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Firearms #4: Firearms Safety Equipment and Stance

Alright Lee Santo here again at TEEX firearms range and today we brought you out on the range to
demonstrate a few more techniques and get to a little live fire before we do
remember your for universal safety rules treat all guns as if they’re loaded
never point the muzzle of anything you’re not willing to destroy keep your
finger off trigger to your sites are on target and you’re ready to shoot and be
sure your target and beyond alright so the minimum safety equipment you need
while you’re out here on the range i have on the table here i’m going to
start with a good pair of safety glasses wraparound eye protection when we got
one set I so we want to take good care of them all we’re out here on the range
and it’s pretty sunny out here so i think i’m going to go ahead and put them
on right now and then the two minimum pieces of safety gear you should have is
I protection and ear protection but out here on the range we add in a build cap
and this tends to protect us from anything that might come over our
glasses where the glasses don’t maybe don’t meet your forehead to keep it
sealed off and then we have our ear protection here so we’re going to I’m
going to put this equipment on and then we’re going to go to work alright so
we’re continuing our series here on basic firearms operation and we talked
about grip up to this point so the next thing we’re going to cover is stance and
then we’re going to actually get into how to draw the weapon before I do that
I’m going to unload my weapon much like I showed you in the in the video earlier
on how to make sure they’re unloaded so I’m going to go through the unloading
process right now first I get my safe direction I’m going to go ahead and draw
my weapon out alright and then I’m going to go through the unloading process
remember this is a semi-automatic handgun so the first thing I need to do
is remove the magazine which feeds the ammunition into the weapon press the
magazine relief I’m going to catch this and I’m
just going to put it away somewhere out of the way now I’ve removed the magazine
the ammunition that feeds it but I still have to clear the chamber so on this
weapon i’m going to disengage the safety push up on the slide stop pull the slide
to the rear and you can see that around ejected out of the chamber then i’m
going to double check it make sure the chamber is clear both visually and
physically no magazine now i’m sure this weapons unloaded and i can holster it alright so we’re going to talk about
Stan’s continuing on with our our series here we talked about how to grip the
weapon we need a platform that we can learn to shoot from and that’s what we
call our stance so to begin with we have broken this down to keep it as simple as
possible when we’re training folks and make use of all the large muscle masses
in the body so that we can get a good stable stance and get behind our firearm
when I do that I’m going to face my target area to learn it I’m going to get
my hips right square to the target once i do that i’m going to drop my dominant
laid back my dominant legs aside i wear my gun on all right i’m gonna bend my
knees just a little bit not real drastically because i don’t want fatigue
to sit in okay so i got a good stable stance in my hands are up here above my
waist so that i can access my weapon or defend myself with my hands if I need to
alright so that looks like I’m facing the target range from a side view
alright my non-dominant legs forward my dominant legs back my hips are square up
to the target and this gives me a good stable platform to be able to shoot from

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