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Firearms #17: Movement, Part 1

All right continuing on with our basic
firearm series we’re at the point now where we want to start incorporating
some movement one of the things that we teach our young officers out here is
they don’t want to stay in line with the threat and stare them straight down like
they do in Hollywood movies and gunfight face-to-face we want them to move if
they’re faced with a threat so we teach them initially to move off line of the
threat or off line of the force and we do that by teaching some simple lateral
movement now when I’m moving laterally mean side to side I’m going right or
left whichever direction I’m going that legs moving first so if I’m gonna move
right I step to the right and then I follow up with my left foot working on
keeping a stable base that I can shoot from if I was going the opposite
direction left moves then right moves and I’m right back here where I need to
be so we’re gonna get back on the line here and go hot and show you what that
looks like what I’m gonna do is if I’m presented with a threat I’m gonna move
and as I move I’m gonna draw and then engage as a threat so here’s what its
gonna look like so the other thing that you saw
demonstrated there is if the weapon went runs dry while I’m engaged I did my
movement as I was presented with the threat engage the threat weapon ran dry
I need to reload well I don’t want to stay in the same place so at least I’m
moving back the other direction so that I’m not a stationary target it’s better
to be a moving target there’s less chance of somebody hitting you then
standing still and giving them a better shot at it so that’s what simple a
lateral movement looks like but there’s a lot going on when we do that drawing
as I step and I’m getting ready to engage so that takes some practice and
you may want to work on that without any ammunition first dry fire until you have
it down and then you can load up and give it a shot

1 thought on “Firearms #17: Movement, Part 1

  1. Fantastic series of videos! Very informative, well done and helpful in honing practice routines and improving skills. Thanks.

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