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First Level Training – “The safest way to learn gun safety.”

[Music] welcome the first level training the Firearms Education Center the safest way to learn the basics of firearms and firearm safety here at first level training we use some of the latest and safest technology to teach firearm safety and handling we use certain instructional training equipment developed by Mike Hughes cert stands for shot indicating resetting trigger by using this tool we can give you the skills necessary to be a proficient marksman there’s no live ammunition or loud noise when training with sir no gunshot residue no lead particulate this is a laser target pistol that you can use to get the basics of shooting without live-fire like at the range you can train without the possibility of harming yourself or others in this way the stress of making a harmful mistake is eliminated we teach you the basics stance grip sight picture and trigger control all in a safe environment so what else do we offer well we offer classes on firearms awareness basic firearm safety and handling range safety and etiquette and more our services are available to everyone new shooters non shooters young adults seniors that include private instruction and group classes and lessons for the gun enthusiast or if you’re just interested in how firearms work first level training covers the basics you take it to the next level first level training the firearms Education Center be smart be educated and be safe [Music]

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