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Firearms #8: Administrative Loading

Lee Santo here again and today we’re
getting one to one step closer to shooting we’ve been over some of the
basics so far now we’re gonna actually talk about loading our weapon systems
all right working with a semi-automatic handgun today and again this is called a
magazine this is the box that holds the rounds that feed the mechanism of that
semi-automatic handgun okay and I need to place my cartridges
into the magazine on semi-automatic handguns
alright this box magazine here has what we call inside it a follower
it has a spring underneath it this is what pushes the bullets up into the
weapon is it cycles okay so I’m gonna take my cartridge and I’m gonna put the
flat in towards the back into the flat part of the magazine but to do that I
got to press down on the follower and get right under the feed lips as I push
the cartridge all the way back and then I’m going to load the subsequent rounds
right on top of those so I’m gonna press this down and just continue to load it
until I’ve loaded it to capacity alright this particular weapon system
this magazine holds eight cartridges alright now once it’s loaded I want to
make sure all those are seated against the back of it so I just give it a
little tap with the palm of my hand and my magazine is set up and ready to
insert into the weapon system now again remember we’re following those safety
rules and we want to load our weapons system up if you’re out on the range and
you’re just getting ready to do some shooting practice there are some things
I can do without taking the weapon out of the holster and one of those is
insert in the magazine into it I can leave it right there in the holster and
insert that magazine and press it to make sure it locks in place now the
weapons loaded but it’s not charged so it’s still not ready to shoot I’m
actually gonna have to get it out of the holster and manipulate the slide to be
able to do that all right so I’m gonna face downrange here got our eye and ear
protection on and I’m gonna draw the weapon out and
I’m gonna bring my hand over the back of the slide I’m gonna pull it all the way
to the rear while I push forward on the frame and chamber around in into it okay
once I do that this one I’m going to set on safe I’m going to acquire a sight
picture here and go through all the steps I would normally go through before
I put this weapon back in the holster so here it is it’s loaded it’s charged and
it’s ready to go and that’s kind of what we refer to as an admin load I’m not
under any pressure here I just want to get it set up because I’m going to do
some practice out here at the range and a little bit we’ll start talking about a
speed reload or an empty load is what we call it and then the third type of load
we talked about out here is is a tactical reload and we’ll go over all
three of those as we get to them all right but for now that’s how I can load
this weapon system up I can help you my holster to help me accomplish that I can
use the holster and that way I’ve got that muzzle controlled all right in the
event that I can’t get that safe direction so it stays in the holster I
insert a magazine until it locks and then when I get my safe Direction like
face downrange I draw it out fold the slide to the rear let it go charges it
and it’s ready to shoot

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