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First look at the Wilson Combat Glock 34 Gen4 with Oversized Barrel

[SFX] well hello folks this is Yamil Sued for Gun Stock Reviews I’m here C2 tactical indoor range in Scottsdale Arizona and I
got something a little different here today this is definitely not your normal
Glock 34 that you buy at your sporting goods store or at your pawn shop I guess
this is a Wilson Combat Glock 34 and what puts it a step above other than the
fact that it has a really good vickers really rear sight same thing with a
front sight with a fiberoptic but you can choose whatever front sight or rear
sight you want from Wilson combat it has this great finish this antique finish
and seracote it has laser engraving on the grip itself but also what takes it a
step above is the fact that it has one of the new wilson combat oversized
gunsmith fit barrels this pistols are made with these barrels that are just a
little oversized everywhere and they our hand fit to the pistol for optimum
accuracy and reliability so we’re gonna go ahead and shoot it this is a great
little pistol I love the Glock 34 by the way by the way this model is a fourth
generation so they make in third fourth and fifth generation your choice they
can custom make it for you but this one is one of the in stock models they have
ready to ship so I just basically you know I didn’t have a chance to shoes I
just picked the one I like the most so let’s go ahead and shoot it a little
hearing protection got my eyes and I’m shooting by the way American Eagle
147-grain Full Metal Jacket ammunition so thanks to federal for supplying us
with some ammo let’s do it well let me tell you what this pistol is
awesome I’m gonna have a real hard time probably sending this gun back I don’t
think it’s going back this pistol is just too nice reliability of course
accuracy I am not that good with it but I mean this is the first time I ever
picked up a pistol from the box taking it to the range and got a good result
with it that is pretty dang accurate with
factory ammo this is not premium ammo whatsoever this is just range ammo this
is the stuff that you take to the range and have fun with and even though it’s
not meant for accuracy is shooting incredibly accurate and I tried the 147
and the 115 s and both are very accurate so stay tuned for more we’re gonna take
this pistol and we’re going to put on an around some rest and shoot it at 25
yards and we’re gonna see what type of groups we get with all sorts of premium
ammunition so stay tuned for more we got much more with the Wilson Combat Glock
34 thank you for watching gun stock reviews
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