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Firearms #21: Use of Cover (part 2)

Okay we’re still working on utilizing
cover out here during our firearms training and one thing about cover is
you never quite sure what it’s going to look like all right you always want to
try and pick it but you know the situation may not dictate that you’re
able to so we take what we can so we’re going to utilize our simulated cover
again here and you can see I’ve got it in a different position and you see the
cut out under the bottom here now we can shoot you can practice shooting over the
cover but the best utilize this piece of cover I want as much of it around me to
protect me as I can get and we’re going to use a position we call a rollover
prone position this would kind of simulate shooting from underneath a car
something that’s not very high off the ground but I still got to get a visual
on my threat out there and the way we’re going to show you to get into it I will
be able to see the entire threat from underneath this piece of cover so
remember when you’re moving in and out of these positions though keep that
muzzle downrange your finger off the trigger and if the weapons got an
external safety device on it keep that safety engaged as you move once you’re
in position you disengage it you line up the site be sure what your target is or
your threat and then you can engage it so as we’re moving into this position
here i’m going to go ahead and draw my weapon out and get ready to move when i
do that again my fingers off the trigger my safety is engaged i’m aware of where
that muzzles pointing and i’m going to move down just a one piece at a time as
i go down so the first thing I’m going to do is kneel down get down on both
knees and then I’m going to plant my support hand down while I push my weapon
out in front of me so I’m maintaining control over well I’m going to go ahead
and push that down and you can see my opening is in the cover here I’m going
to get in position where I can engage that threat and when I do this I’m
pretty much just laying on my side right over on my shoulder watching
my distance here from the cover so I’m not exposing too far past it and getting
set and then get my head all the way over so I can get a visual on my
threaten from right here I can see those targets down there all the way to the
top of their head so that I’m able to engage and I can make sure I haven’t
gotten that threat make sure the threat is down and then I need to move back to
a standing position in case i want to change positions so it’s finger straight
safety on muzzle down rain plant my hand down and get my legs underneath me and
then i want to come up clear my cover slowly keeping my weapon between me and
the threat is I make this move and then you utilize some lateral movement so i
can start scanning the area and check in for more threat once I’ve completed my
scan if I think it’s safe to holster I can holster at that time so it’s a good
position to get into if all I had for a cover was a was a vehicle a patrol car
or something like that I can get down and engage threats from underneath it
remember when you’re practicing that finger off the trigger muzzle in a safe
direction and always control the weapon thanks

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