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Firearms #6: Safety Concerns when Firearm is Drawn

Hey Lee Santo here again at the TEEX
firearms range in the last segment we talked a little bit about grip and draw
now we’re going to talk about some safety concerns or some issues that you
have once you’ve drawn the weapon one thing we don’t want to do is get it out
and go back to the holster too quickly alright so there’s some things we teach
folks to do out here things they need to be aware of before they holster their
weapon all right and one of the big issues is you got that gun out a holster
for some reason all right now before you put it away there are some
considerations that you need to keep in mind all right
so going through my four stage draw here facing downrange okay I have to draw
this weapon out and I’m engaging possibly could engage a threat maybe I
shoot maybe I don’t all right but if I’ve stopped my threat or the threat has
changed or the threat has gone away okay there’s some things I need to do one I
bring it down I want to start moving my head okay I want to scan I want to look
left and right if I had one threat in front of me there may be more when I do
that I’m just gonna bring the weapon down slightly and take my finger off the
trigger all right I don’t want this thing to go off unless I mean for it to
okay so I start moving my head and I start scanning remember wolves travel in
packs so you never know when there’s another one out there alright so once
I’ve done that look left look right I’m gonna bring the weapon in here tight
okay and I want to check all the way around me I can do that very simply by
keeping my finger off the trigger control on my muzzle and taking a look
over my right shoulder to make sure there’s no threats behind me I’ll come
back forward and check and then I’m gonna check over my left shoulder once
I’m sure there’s no more threats then it’s safe to go back to the holster all
right but before I do that there’s some considerations with my weapon system one
if I fired the weapon I’m know how many rounds I fired so it may
be time to reload or the weapon might have malfunction so I’m gonna want to
fix that before I put it back in the holster
I want this before I put it back in the holster I want it ready to go in case I
need it again so if I needed to do a tactical reload or a speed reload get it
back into action I would do that finish my scan and then holster my weapon
all right so awareness is the key we teach her police recruits and firearms
instructors out here that you got it out for a reason there’s never a hurry to
get back into the hole end of the holster the part you need to hurry with
is to get it up and get it out in the action if you need it all right so take
your time going back to the holster remember scan for threats all right scan
left skin right look all the way around you check your weapon system make sure
it’s functioning and if you need to reload it reload it make sure your
environment is completely safe before you put it back in the holster

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