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Firearms CEO Threatens to ‘Kill People’ Over Gun Control

recently alex jones happens in the same
second and the grandpa pierce morgan hide it wasn’t quite as crazy as
apparently done that’s can go so that in theaters the c_e_o_ tactical response
disguised as i see team all yeah battles anything in this context but he
went on a series two videos to online rates we got number of videos from that they’re all property prison let’s put
start the five of the first video the i’m telling you did that happen some
sort of a civil war and i’ll be glad to barbara shot amount
nobody you should put up with that nineteen
hauling patriots to start thinking about what you want to
do loaded and manage make sure your rivals
clean packing backpackers including and get ready to fight are not talk in
putting up with the espy and not letting my country be ruled by dictators i’m not
letting anybody take my guns if it goes one each for their common start killing
people appear data what you can still worried
about the regulate companies the c_e_o_’s you know regulate themselves
fine at all right now without the language right adhesive livable bamaca
cigar god said another finally present or bombers and vice president by the are
considering an assault weapons ban right uh… but that doesn’t meet take your
gun safely all those guys gate grandfather day now loving initiatives
they might take some executive action as opposed to bills that doesn’t mean that
there is a big fan of action of taking your does no one has suggested that sure
by the way i can really upon the nuances between second prospect that event by
working through the legislative process job at a dictator didn’t get to have
dropped other you know this is one of those not only hardworking man but there are times when he acts of
bottom line is the obscene disturbance a decent start killing people and that
he’s gonna hire fire the first shot i did this fit like a responsible gun
owner of the asme things of that not responsible in terms of texans elected
he has any respect what some of the u_s_ military whether he’s going to go and i
would i would have done agin that he’s gonna get a visit yesterday said he had a visit by the way
of armed the fred religions organize denpasar with
none of that the reservoir would come tactically prepare for my helmet after bob but so
he’s responded there’s obviously been criticism as i have mentioned you can
imagine citizens responded to that the sex video
talks about that didn’t take back when he said at night
it doesn’t really uh… one of us trip a lot with the
uh… uh… pack your bags video so number two
here by young couples manuel when i said it um… thing and uh… probably uh… uh… probably allowed a homer off
served to over on the phone but i don’t i don’t uh… over tracked into my statements now have
a tendency to deal with the copyright some stretching people now relies are unable to do um… videos the burger the people of stolen
from a few fewer people that are stolen my video you vote loaded onto your site
please take it down as my property it’s ma property take it down here that comes
your way sedona and he initially plus about him
yeah i i don’t know if he knows he post a video online maybe it was pretty
public transit so overall stories that people who’ve been originally sought put
it up that he gets the push back on it
realizes those i don’t think you say with mouth over read his logic from and
he says that i’m not retracted unsteady by even though i just told you was
irrational write and give you gift for me you’re
stealing from me that this would be consequences but i’m not in fact anyone which i can
do whatever it is a bit yeah don’t condone dat buddy doing anything ranch i do not
condone anybody subcommittee gone uh… any kind of felonies uh… the books that to clean air of assault
sir war on martyrs melissa’s necessary right now it is not necessary uh… i’d love that he has a clarified i don’t condone any murders right now right now okay so just says wait a
couple of minutes epithet but he goes on in that second he
had to say a number of other crazy things that we’ve got a couple of really
short clips that jr parents he had no idea how many people that certainly female subjects and called me inside
right along much it’s clean up the extract you tell me when and where you have no idea how many how quickly
chic by his on accidentally uh… assembled an army that i assure
you obviously quite formidable army aliquots retract at gate dot quote me but i’ve
got a are big reiterated with that but i have i have those rash the fact that there is a rash it had considered and treblinka man yet it’s just locally we had uh… we
had a production meeting couple days ago i talked about what i think in without
stones megazord with these actually picturing and uh… it’s a pretty pretty
ridiculous sort of fantasy of what you and your hillbilly militia
is capable of accomplishing against a modern military force with tanks and airplanes in cluster
bombs away phosphorus and things like that like he’s lived his life with his new
trades people and gun safety in what he thinks about a lot but this is the best they didn’t come up with that let’s put it in in the funniest
responsible behavior seven he talks what what is necessary to stand up against tyranny but now’s not the thompson tonya it is
time to get ready it is time to get rid star organelle starch trypsin sir practices start to start off when your friends uh… coordinating on their or not local
basis cigar stretching if you don’t stretch
beforehand it’s them one abrams you could pull a club i have to think about that teacher to take the patriot a breakthrough or reported
yesterday that it is a concern of mine that bird what precipitated governments so you know already where i had not
ready for the revolution procedures that character stretching and at that he can’t wait to be the child but without having the iraqi insurgents
and then of course the taliban in afghanistan that’s what they do they
fight for all of the war against our military and he’s that their against
their his idols because that’s what he wants to do he can’t wait for a
guerrilla war inside this country yes our military now look job makes a good point we
sentiment roles that you know that you needed inhabiting a world of hurt mediterranean
collapse the taliban diplomats random people in northern pakistan what happens
when the drugs come but the all-out apple dhanya urine violating a split second and he
didn’t even see it coming to a cake but that’s the but but look at the fantasy go to jail
john’s point different issues will be also watch and ashish collegiate other people not
just their competitive no information there i think of the past and they get away and it over and for
the carrier the u_s_s_ cannot alexander u_s_ government they’d want to get the
u_s_ government which we see that it would have obviously they represent the american people if
these guys disagree with our representatives and cares update again
about america give a damn about the market but for the majority for example of a
little light grey shit

100 thoughts on “Firearms CEO Threatens to ‘Kill People’ Over Gun Control

  1. Cenk by the way check out your likes and dislikes on this video. Pretty much tells the story of how your viewers feel about you.

  2. I honestly don't know what makes idiots like these three think that the United States military would raise arms against its own citizens, for an ideal the vast majority of them disagree with. They don't even consider the idea that they would probably fight for us because they are us. In fact they're the best of us. Stop pretending like the United States military will destroy any opposition to you and your totalitarian thought processes. You unbelievably tiny tiny little men!

  3. They really should have learned more about James Yeager and his past before they made this. They made fools of themselves.


  5. these guys are douchebags they don't get it, and what their saying is everything yeager has said. "you will be called a heathen and a domestic terrorist". these young turds are absolute liberal hipster terds who wouldn't know how to defend a cup of warm piss if tyranny came knocking on their front door. these turk guys are the sheep that if we were in revolutionary times these guys would be traitors or the guys who gave up because they lacked testicular fortitude.

  6. Hey Cenk – Is that a promise from you, that the guns will be grandfathered in, or are you speaking out of your ass like you like to do sometimes?

  7. thee are a lot of people that care about their rights more than they do ther rights. this isn't a joke to a lot of people.

  8. You guys are a bunch of limp wrist-ed panty waist wimps. Yeager has the balls to stand up & speak his mind about the BS going on today with our guberment trying to take away all our freedoms. He did awaken & assembled an Army quickly. You jerk offs call us a hillbilly militia. You 3 little pricks, & I stress little, are just a bunch of whine bag liberals that think you are funny. Go ahead & laugh cause when you are kissing the ass's of the guberemnt you will be thinking Yeager & that hillbilly militia was right.

  9. Yeager is an idiot, but you guys are disgusting me by saying that if you fight for your right you're an idiot, this is not about the guns. People fought for their freedom all over the world, in Italy the "partigiani" fought against the government against fascism, they were Rebels and you should wash your mouth when you talk about freedom fighters, people like Che Guevara and many others.

  10. lol..usually Tyt makes decent points…but they had absolutely no point to be made lol…i mean your rights aren't supposed to be infringed upon…its right there for a reason and written…sooo james yeager had a concrete may not agree but he had one

  11. Say what you will gentlemen. People like you are going to be hiding behind people like Yeager should the government ever overstep it's boundaries.

  12. You guys are cute. So what if a dictator does come to rule this country by taking our rights one by one. What would be the line that would need to be crossed for you all to consider it a dictator? What is also funny is that you guys don't consider the people who watch this guy. They are a lot of marines, our marines. Marines that take a pledge not to harm American citizens and fight for the people. If a civil war or police action actually happened in America, half of the military would desert or wrest control from the government. Every revolution that has ever been fought and won was won by a smaller force that "had no chance of winning" you guys are morons.

  13. I can't believe you just pulled out the " will of the majority" argument. Yes, a democracy is ruled my the will of the majority, but that doesn't mean the majority always wins or is always in the right. The constitution exists to protect the unpopular minority, so that no matter how unpopular they become, they are alway protected. If you don't believe me, what protects a kkk members right to spew their hate? What protects gay rights right now from the religious zealots? If the country votes on gay rights right now and 51 percent wanted to repeal gay marriage, would you go along with it cause it was majority rule?if the majority of Americans voted to boot all Muslims out of the country, would you just sit back and say, "oh well, the majority has spoken"? No? I didn't think so chunk. So don't expect people to sit back and just be ok with the government taking their only means of protecting themselves away, by action or by law… Moron

  14. Yes he's a redneck radical, however you are a bunch of talkers. That's all you'll probably ever do, talk. The U.S. government has never had a problem firing on it's own citizens. What I think the U.S. government will have a problem with is it's citizens firing on them. How many soldiers and how long do you think they'll fire upon their own, before they realize the 1% rich are the problem!

  15. I hate this white liberal fggts. I was hearing all kinds of trash talk about james with out actually hearing him out for myself.. He seems pretty chill to me

  16. I didn't realise the mental asylums in the US gave their residents Internet access. They were out in force on this vid.

  17. "Hillbilly Militia" lol Thats quite funny because he trains mil/leos/contractors/civilians. This show is a joke.

  18. These sissies are either going to hide behind guys like Yeager and the rest of us gun people or they're going to live on their knees when the man comes.

  19. are military may have the big guns but they are outnumbered by millions and i believe people within the military wouldn't stand for it

  20. Let's put it in context. seeing as you guys at TYT are clearly liberal, let's say that the government says that, not only are they going to cease to allow civil liberties to the lgbt community, they are also going to ban lgbt people from the USA. How do you think the liberals would take that? Or another example say for instance that the potus said abortions are no longer legal and futger more if you become pregnant even under horrible circumstances you will be forced to keep the child, and give it up for adoption after the birth. I don't think people would take too kindly to that. Now what's the difference? Guns are what protect all of our liberties, and when I say all I mean ALL. Let's say the government is allowed to take all of our weapons. What happens after that? They take our freedom of speech, they our right to a fair trial, they take all our human and civil liberties because the only thing that's stopping them has been removed from the equation.

  21. At the end of the day, guns, and patriots willing to take up arms against unfair and illegal lawmakers, is what protects everyone's rights. The bottom line is you're fooling yourself if you think that you won't need people like Yeager when the government decides that our rights don't matter and they can do what they want.

  22. you sissies think it's a joke he's talking about standing up for our constitution if you don't want the constitution then go live somewhere else

  23. Do me a Favor Young Turks, move out to Mexico, move to Turkey… haha.. just leave. You are a disgrace to Brave Americans. I can't believe 3.1 M people would subscribe to your channel. This is my first youtube post ever and I am ashamed I took time to acknowledge your existence & or video… and by the way this country was built by Christian"Hillbilly" militias…. 3 brash absolute cowards.

  24. You fuckin numb nuts actually think men in our military would stand for tyranny aswell? don't thing for a second that they haven't drew a line in the sand. They would not fire upon US citizens that are fighting for THEIR rights as americans!!! And even if it did come to that the US military is HEAVILY outnumbered! You little pussies can sit up their and make fun of the guy and sit around while your constitutional rights are being violated but true americans will NOT stand for it!

  25. most of the ppl that are in the military think like he does! were not lettinh anyone take our guns and trample our rights. so i doubt they going to ppl houses to take guns!

  26. The young TURDS are not young but they sure are TURDS. I would take the ceo as president over any of these clowns or barry.

  27. You dumb fucks are mistaken about James and his militia having to fight against the US military. Our military will never deploy on home soil. I have a feeling you puds would be surprised how many people from our armed forces would join the masses against a nato force.

  28. You have to remember these are the same twisted degenerates who think sticking your finger, tongue or penis into someone's anus is natural and normal and not sick perverted behavior.

  29. I love reading people commenting on the US Constitution. It fascinates me as to which of the Amendments they like to support and which ones they like to pretend dont exist. Do people actually know what the word Amendment means?

  30. It's funny because Yeager has actually been in combat yet the Turks are lecturing him on….combat. Yeager is actually a "lone survivor" who survived Iraq. And yes, asymmetrical warfare is a real thing. Finally, why are you purposely misrepresenting his words? Your statement "clean shit" proves you don't have the mental capacity (or intellectual honesty) to speak on this subject.

  31. This video has 2k likes and 5k dislikes. I read the comments and didn't see any that didn't trash the Turks. Lol the public has spoken

  32. These Armenian genocide denying douche bags evidently do not realize that this man is 100 percent right and he is most certainly not alone. Gun confiscation is a declaration of war, and to do such will spark a civil war. Come get them. I dare you.

  33. I own several guns and always have a pistol on my hip. I see how radical it is to say that hes going to start killing people but i do see what he's saying when it's put into context. But if you assemble regimes in the streets of America there's not a snowmans balls chance in hell that we would be able to fight the US army and prevail without losing countless civilian lives but it would be effective. And if it allows my child to have a future where she has a say in matters that affect her day to day life then I would gladly pick up my guns and defend my home as well as my nation. I love the young Turks and am an Austin Native but I have to say there were a couple things that could've been conveyed better and from a less bias standpoint.

  34. This guy is asking for the wrong coordination. We should all become activists and fight for humane causes, not this vitriol. First off, the real methods for success should be peaceful. The establishment loves when they can deal with people on their own terms. what this guy does is solidify the military against the people, not for them. that's the opposite of what we should do.

  35. I wouldn’t be the military against our “red neck militia”. It would be the ATF. There are about 3000 ATF agents. There are 150 million gun owners. My guess is about 2% of those 150 million will resist. Do the math and don’t be a dumb liberal dousche your whole life. The military would defect left and right on unconstitutional orders to fire on Americans.

  36. Who runs Vietnam? Who will run Afghanistan if we ever leave? Our military's full might can't stop a couple of emaciated peasant tribesmen with a couple of rusty rifles when it's an insurgency. Now you take guys like Yeager and his allies, with a lifetime of training for combat in the military, law enforcement, and civilian life, far better equipped than our enemies in the third world. Then factor in that if, as per Yeager's scenario, a President of the United States did decide to confiscate guns and enact other major legislation by executive order, usurping the power of Congress (and probably the judiciary with it) and becoming a dictator. Then a rebellion occurred. Do you think it would be Yeager's band of merry men alone? Half the military and half the states would probably be rebelling, too. Suddenly it's no longer an asymmetrical fight. And as for the insurgents, they aren't a couple of farmers with deer rifles who have no idea what they're doing. They're experienced and prepared and are being led by career unconventional warfare specialists from the US military. Men who were Green Berets and CIA. No country in human history has had anythint near the insurgency capability of the US population. We're better armed and trained. To protect our freedom, there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.

    Besides, it's never going to be libertarians like Yeager who fire the first shot. We've already been taking fire from the left for a long time, and sometimes literally. Ask Congressmen Rand Paul and Steve Scalise, who are lucky to be alive, whether shots have been fired in this culture war and at whom.

    I expect authoritarian socialism and promotion of dependency upon the government from TYT, but it's going to be harder to watch TCM now.

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