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Firearms prosecutions up three-fold in western Louisiana, feds say

agencies are teaming up with the federal government to target violent crime it’s called the project safe neighborhoods initiative the campaign has been around for a few years according to the US Attorney’s Office firearm related prosecution’s are up threefold though in the past year more than 200 people were prosecuted and nearly half of those are for gun crimes in Acadiana including felons and drug dealers in possession of firearms as Chris Welty reports the feds hope cooperation will drive down those rates anybody this targeting that’s trafficking drugs or that’s causing violence in the Western District of Louisiana in Acadiana there will be no safe haven US attorney David Joseph is sending a message to criminals in Southwest Louisiana the goal is to focus on a reduction in violent crime this includes primarily two categories felons with guns and drug dealers with guns drug dealers who are using firearms to effectuate their trade firearms do to make their drug dealers successful as part of that effort federal state and local law enforcement are increasing their presence in neighborhoods to stop the violence apprehend gang members and pursue swift justice we try to target the worst of the worst individuals that are out here wreaking havoc in our communities the firearms traffickers the armed narcotics traffickers the carjackers the robbers the active shooters the people that are committing homicides this is a proven strategy it has proven to work in other jurisdictions it’s working in Lafayette very very excited about it project safe neighborhoods has been around since 2001 since then attorneys who lead both state and federal said their take on the initiative will focus on felons accused of possessing firearms if you have been convicted of a felony and you do arm yourself again and you’re arrested for it you’re likely going to be treated more harshly now you will be treated more harshly in this district because you do pose I believe it more of a danger and a risk to to society in Lafayette Chris wall TK 8 CCTV 3

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