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Firearms – Quick Clean to the Beretta A400 xCel, Mia’s Motivations

Hey guys! So today I’m going to show you
how to clean and take apart the Beretta a400 excel. So, the first thing I do is you unscrew this top screw. Easy first step. Then you simply slide this off and you’re to the inside. Then you take the barrel off. And this. Then, that’s all you have to do. NOW, we’re going to clean it. To start with, this part. So you simply have your little rag and you can use whatever kind of lubricant you like. I use Hopps. So, just a
little dab. For the hard-to-reach places I like to use a
q-tip. You again can just put a little of the lubricant you like, and easily reach all hard places. Then, when you have that clean, you can take your oiled rag and wipe this down. Now that that’s out of the way, you can wipe down this, and this
is super important this helps the gun actually cycle and
eject the hulls. And this can get REALLY dirty. Again, q-tips are always nice So, as I said, this is really important
and there’s a lot of small pieces in here. So, I like to use is just a simple
toothpick. I also can do just like this and take the stuff off of the q-tip And wrap it around. So it’s not scratching it. Then you can just get right into me And there you have it. Now it’s actually
shiny. Whew! Now, we can clean this and this. And this is simply the action where you can clean it. It’s where the firing pin is. A quick shine up. Now you can clean this. And, you can also clean the springs because those get pretty grimed up. Now, that all shined up, We can simply just put it back together. Be sure you don’t forget any parts. And there you have it. A light cleaning and how to take apart that Beretta a400 excel.

7 thoughts on “Firearms – Quick Clean to the Beretta A400 xCel, Mia’s Motivations

  1. How about acleaning or review video 📹
    On an AR15, Because they're so popular!
    I normally watch Hickok45, But you guys make good videos as well!

  2. Good video. Its nice to see how much effort is actually required to clean it. Most videos just show disassembly and have the person talk about cleaning. Still on the fence, but if I buy a semi for clays this will likely be the one.

  3. Great shotgun, I love mine! Thank you for taking the time making this video and teaching me some good tips on cleaning the tough to get to areas. The only thing I'd do different is making sure that the piston is positioned inside the gas cylinder of the barrel. This step is mentioned a couple different times in the instruction manual. You are a great inspiration to young female shooters and I hope that you get lots of views from them. I always enjoy shooting clays with my girls. I hope to be able to shoot as well as you girls do someday. Thanks again!!

  4. I cannot speak for how important it actually is, but the Beretta manual very specifically tells us NOT to assemble the gun the way it is done at the end of this video. The manual is very specific in saying that the piston piece should NOT be put onto the rod, but rather should be carefully inserted into the cylinder attached to the barrel before the barrel is then slid onto the gun.

  5. Some good cleaning ideas…just a couple observations, you should hold bolt handle when you hit bolt release button so it does not slam forward and hit receiver and an old towel or other soft pad between gun and hard counter would be a good thing.

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