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Firearms Safety Training and Florida Concealed Weapons Certification

hey its Joe with Aegis Tactical they just I’m here today to talk to you about firearms training if you didn’t know it Aegis Tactical is a lot more than just a gun shop we do more than just sell guns folks we do a lot of firearms training out here so if you’re looking to get your concealed weapons
license overcome just touching a gun for the first time to get rid of that fear of them come down
here and see us over at Aegis Tactical we’ll take care of that for you all the
instructors here at Aegis Tactical have extensive experience and training in
firearms from civilians to Law Enforcement to military’s around the world this is what
we do we prove it to you. All of our certificates over credentials are
hanging on the wall so you can see when questioned folks remember firearm safety
the safe handling of a firearm see you or anybody else around you get hurt
start over go going over all the fundamentals of shooting your stance to
grip your sight picture your sight alignment your trigger control then folks we actually
sit down but overall the laws in the state pertaining to firearms
and when you can use them to protect yourself this is where the fun
begins after the classroom setting were going come out here into the single lane range we built this for people that have
have never fired before we know that we want to other ranges with a lot of the people
shooting that people get nervous didn’t like the loud noises so we have a single lane range. It is going to be you and the instructor shooting you want to talk you just take off your ears and you can have a conversation like we are now. We’re gonna provide the firearm
gonna provide the ammunition and we’re gonna shoot until the instructors
comfortable you can safely handle this gun and actually hit your target. We hold classes five days week. Go to our website or give us a call 941 755 1610
will go over schedule with you for the classes and find one that’s right for

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