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Firearms #23: Drawing Secondary Weapon

All right back out at the range today
for a little extra work we’re gonna talk on about drawing a backup weapon or this might be your primary weapon if you know your clothing only allows you to carry a
weapon in a certain place I’ve got a wearing an ankle holster and we’re gonna
be accessing a weapon from that ankle holster talking about how to do that
again you know follow all those safety rules be mindful of your direction treat
all your guns like they’re loaded finger off the trigger till your sights are on
target and you’re ready to shoot okay remember all those things when you’re
out here doing this so I need to access a weapon that’s on my ankle now
obviously it’s not an ideal location to carry a firearm but it may be the only
you know the only method I’m able to carry one or it’s a backup weapon it’s
well concealed make sure if you do carry one on the ankle that you have a good
holster that’s gonna hold it firmly in place especially if you have to run or
move quickly you don’t want to lose that weapon so I’m going to show show that to you real quick here mount it in here on the inside of the ankle it’s this is a
pretty you know firm holster here allows me to get a good grip on the weapon the
issue I am gonna have is clearing the pants leg and focus that staying focused
on where a threat might be coming across here so there’s a couple of methods for
doing that and one is to take a knee so right you know I’d really kind of maybe
want to have cover if I was gonna do that if I’d had no other option I could
drop the knee as I’m moving out to an e I want to grab hold of the garment and
pull it up as high as I can get it so this will allow me access to it without
having to to you know move a lot more of it out of the way and grip it here not
really you know ideal so if we’re looking for
other men that kind of prefer to stay on my feet
so when I do that again I’m going to reach down and and grab the pant leg and
pull it up as far as I can get it as I kind of step out so I’m gonna kind of
take that lateral step where I can stay focused here and be able to access that
farm and get my grip on it so I can come up and re-engage my threat there so
we’re gonna try that live fire here in just a second once I get set alright so
here we go live fire drawn back up weapon and this you know in this
depiction here it’s on the ankle so we’ve got to be able to access it
remember grab hold of the pant leg and pull up on it to help you get it out of
the way I take a step forward which helps me clear that is I come down to
access the weapon I might have to pull a little more here I come out and I’m able
from this position here now probably not the ideal method of doing things but
it’s one way that I can access the firearm that I’m carrying there so in a
second we’ll show you that second method we talked about alright we looked at one
way of drawing a a weapon out of an ankle holster kneeling down stepping
forward you can see it presents the some issues that you have to deal with and
the main one is getting the garment out of the way so we’re gonna try another
one where we stay on our feet and stay focused on that threat out there in
front of us alright and I’m just going to kind of
step to the side while I do this again I’m going to reach down and grab the
pant leg and I want to really pull it up and then I’m just gonna take a step out
so this helps me expose the weapon for a little smoother draw this time I want to
keep my head up where that threat is and get a good shoot and grip on the weapon
and I get and be able to make good okay and then I
better move very quick because this is a little gun done a whole lot of bullets
so I’m going to have to do something else move to cover or I’d be able to
reload this thing and get back into action

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