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Firearms and women concealed carry concealed carry guns

Hi this is a video response to your video
that I saw about the 38 that you bought for your wife. And I was just wondering where
does she carry it on her body, um because I carry one all the time as well and I was
just wondering where she carries it.

100 thoughts on “Firearms and women concealed carry concealed carry guns

  1. damn girl,,,you're fine. but more important than that you showing women that guns are not bad. hugs and kisses…..

  2. If wearing a dress, there are many commercially available thigh holsters which will conceal a normal-sized handgun. Otherwise, directly under or between your breasts is probably not a bad option.

  3. Sigh . . . What an ignorant response. Woman's clothes are cut different than men's clothes, and their bodies (here's a shocking concept) are shaped differently as well. That means women have to consider more when carrying because women's clothing makes it more likely that they'll print if they're not careful.

    Chances are, that was the context of SoulSurvivorX2's question (though I don't know her and don't intended to speak for her). So why not try again and help a lady out that carries.

  4. Sadly, you still miss the point. It's not about "spaghetti straps." It's about any type of clothing. May I suggest you take a couple weapons classes concerning concealed weapons and listen to the instructors when they talk to the women. You'll find it quite enlightening, or maybe not. Either way, your response to another person that carries is pretty foolish, and disheartening, especially in this day and age when we who carry and own weapons should be supporting each other as much as possible.

  5. As a man and fellow concealed carry advocate, I apologize for the douchebag answer from RONIN7021 who evidently has trouble relating to women or maybe just anybody….

  6. Thank you George. Unfortunately there are a lot of idiots like him on YouTube. You learn to live with it after awhile. It's good to know that the majority of the folks that watch my videos are really cool people.

  7. no better way to to spread the word on anything than having it delivered by a pretty and well spoken lady. Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  8. i'm getting a flashbang bra holster for my wife and know of a teacher who will be buying one to use during school hours.



  9. I believe you may have missed the point. The question was not "does this pink gun match my pumps." It was more of, "should I have an array of weapons that will allowed me to be concealed as much as possible." The phrase, "Always carry, never tell" is also appropriate when it comes to printing. The more you work not to print, the better off you are. I have two different .40s and a smaller gun that I switch between depending on how I dress. After all, you can't pocket carry a G23 on the beach.

  10. That's quite a set of guns you're concealing under that tank top.

    Couldn't resist. I saw that "stay clean while backpacking" video. πŸ˜‰

  11. Holy crap, yes you are… anyways, ankle and thigh holsters work better with women, but they are, let's say more traditional. If you wear jeans all the time then you can carry almost anything. I have also seen bra holsters and waist strap holsters too. Crossbreed has some alternative carry options you may want to check out. some food for thought and keep up the hotness πŸ˜‰

  12. I guess it wouldn't be the cheerful holiday season if the stores were any less hooter than……hotter than they are. Ah it is a bit nipply out, I mean nippy out, what did I say nipple? Golly gee, tis the season to be merry Subscribed
    In all seriousness, ladies please don't carry your firearm in your purse, especially if your purse can't be worn across your neck and shoulder.

  13. The clothes I wear are dictated by the high temps and humidity where I live. I would be miserable walking around in jeans, boots and a cowboy hat. We also have a lot of rivers, lakes and beaches in my area. I enjoy many activities in and around the water…. so dressing like a cowgirl…errr not so much.

  14. Ditto! You're a shooter, an outdoors woman, and a beautiful lady who enjoys the attention that comes with great looks. Women like you are rare! I'll bet your husband can't wait to make camp!

  15. There are several out of sight places you can carry consealed…in your waist either front or the small of your back…or on your calf under your pant leg…I dont recommend your purse as someone could snatch it from you…even just a daringer in your pocket would be good…keep safe πŸ™‚

  16. I wish women wore what you were wearing all the time where I live. My God. Of course they would also need to look like you too.

  17. Usually carry a subcompact semi auto (45 or 40), tucked in the front waistband of my jeans if my top is long enough. Yeah, it's possible it might print slightly, but I'm not too concerned about it. Most people are so wrapped up in their own worlds, they are clueless. Otherwise, it's in my handbag or on rare occasions in a small leather waistpack if I'm not wearing clothes able to conceal well. I would find a bra holster totally uncomfortable, bad enough having to wear the bra by itself.

  18. true! no matter where you live,he entire world is a dangerous place……….
    ο»Ώ Is the pentagon consider a dangerous place???? It got attacked,

  19. I can see a women with a gun but I must admit I never knew how many men we were packing in the White Mt of N. H. I just don't understand it, I have never heard of any real issues the Whites other than freezing to death or falling to your death It s sad world and now I feel less safe than before, I know this is a very touchy subject but I just don't get it. It seems there is a whole new form of gun culture than when I was growing up. Fact most deaths from guns are self-inflicted about 50 a day

  20. Maybe in NH most gun deaths are self inflicted accidentally, but to be sure that is not the case around the rest of the country. I think that if you do some research you may find that your assessment of the causes of gun related deaths is wrong.
    Why would you feel less safe than before? How does the knowledge change how safe you are? If you have never had an issue with someone who carries legally, why would you have an issue now?

  21. Please pardon me,Dont shoot.I ment The Raging Judge Magnum by Taurus.And get one of those purses set up like double saddle-bags with a surprise it the middle.Ever seen one ?That way when the creep say "Give me your purse..bitch !! ΓΏou can with a cheery smile and a sweet "Its all yours cupcake

  22. For ladies purse carry is probably the second worst option right behind leaving it at home. If some punk grabs your purse, you're sol. Carry what you can conceal. That will change based on what you're wearing and what you're doing. Same for guys. That's why it is nice to celebrate diversity and expand your firearms collection.

  23. N.H. had 6 or less murders in 2011 from guns. When I go backpacking I carry only what I need and go lite now I now see groups of young and old men with guns at 4000 + feet for what. Macho crap, what are they afraid of, I have lost to many people to guns. Family and friends. Fact about 20,000 take there life's in each year. A man in N.H. just killed himself and his nine year old son. I wish we were as concerned about losing our jobs as our guns. Not a hater of guns just not in the Whites

  24. The flashbang is awesome. But you gotta have at least a B cup to conceal. Best way to roll for female conceal from all my friends who are female.

  25. …what did she say?…..I've watched six times now, and still have not heard a dang thing she said…….guess I should close my eyes next time.

  26. First: – You make good videos.
    Second – "YOU" could sling an RPG over your shoulder and nobody would notice πŸ˜‰

  27. 1, 049, 286+ views for a video response that could have easily have been a comment. And to think that I'm one of the 1,000,000+ people who watched this.

  28. Hopefully you will make a followup video on what you find out on the Holsters for women.Β  My wife is in the same boat right now with her G26.

  29. what is fun shooting a gun i dont understand your stupid daft americans you are born with banjos and guns and crack cocanine in your blood god it must be daft to be from Usa

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