make a more even playing field for combatants of different strengths.

  12. I just realised G.L.=grenade launcher. R.L. =rocket launcher. B.A.S.R =bolt action sniper rifle. S.P =silenced pistol. S.M.G =sub machine gun.

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