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Firearms Range Safety Video

Welcome to Saddle River Range. We appreciate you taking the time to come out and shoot with us today. We’re going to head on and go over some of the safety rules before we head out onto the firing line but before we do please
make sure that all your guns are in a bag or case and if you’re properly
licensed in the state of Texas you keep your gun in your holster until you’re
out on the firing so let’s head on and go over some of the safety rules. Treat every firearm as if it was loaded
at all times. Never pointed a firearm at anything you aren’t willing to kill or destroy and always point your muzzle downrange. Keep your finger off the trigger until you’ve acquired your sites and you’re ready to fire. Before entering Saddle River Range all firearms must be secured in a case or bag. No person is allowed inside the shooting range unless they have a signed waiver of liability
on file and have viewed the range safety video. Eye and ear protection must be in
place before entering the shooting range and must remain in place until you exit
the range. All firearms and ammunition must be
safety inspected by the RSO prior to use. Upon completion of firing all firearms must be cleared and made safe before being cased our holstered and leaving the
firing line. Never use or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs before or during shooting activities. Anyone under age 21 for handgun or age 19 for long guns must be accompanied in the firing line by a parent or legal guardian. Only brass cased ammunition is allowed on the range. No reloaded ammunition of any caliber is allowed. Armor piercing, incendiary, tracer, or
steel core ammunition is not permitted Only slugs may be fired from shotguns.
Calibers up to 50 BMG maybe fired. If you’re renting a firearm from Saddle River Range then you may only use ammunition you purchase from Saddle River Range in that firearm. No personal ammunition or reloads may be used in rental firearms. No black powder muzzleloader firearms are allowed. Only RSO personnel may collect brass
or spent shell casings from the range All firearms must have visible and
functional sites to ensure proper aiming techniques and safeguarding
range equipment. Only Saddle River Range approved paper
or cardboard targets may be used on the range. No food, drink, and tobacco products
are allowed in the range area. Photo, video, cell phones, or any other devices that could be a distraction from safety procedures are not allowed on the range. Only two people are allowed in firing lane with only one person shooting at a time. You make only shoot one firearm at a time. Stay behind the shooting bench at all times and do not extend arms past the shooting lane dividers. Firing from the hip or any unsafe position is not allowed. All firearms must be properly pointed and extended downrange before firing. Shooting from a holster must be pre-certified and approved by an instructor or RSO. Rapid firing is allowed providing the firearm has maintained under complete control at all times. Shoot only at the target in your assigned lane. Cross lane firing is not permitted. No hand-to-hand transfer of firearms. When sharing firearms with another person do not pass firearms from one lane to another. Set it down on the bench and let the other person pick it up. If the firearm malfunctions set it down on the bench and notify the RSO who will come and assist. All negligent discharges or property damage must be reported to the RSO immediately. In case of an emergency the command of “CEASE-FIRE” will be called. Immediately place firearms down on the bench and stand against the
back wall with hands empty. All verbal instructions issued by the RSO
and Saddle River Range instructors must be followed at all times. The use of Saddle River Range facilities are a privilege not a right. We reserve the right to prohibit any
activities by any person at any time

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