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Firearms #15: Secondary Malfunction

Lee Santo here again back out of the
firearms range to continue our series on basic firearms manipulation today we’re
gonna start with our secondary malfunction drill earlier we covered tap
rack ready tap rack reassessed which cures about 90 95 percent of the
malfunction drills but today we’re going a little more complex remember firearms
or a piece of machinery and sometimes they malfunction so we’re gonna set up
what we call a double feed and work on clearing that today and while I’m doing
that I’m going to use some dummy cartridges kind of an added safety
factor in our training lets us perform these without fear of the weapon going
off but we still follow those four safety rules and always be aware of
where our muzzles pointed anyway so I’m gonna set this up real quick here face
downrange draw out my firearm you can see I’ve already got the slide lock to
the rear no magazine but visual physical inspection chambers clear what I’m gonna
do with this dummy cartridge is drop it down into the chamber now I need a
little gravity to help me here so I’m gonna make sure the muzzles angled
downward and I let that go into the chamber then I’m gonna draw out my
magazine which is also loaded with dummy cartridges and I’m going to insert that
into the chamber and I’m gonna let the slide go forward so what we have here is
a simulation of a double feed I’ve got a cartridge that either failed to extract
or well stayed in the chamber and I got another one trying to go in after it so
we need a way to be able to clear that so what typically happens is if I’m in
my firing mode and up and engaged and I press the trigger and nothing happens my
primary drill is that tap in that rack which you can see when it’s set up like
this that that’s not going to function for us so we need to do something else
so instead of trying to do this again I know immediately I’ve got a problem so
what I’m going to do here is basically unload the firearm and then I’m
gonna reload it so to do that I’m gonna pull back on the slide press up on the
slide lock so that I lock the slide open I’m gonna press on the magazine release
but you can see that magazine doesn’t drop three free so I’m gonna have to rip
it out once I do that to make sure my problem is clear and then I reload with
a fresh magazine so I can get back into the action that way so simple steps to
remember lock it rip it Rach Rach Rach reload it and you’re back in action okay
we just went over our procedure our secondary malfunction clearance
procedure dry-fire I’ve got it set up again and we’re gonna see what it looks
like live fire so I have set up the weapon again using the dummy rounds to
load it up I’ve set it up with a double feed I’m gonna start here from a low
ready position attempt to engage when it doesn’t work I’m gonna do my clearance
drill make it go hot and then see if I can hit the target so we go from here
press the weapon out I press the trigger it fails to fire I tap it racket it
didn’t work so I’ve got to do something else
so I lock the slide to the rear I rip the magazine out Iraq it to clear it I
get out a new magazine I load it and then making sure I can get good hits
with that with a little bit of practice you can get pretty good decent clearance
drill in there pretty quick so that’s what it looks like when we’re doing it
live fire

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